Meeting aims to rally support for Plémont

SENIOR States Members pushing for the Island to buy back Plémont have called a public meeting to rally support ahead of the debate on the matter.


SENIOR States Members pushing for the Island to buy back Plémont have called a public meeting to rally support ahead of the debate on the matter.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Assistant Chief Minister Philip Bailhache are inviting Islanders to hear a presentation from the National Trust for Jersey on why the north coast site should be returned to nature.

Senator Gorst has tabled a States proposition to enter negotiations with developers who own the former Pontins Holiday Village with a view to using public money to buy the site. If those negotiations fail, the proposition calls for a compulsory purchase order to be used to force a sale funded by the taxpayer.

The States were due debate the projet on Tuesday 4 December, but that date has been put back until 11 December to allow the public meeting to take place.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Town Hall on Wednesday 5 December at 7.30 pm.

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Comments for: "Meeting aims to rally support for Plémont"

Captain Fantastic

The National Trust are themselves going to build at Don Paton in the Coastal Park a virgin green field, yet they are objecting to what would see an existing site developed.

Is there any difference?


No NO and NO

Complete waste of taxpayers money just shows why our farce of a goverment needs to be removed ASAP.


Agreed, don't waste any more states money on buying this site. Enough is being spent on the debate.......... Let the project go ahead, then is the public want to spend their own money to buy one, so be it. Buy it and knock it down if you don't agree with the project.


I look forward to the film 'The 'Triumph of the Jersey Will'

Always a good thing for democracy when political leaders hold rallies to enforce their views.


What everyone seems to be missing here is the fact that if our ministers get their way ,which they probably will because Bailhache is behind it,they will be paying full market value for what amounts to one third of the site,two thirds of the site was to be gifted to the Island as a condition of granting of the planning permission.Therefore if our COm pay 8 million for the site it hypothetically values the site in it's entirety at 24 million,if it is valued at 11 million which I think is probably closer to the mark then it values the site at 33 million.Very scarey figures all things considered and then they are going to sell it on to the National Trust For Jersey,which should be called The National Trust for The National Trust for 2 million.

I am prepared to be corrected if I am wrong but I was under the impression that our COM were mandated with providing the electorate with value for money, we seem to see this very rarely,where the rest of the world is tightening it's belt through this shocking recession our answer seems to be spend spend spend on the back of what seems to be unrealistic growth forecasts.Be aware Jersey that the world is getting more and more intolerant of tax avoidance in all of it's guises regulated or not,and this money may well come in handy in the future.

The Thinker

I'm in agreement with everything you say and most notably your concluding sentence. There are very dark storm clouds on our horizon and this is a time to be cautious and frivolous with our money.

Moreover as has been said countless times already the States need to make an actual decision on an actual figure. On no account must they decide to purchase and then find out the price.

Real Truthseeker

I can just imagine standing up and putting forward a coherent argument why we shouldn't spend this money, and all the usual lot will yell at you, boo, and act like lliek the usual NT lot when they dont' get teir own way.


How about some meetings for those that do NOT want this money wasted on saving the land?


Have to give it to the NT, they are very well organised. They are also influential, and wealthy.

Unfortunately I am away next week so will be unable to attend. To answer Real Truthseeker's point, yes, one would expect a less than welcome reaction from the passionate audience.

I do hope that an answer will be given to Tadier's question last week, unfortunately not answered by the Chief Minister. How much is too much? That's the question - answer in real pound notes please despite the NT's spin that it is but a drop in the ocean.

I hope someone will also point out to the baying crowd that they, themselves, have valued the site at only £2.5 milion (and yes, they really could afford the whole whack if they really thought Plemont was saving that much). So, we have the rather odd prospect of the people who Love Plemont etc etc valuing it at £2.5 million lobbying for the rest of us, who value it at a fraction of that, having to stump up many more millions than they themselves are prepared to pay.

Logic, fairness, majority and financial prudence versus organisation, influence, and wealth. Nope, not looking good I'm afraid.

Warren J

How can it be right in a democracy that a meeting is called by a select few elected representatives who have a clear agenda of their preferred outcome.

Unless this is Zimbawie, it is a Public Meeting and anyone with a view may attend. It is the vocal (wealthy) minority who want to purchase this headland.

Unfortunately, I have a better offer that night, meeting up with a couple of mates for a pre Christmas drink and pizza, otherwise I would go to the meeting.


As you write, anyone with a view may attend, i.e. Whether you agree or disagree with the purchase.

Why don't you call your own opposing meeting, or are you busy that night as well? Remember, in Jersey it would be allowed, in Zimbabwe it probably wouldn't. So much for your idea of democracy.


Moaning on here doesn’t seem to be doing much to shape the outcome even though the anti save Plemont posts far outnumber the pro save Plemont votes.

The NT have bombarded the JEP and TV and Radio with their minority view and the detractors haven’t had a look in.

How many interviews from the opposing side of this argument have you read, watched or listened to on the mainstream media?

Where’s the political leadership for those that object to this obscene waste of time and money from those that are supposed to represent the interests of the whole island?

Where’s the guardian asking the searching questions of how this is funded, how it will evolve, what are the safeguards, how will future planning and development of this site be reviewed when NT want to build on it etc?

This island is in danger of sleepwalking into a land grab of epic proportions, based on envy and ego, and not for the public benefit as we would be led to believe by our betters.


Great effort from a local band on here:


It is a shame money much needed elsewhere is going to be used on the Plemont site, It seems all NT members were asked to call or email their friends and Constables to vote in favour for the compulsory purchase of this site. Every little trick and media coverage has been used so far.

The only way we can counter act this campaign is to refuse to visit and pay for any National Trust sites, no income coming in means NT cannot survive for long.


Given the latest news about the finance industry, I wonder if these houses are going to be built?

No point in building some nice 'affordable' £2.5m houses if there are no highly paid people left to buy them.

I suspect the ruin of the holiday camp will be there for years to come.