Let’s all shop to a festive flourish!

BUSINESSES in town are being encouraged to think about their festive window displays in order to attract more customers this Christmas.

Mrs Boscq-Scott is hoping businesses will support the scheme
Mrs Boscq-Scott is hoping businesses will support the scheme

BUSINESSES in town are being encouraged to think about their festive window displays in order to attract more customers this Christmas.

For the second year, a Christmas Window Display competition will be taking place throughout the month of December, with shoppers being encouraged to vote for their favourite windows.

The competition has been organised by Claire Boscq-Scott from 4 Star Services, with the support of the Jersey Evening Post and Jersey Tourism.

Mrs Boscq-Scott said that town shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes could all take part in the scheme.

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Comments for: "Let’s all shop to a festive flourish!"


yes lets think about how nice the window displays are . then when you walk in you find its more expensive than on-line . but yes lets all make sure the windows look good

2 little 2 late

still going to stay inmy nice warm house,and buy from Amazon and Ebay at savings of up to 80 % !

Bean About A Bit

Cracking idea but can we just ask them to wait until December 1st before decorating.

Penalties should be administered to all those who start putting up decorations and playing christmas carols ridiculously early like some have.


Do they really think that a festive window display is really going to attract customers. If I can save a fortune by shopping online then i'm going to carry on. I bought myself a camera bag for all my gear for £147 cheaper online :):)


Yeah You Wont Catch Me In A Overpriced Reatailer This Xmas Amazon Will Even Wrap Your Presents & Play.com Do a Massive Range Of Clothing If You Dont Like You Get A refund Try Doing That In Town Not To MEntion The Price Of Posting It To Your Family Rip Of To BOTH the Above Delivery For Free Yes Free

Spirit of things

I think they could do more to get people into town if they created a Christmas carnival type atmosphere for a few night's of a selected week. That would get punter's to do some window shopping and maybe make some impulse buy's.

Sadly though, the only window I'll be looking through this year is my own when I glance away from the computer screen for a few second's while clicking 'add to basket' on Amazon.

Here's an idea, remove GST, free parking and maybe a better rate on item's for sale over the rush period, lets see if that helps at all.


I have never ever in my many years of shopping been tempted to buy in a certain retail outlet due to its window displays or due to its christmas decorations inside ! If i enter any retail outlet, I do not walk out of the place because I feel that it has poor seasonal decorations and lacks a seasonal image. Its down to price and nothing more.


Another theorist who probably has never run a retail business.


This commercialism of Christmas needs to stop. I just hate seeing christams decorations littering the place for months before the special day. Green it is not!

I for one won't be bothering to go to town. Why waste time, money, petrol and effort having to negotiate bad tempered people in town before going in to a shop where the assistant may not even speak English.

Also most shops don't hold much stock now, so if what you want isn't in you have to wait until they order it for you, which may be a week or so later due to stockpiling orders first. You then end up waiting another week or two before the item gets to the shop. Then you have to waste yet more time effort and petrol to get back in to town to pick it up! You then pay over the odds for the privilege of shopping in town. No thanks!!


Or you could select where you shop better. Not all shops are as you describe.


And where locally would that be exactly?

Maybe not all are like that but a growing number are. I have given up on town as it is a waste of my time, money, petrol and causes unnecessary wear and tear on my car and unnecessary stress on me. I do not want to have to put up with seeing grim faces and having to put up with bad manners.


I have to agree with Realist. Most LOCAL RUN shops offer good value for money with polite and courteous assistants and good after sales service. Maybe it's your attitude to them which is wrong.

NB: When I write local, I mean local and not foreign run chains.

Feliz Navidad

My wife ordered an item from a jewellery shop, and was told by the manager that he could not order a single item from that particular supplier but had to order a minimum amount that being more than one. He also stated that it was too soon after the inital order was placed to be making inquiries. The order was placed two months ago. The manner in which the information was delivered to my wife was bordering on the rude. So Amazon here we come.


I'll be surprised if it was a local jeweller. You probably went to a non-local firm.

Feliz Navidad

Egalitarian. I have looked on the internet and can only find reference to this jewellers being in Jersey.

I Pasdenom


So I assume you're not only surprised, but you're probably question what else you're wrong about.


The shops partaking in this jolly Christmas window display fest will probably put their prices up to pay for it all ;)