Too much building in town, says former Constable

THE town centre is becoming over-developed and unattractive according to a former St Helier Constable, who has criticised the number of planned developments.

Former St Helier Constable Bob Le Brocq
Former St Helier Constable Bob Le Brocq

THE town centre is becoming over-developed and unattractive according to a former St Helier Constable, who has criticised the number of planned developments.

Bob le Brocq, who now sits on the parish roads committee, said that a raft of large new developments in the town was not leaving enough areas of green space for residents to enjoy.

Mr le Brocq said that Jersey needed to give more consideration to the changes being made to St Helier and take action to protect the area.

'What sort of society are we creating now for the next five or six generations?,' he said. 'We're not creating any green space anywhere in St Helier - we had the park which was ten years late - but apart from that what sort of environment are we creating and what sort of problems come from that kind of environment?'

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Comments for: "Too much building in town, says former Constable"


Well - stop letting people to flood into this island - that is why town is such an unattractive place, not to mention some other areas that have been dispoiled - Portelet comes to mind.


@overpopulated, what have other people got to do with the decisions Jersey people made? Somebody local must have started the mess by selling land to let developers build.


JACS, you are all wrong and I'll try to explain you:

The people coming to the island are wanting more homes and flats, hence they urge (or I would even say force) the poor developers to build new houses/flats, and the developers have no other option than to force locals to sell the land.

As you can clearly see now the immigrants are guilty.

Anticipating your response - the fact that both land owners (mostly locals) and the developers make huge money on this has absolutely no relevance.


I hear the irony Slawek:-)


Town is unattractive because of immigrants? Is that what you mean?

Jersey people make the planning decisions. Your comment is ludicrous!

Just 2 days ago i witnessed a person selling drugs to another in a busy part of town as i was walking by and both spoke in jersey accents! So its still the immigrants that make town unattractive?


I'd rather than build in town than outside of it, sorry but that's my opinion.


I take it you don't live in town then.


Did for eight years when I brought my first place but now I don't. Please concentrate on re-building places that already have buildings on it - not turning fields into new estates :(


Fill town up with cheap flats.

We should stop trying to indulge non achievers with their own homes and gardens outside town at prices that ruin the countryside.

There is a great big beach called St Aubin for anyone who has missed it just south of town


Too true.

Empty flats and housing all over ST.Helier has almost turned it into a ghetto in some parts.

High rise flats for the pleps,to keep them quiet.

But not in the outlaying parishes where there is plenty of space,in other words not in my back yard!

Back from the future

It's disgusting that buildings are popping up all over the place,(Thanks Dandara)mainly St.Helier & mainly for financial gain for the already rich/mega wealthy,states members...........Concrete jungle here we come.It's over-populated but those people that don't live in the REAL WORLD can't see it.............Just financial gain in some way shape or form,that's what they see.Well done Bob Le brocq for airing your views on the matter,but that's all it is.I am going back to the future now to my green & pleasant land.

D De Jersey

Sounds like criticism without any substantial proposal for a remedy.

Perhaps we could all live in tents on the beach Bob, after we knock down our houses to make way for a huge park.

You first then...


Bless him.

I think he is fighting a battle that is already lost though.


It's not just St Helier well overpopulated but take a look at St Clements'. Yes we may have the FB Fields but there's no park to take the children to, to enjoy the use of swings or a slide & St Saviours'I think are in the same situation. Overpopulated is an understatement affecting Jersey


A town is a town, what do you expect, do you want a forest in a town, and then there is country side, see the difference, why are these people against development?

I Pasdenom

I would estimate that there's MORE green space within the ring-road now then there was when he was Constable.

The Town Park is pretty big, and what developments is he talking about that have taken up green space?

The former Swansons site? No.

Liberty Wharf? No; in fact it allowed a new square to be built.

Co-op Charing Cross (if & when)? Just a couple of planters hiding the bins.

Can anybody name any significant loss of green space in Town in the last 10years??

Of course there are also scheme currently in planning the will add green space... unless Planning drag their heels.


I'm afraid that I have to disagree with Mr. Le Brocq. We already have too much building outside the urban areas of St. Helier, St. Saviour and St. Clement.

We have West Park, the Lower Park, 2 areas in the Parade, Howard Davis Park, the new Town Park, the park at First Tower, the gardens at La Collette and Mount Bingham plus Millbrook Park on the edge of St. Helier and Springfield's open space in town. There is certainly no lack of open spaces for the residents of St. Helier. With St. Aubin's Bay as an extra alternative for play and relaxation.

Mrs B

I couldn't have put it better myself egalitarian. No one in town is more than a 5/10 minute walk from at least one of these open spaces. Go out and enjoy them!

i managed to leave

When we going to realiase that one big skyscaper abover 40 or 50 floors will solve all the lack of land, office, apartment shortages whilst only using a minimal amount of room. Allowing other space to be spared and put to good use such a green areas. But the elders of jersey will never allow it becuase of its apparant unattractive quailtys, so we continue to sprawl outwards which is even more unattractive and destroying Jerseys quality and charm. The year is 2012 get with the times and get this built, steel and glass is a good look if done properly.


Don't agree with it but it might be the only solution to build high in the future, especially when you need space to actually grow food. Jersey can't feed the population and other upcoming countries with resources will take advantage of the situation. Food prices will go up & up in the next few years and things will get even harder.

What goes up..

Why build up? Would make more sense to dig down. I recomend putting the states chambers 1 mile down.

Leave the lift doors open and wait for the next high tide.

Wouldn't need so many apartments if the population was controlled.


Thats what you get for letting Dandara and its ilk market their properties off island as investments.

How many empty apartments are there at Liberty wharf etc which will pop up on the market in 2-3 years time and never lived in?

Time to bring in a speculator or habitation tax. If a property is empty then you pay x amount per square foot or a flat fee per number of bedrooms.

That may stop some of the building if the construction firms have to pay when they can't sell!!!

Hope Ozouf reads this.. its called a money spinner for the treasury.


Wow, this guy is good...

Only speaking up 10 years too late.


its going to take a jerseyman to put jersey right. not outsiders


I don't think a Jerseyman can sort it out, too many personal feelings involved. They should get an actual expert from outside, who doesn't own property or have friends in Jersey.


That's what's caused the mess in the first place SILLY!!!


I know Rentokil:-)

Captain Haddock

I totally agree that the town is looking over developed and not very attractive. Its lost its charm which St Peter Port have managed to retain. However the headline statement is an oxymoron. "Too much building in town"! Well if there wasn't it wouln't be a town. Towns are the usual places to find buildings. We are a small island and if we create further green sites in town then we push town further out to encroach on the green fields of the country. Thats just to contain the existing population. Do we need further population growth on this island? Is there the employment to attract them? Those are the real issues to address.


Millenium park

Hospital s park

Havre des pas/ fort regent

People s park

Howard Davies park

Waterfront Fregate

Waterfront The Bar

I say not bad.

Have to say that some pavement do need a make over. You could film a zombie movie in some part of town Like the back of Romerils / Coop.

Bloody educates kids to threw their gums in the bin as well. Not surprised they are banned in Hong Kong (gums not kids).


I have lived in town for 20 years & watched the desecration of areas like the Waterfront turning to a concrete jungle. Why, may I ask, as promised by Freddie Cohen, didn't the Waterfront turn into the envy or Europe? He promised us all restaurants, cafes & a real community feel for that location - none of which transpired. Instead we have a very windy alley way & a small coffee shop overlooking the road! What town needs are real community outdoor areas. A decent skate park for one would be a great idea, a permanent ice rink would be most welcomed too.


Bring in an experienced outsider to sort out this mess cause obviously jersey people can't!!

Parktown Prawn


Why are you so anti-Jersey people?

I wouldn't go to, hmmmm let's say, Poland, to live and then spew vitriol at the local inhabitants.....(and they are certainly not the most hospitable of hosts...I can assure you!) why do you think it is ok for you to do it here?



Its Singapore not Hong Kong where chewing gum is not allowed.But there are anti littering laws in Jersey but they are never enforced.I don't think anyone has ever been arrested for littering ,but drive at 35 through a 30 zone and you'll be in trouble.The reaon st.Helier is a hole is because its badly laid out,badly policed and badly managed.


Jersey really missed a big oppertunity to make amends for the current condition of st helier by building something spectacular at the waterfront. Even Dandara's 1st proposal by arcitect eric kuhne would have been really something but no its all pretty drab down there.But poor old Bob reckons we have too many buildings in st helier? Not too many but too many badly designed buildings that have got through the planning dept perhaps you should have tried to block cetain developments when you had the power to do so.

P.S. our roads are in a very poor state perhaps you could consentrate on them instead ask Mr gorst for some cash to repair public roads not waste it on buying more public land


Plus since the idea of making the roads level with (if not higher than) the pavements was adopted, in wet weather it's drier on the roads than the pavements which now have many puddles.



Pavements should not be level with roads, what law has been passed to support this.


It seems they had to copy an idea from one of our bigger neighbours despite it being totally impractical. Plus pedestrians seem to wander willy-nilly into the roads without taking regard of other road users.