Manor plans £2.5 million suite of ten luxury rooms

A MULTIMILLION-POUND suite of luxury guestrooms are due to be built at one of the Island's best-known hotels after plans were given the go-ahead.

An artist's impression of the approved development
An artist's impression of the approved development

A MULTIMILLION-POUND suite of luxury guestrooms are due to be built at one of the Island's best-known hotels after plans were given the go-ahead.

The owners of Longueville Manor in St Saviour have been given permission to build a complex of ten new rooms by a Planning applications panel.

The plans, which were advertised earlier this year, came before the panel last week.

Malcolm Lewis, the hotel's owner, described the suites as contemporary and said they used a mixture of materials.

'It will be glass and steel and also some granite finishing as well,' he said.

'It's quite a daring proposal, but we have argued all along that we are very conscientious of the historic aspects of Longueville Manor.'

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Comments for: "Manor plans £2.5 million suite of ten luxury rooms"

norman conquest

What is it with glass boxes these days? personally I find them extremly boring and ugly.


no style, no design.. GLASS PORTACABINS


Exactly the view in this household. Totally inappropriate for the setting, although they seem to provide a clear view to/from the pool. So stay in an expensive hotel with the curtains drawn all the time? Right.

I Pasdenom


"...So stay in an expensive hotel with the curtains drawn all the time? Right."

As you point out the windows offer a good view out, so why drawer the curtains?

Surely if you were doing something you didn't want people to see in you'd drawer the curtain across a smaller window anyway?

So this gives you the CHOICE to either have the full view, or drawer the curtains and have no view, or even drawer the curtains to the width of a standard window... if that's what you want.

Why do people complain about CHOICE!?


Well don't stay there then


So the proposed additions look nothing like the already existing (and very beautiful) building.

C Le Verdic

Could have been worse, I'm surprised nobody insisted that they were built in 'traditional' Jersey style with high roofs, mean little sash windows and a green front door, then finish them in grey cement rendering.

I take it that the 'multimillion-pound'

(strange hyphenation)tag refers to the cost of staying there, rather than how much they cost to design. They surely can't cost that much to build. They look like the sort of prefabs that McDonalds throw up over the space of a weekend, except that McDonalds don't have an upstairs and use brick effect rather than granite.

Come to think of it, they would not look out of place next door in the vinery site - if they had sloping roofs and smaller panes of glass.

I Pasdenom

norman conquest,

"What is it with glass boxes these days?..."

Having glass walls allows you to enjoy more of your view, if you're lucky enough to have one.

Personally I find designs using predominantly glass walls, where there's a view to be enjoyed much better than a 'traditional' granite box with pokey little sash windows that you can hardly see out of.

Unfortunately faux-tradition seems to be more popular with planners.


they are also very cheap Norman


All fur coat and no knickers is what you are trying to say there I think.

Sean Bean

I think I read somewhere that the Manor building had been around for 500 years, these new boxes look like they might last 25!...big mistake in the design in this location.


great endorsement of the tourism industry whats that you say 51 beds going at Les Charrieres Hotel closing !!!!!!!!!!

Richard - St. Helier

They look well designed, actually. A nice contemporary design similar to what you would expect from similar luxury hotels. As a bit of a fan of the Longueville Manor, I look forward to possibly trying one of the rooms out when they are built.


I found Longueville far too old fashion for my taste. I would stay at my grand grand parents, it would feel the same. Now building those out of space boxes on the same plot is something I don't understand. If the architect was from Dubai,it would make sens.

Atlantic Hotel may be but Longueville ???

I guess every time you fancy a walk in the woods in that area, you will see the back of those buildings.


Enough with all this contemporary rubbish. If you're going to continue constantly building in Jersey, at least make it so it's nice to look at!

I Pasdenom


"Enough with all this contemporary rubbish..."

Would you be happier with old-fashioned rubbish?

Or would you prefer future rubbish?

Personally I'm easy with contemporary or period design, so long as it's good; I'd hate to see fake 'farmhouses' with low ceilings, and roofs in slate not traditional thatch over pokey little windows.