Dairy makes a move in China

JERSEY Dairy could be on the verge of entering the milk market in one of the world’s most lucrative emerging economies after a visit to China last week.


JERSEY Dairy could be on the verge of entering the milk market in one of the world’s most lucrative emerging economies after a visit to China last week.

The company’s head of marketing and export, Bob Jones, was in Beijing and Shanghai last week to meet representatives of ten major firms all interested in stocking Jersey UHT milk - which has a shelf life of up to nine months and can fetch up to £2.50 a litre in China. Demand for UHT milk there, he said, was growing by 300 per cent each year.

He told the Jersey Farming and Land Use Conference yesterday that one of the Chinese companies - an online retailer with 70 million registered users - had already sent him emails following up on their meeting saying that they would be very interested in a deal if the price and other details were right.

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Comments for: "Dairy makes a move in China "


Bring back the cows !!!

Get a few spuds on the shelves too...


When are they planning to export our famous flying bananas ?


Wow - that's a lot of people wanting milk! How about we export the lot, and import better and cheaper milk from the UK or French mainland for us locals? Gets my vote!

Anyway, back to reality... They'll only be interested if the price is right, so this is no doubt the last we'll hear of it!


Nice one! I thought about it as well. Expensive Jersey doing a deal with low cost China. We shall wait and see...

They should get Jersey tourism to sponsor the packaging as well. It would make more sens to show the Chinese where Jersey is rather than the English rugby followers.

Won't work cause Mac Clean doesn't want a season ticket to watch how they milk the cows.

He should really, cause Ozouf went and he is now very good at it.

R B Boiugourd

Good way to save the planet, shipping milk to China.

Why not breed some Jersey cows there, open a dairy and cut out the middlemen?

If it doesn't work out they could sell the dairy site for housing development.


Put one Jersey cow in China and you get an instant copy of it. No need for middle man, no need for Jersey either.

They can even make fake eggs, crazy I know but everything is possible there.


Jersey milk is not just about the cow but the cow's diet, its like the potatoes: it the salt in the air and the seaweed they used as a fertilizers, as for the cow: the salty grass they eat.

You can take champagne grapes and grow them elsewhere but you won't be allowed to call you sparking wine Champagne: Same principle.

428 CJ

Great to see Jersey working on new markets, particularly in this part of our economy. Hopefully the taxpayer will see some return on the investment made in the dairy. Dealing in new markets comes with its own challanges of course - I do agree with Kermit about China's ability to copy - and urge Bob & colleagues to ensure our intellectual property in this area is duly protected.


China, an interesting culture.

Kermit, China is not that low cost within its internal market, just look at shopping malls with Prada, Gucci etc. The amount of of Porsche, Bentleys, Mercs BMW around... yes the villages are not so good, but the first tier cities and soon the second and third tiers will also be beds of prosperity. Of course there are always victims of the rich to poverty gap, as there are in Jersey, no country is immune from this.

Culturally China just doesn't do dairy products. However they want more and more western style and foods and that includes dairy products. Their culture is changing. They also have a general mistrust of their own food products due to corruption etc. (the baby milk powder and more).

Jersey should focus on quality and trust and they will do very well in China. An advertising campaign that can find a way to say "Jersey a product you can trust" in a more subtle way will win the taste buds and wallets of the Chinese. Here in China (yes I live here) there are more and more bread shops, baked not steamed bread... pastry shops, and dairy products such as ice-cream and yogurt outlets.

I applaud Jersey for entering this market, get some strong advertising based on Jersey clean air, healthy grass etc etc. Understand the average Chinese persons obsessive phrase. " Its Good for health" and you will be on the right path.

In USA the island of Jersey is not well known.... But the word "Jersey" is embedded into their culture.. Football, basketball Jersey etc. the jumper, sweater, call it what you will.... But the name Jersey can also be extended into international dairy products.

Please do not miss this opportunity.


Great to see another local industry exporting to China.

I started exporting another local product last year to china(140 ton) but our government will not support the industry i am in any more so i have to stop and be forced out of business. Already lost a large order for that region.

But dont worry the farmers will always get what they want from this government, so it will move forward and grow.