Parish Assembly to consider house purchase

PLANS to purchase an £800,000 property in Belmont Road to create a walkway and cycle access to the Millennium Town Park are being put to a St Helier Parish Assembly this evening.

The property in Belmont Road could provide a walkway to the Town Park through the entrance on the right, if parishioners agree
The property in Belmont Road could provide a walkway to the Town Park through the entrance on the right, if parishioners agree

PLANS to purchase an £800,000 property in Belmont Road to create a walkway and cycle access to the Millennium Town Park are being put to a St Helier Parish Assembly this evening.

The scheme being recommended by the roads committee and Procureurs du Bien Public involves the purchasing from the Jersey Gas Company of 32 Belmont Road, a Victorian terraced, three-storey house in which there are four flats, with parking and an existing through-way to Tunnell Street from the Belmont Road entrance.

If the proposal is approved by the assembly and the parish purchases the property, which is a potentially listed building, the access to Tunnell Street would be used to create the public walkway to the Town Park, and the building would remain intact.

The assembly, being held at the Town Hall from 7pm, will also be asked to approve a £100,000 contribution from the parish towards the £260,000 cost of restoring the Victorian swimming pool at West Park.

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Comments for: "Parish Assembly to consider house purchase"


Is this to make a short cut for lazy people?

People on benefits is my guess.


Better use of the money on the bathing pool at West Park.

St Ouen

Why not knock the whole thing down and replace it with a helipad so you can visit Plemont?

Has everyone gone mad?

Maxwell Childs

This is the laziest and most stupid way of spending rate payers money. £800k for a footpath!! I have never bothered to attend the parish meetings but today, I Must attend to vote against this proposal.

I Pasdenom

Maxwell Childs,

"... £800k for a footpath!!..."

More of a cycle-path actually, and the property will also serve as staff accommodation for Parish employees.

Warren J

If this property is grossing £31,000 p.a. in rent, that will give the Parish a return of 3.8% gross on their money, which they currently are not getting in a bank.

You just go along and vote to ensure that the Parish funds remain on deposit at 1.0 % if they are lucky !

I really am pleased that we have such knowlegable people on this island !

St Ouen

At what rate will they borrow the money! If this works, maybe they should buy up all the property!


So rather than walking 4-5 mins around belmont road on a pavement already in place, we need to spend £800,000 to buy a property then X amount more money to create the walkway!!

What an utter waste of money.

Also, What exactly are they going to do to the pool with £260,000? Where does this money go.

I thought this island was struggling at the moment, but we can spend over 1million pounds on non essential stuff like this.


This is the best use 800000 and then how much for the works to be carried out?

Geraint Jennings

The gateway already exists - we simply need control over the property to open up the gates and enable the public to use the strategic route which has been an aim for many years and was recently approved again as part of the Masterplan. The route has long been identified as an alternative to the Belmont Road/Bath Street junction - a notorious crash blackspot. As an added bonus, the Parish will be able to make money on the accommodation, making it an excellent business deal for ratepayers.


@Geraint Jennings.

Strategic route? why Belmont road? what are they planning next, buy up other properties and waste more of the tax payers money creating gateways from all angles? if there is an issue with the current access being too dangerous then maybe the money being purposed can be better served on rectifying this black spot!?

I Pasdenom


"...what are they planning next..."

Well I'm looking at the plan on the the proposition P.06/2012, and it would seem they next plan to buy;

1)A property about half way up Oxford Road.

2)The private roadway between's warehouse and the CoOp Grand Marche.

3)A property opposite the library.

4)A property in Nelson Street.

(2) in particular seems an odd choice to include in a pedestrian/cycle network, as it is a narrow roadway on an industrial site, currently one-way, but presumably would be a two way cycle route in addition to the HGV traffic!?

Also note-worthy is that while the Roads Committee meeting minutes make not that the property would be beneficial as staff accomodation, this doesn't appear to have been mention in the proposal at all.

Instead the option to sell the flats is mooted, but isn't the reason for the property presently being in gas company ownership that it has a gas main running beneath it? Would you buy a property with a gas main running beneath it, opposite a car park where the gas company wish to site a new building for their gas pressure release valve, on PoSH land which the Roads Committee have acknowledged they expect to be unwelcome to the neighbouring properties!

I Pasdenom

Geraint Jennings,

"The gateway already exists..."

What alterations will need to be made to allow that gateway to be used as a cycle track?

It exits with very poor vision onto a narrow pavement at the Belmont Road end; cyclist are already well known for their dangerous cycling habits on the roads, giving them free-licence to build-up speed through the park and exit directly across this pavement seems to just be asking for trouble.


Great idea Simon!


Didn't realise it was 1st April already!!!

Do any of these people actually know what the word 'recession' actually means???


I remember when I was 6 years old living next door to this place and thinking of this idea then! I could have saved them a lot of time...


£800k for a dark allyway to the town park. Great idea! That's not going to be a hang out for dirty old men or rowdy children, is it? Still, at least they will be able to eventually recoup the costs by renting the property to people on benefits...

The Thinker

I am not aware if an actual end figure has ever been published for the Millennium Town Park, certainly the one time figure of £ 10 million was very significantly over spent. But what has not been said is by how much - is it 2, 3, 4, million more - your guess is as good as mine.

Undoubtedly if the house was purchased its demolition, plus costs associated with the building of a footpath would easily account for a further £ 1 million, possibly more.

THIS IS UTTER MADNESS, when the economy is in tatters and people are losing their jobs and their livelihoods on a weekly basis.

I always assumed that the theory of a parallel time and space dimension was the stuff of science fiction, however I sometimes wonder !!!


Where does it say anything about demolition?


£800K - Should buy all of Belmont Road!

Bell mont

As the property consists of 2 x 3 bedroom flats and 2 x 1 bedroom flats together with parking for at least 5 cars I would say £800,000 is about the going rate.

the thin wallet

offer £500,000

Graeme L

Are they for real?


Geraint Jennings,

You are the worst kind of single issue cycling zealot that there possibly is. I suggest that you have proposed this route because it makes YOUR life easier, nobody else's.

You come out with the preposterous statement "The route has long been identified as an alternative to the Belmont Road/Bath Street junction – a notorious crash blackspot." As a St Helier ratepayer, I *require* you to back this statement up with accident figures from the States of Jersey Police. In 15 years, I have never seen an accident at that junction and I lived/commuted there for a while.

You clearly know very little about property development. That passageway will become an echo chamber and kebab dumping ground for drunken yobs at 2am. Anyone wanting to live there would be insane.

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