Threat of Christmas strike at the Airport

BAGGAGE handlers and check-in staff at the Airport say they are prepared to strike over the Christmas holiday period in protest against having their hours cut.

Check-in staff and baggage handlers are threatening to strike over a cut in working hours
Check-in staff and baggage handlers are threatening to strike over a cut in working hours

BAGGAGE handlers and check-in staff at the Airport say they are prepared to strike over the Christmas holiday period in protest against having their hours cut.

Around 30 Servisair employees have asked their union, Unite, to organise a ballot for industrial action over proposals by the company to change their working week from 39 hours to 33.

Servisair is currently in talks with both Unite and its employees because it wants to readjust working hours when the Airport is less busy. It says that the same measures are the norm in UK airports.

However, Unite spokesman Nick Corbel has warned that his members are angry and will take action over the long-standing dispute.

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Comments for: "Threat of Christmas strike at the Airport"


Oh come on Mr Corbel more threats. Your members are angry? Angry about having a job?


2 alternatives:

-Keep the same hours, put all the names in a bag and fire the first three names.

-Get more business at the airport.

Come on Corbel, work your magic.

At least this time nobody is after our tax money so please milk them properly cause I am already relying on some poor/unreliable services to get in and out of the Island.

Don't mess up with our luggage and flights /flight connections cause most of us already had a crappy year. And extra expenses are not on my agenda...


Get real you people its the same for everyone out there we all have to juggle especially small business.Found out today 21 jobs gone in last month in 2 finance companies here so maybe 33 hours ain't so bad!!

About time

The Union are yet again showing their total disconnect with the real world. Plenty of people needing a job so suggest an easier way 39 hour contract roles demised and new 33 hour contracts advertised before Xmas!


What a selfish act when islanders rely on their airport over the Christmas period to see their loved ones and have a family holiday.

A strike at the airport would be noticed and would get the point across at any time in the year - there is absolutely no need to hold one over Christmas.

It's almost like Unite have it in for the general population of this island.

Crossing Jordan

It's almost like the population of this island have it in for workers. Why don't you complain about their employers not about workers who are forced to strike in order to get their bosses to sit down and negotiate.


Here, here - it's the employers who are trying to cut people's pay, why not vent your grievances on them - if the workers take industrial action as a last resort to make sure they don't lose pay, it will be the employer's fault.


What has conveiniently not been mentiponed is that servisair has lost 6 employees and an aditional 5 nightstop cleaners in the last few months, they have not replaced them giving the company massive savings already. A cut in hours would mean a cut of nearly £400 a week to staff who have already not had a pay rise or cost of living for many years! It would be a shame for it to go as far as strike but you can not blame them for wanting to protect the jobs they have that already pays so little! For servisair to turn down all other proposals just shows how completely unreasonable they are being! If it does go to strike it will be Servisair's fault that the poor employees that are just trying to keep their jobs!!!

Gemma V

Cutting 6 hours off your working week will mean a cut of £400 per week??????

Where do I get an application form for Servisair? Sounds like good pay.

Santa Pause

It's excellent pay, Gemma, £70K per annum, free flights, free holidays, taxi to and from work and a Christmas bonus of £5K...but not this year because they're being naughty!

It's obvious anonymous made a mistake, we're talking about baggage handlers and check-in staff...


"A cut in hours would mean a cut of nearly £400 a week" OMG my husband would love to earn this in a week, he has not had a pay rise for 8 years, had his wages cut twice, we are struggling (but going under) just to put food on the table and pay bills, but unfortunately he cannot go on strike as his boss would say bye bye, just think yourself lucky you still have a job !!!

Airport Bunny

"6 Anonymous", you state that the Service Air jobs pay so little already, but a few lines before that you state that a reduction in hours would cut their wages by £400 per week. You contradict yourself simply because if someone can have their wages reduced by £400 per week one has to ask what were they earning in the first place, I would suggest not as you state "very little", either that or your article is badly worded!

In any event this reduction in working hours is being introduced by Service Air due to the downturn in passenger numbers over the winter months and indeed they do it at other airports where they operate in the UK. If you run a business you are not going to pay staff wages if the customer demand is not there it just doesn't work. I saw Mr. Corbel on the TV last night spouting his usual union clap trap, wake up Mr. Corbel we have been in recession for the last 4 years try and keep up!

Santa Pause

Airport bunny...nice but dim

Wake up, Airport bunny, we’re talking about baggage handlers and check-in's probably more like £400 per month.

Airport Bunny

Santa Pause, anyone who is able to read can see I was questioning whether a statement made by “6 Anonymous" above was correct or not and as you can see below “6 Anonymous" has confirmed its £400 a month. Nothing dim about questioning what someone writes on this site, it's just a shame that you were to dim to understand what I had written in the first place!


A month not a week!

When can I start

How much, am I reading this right! 6 hours is worth nearly £400 a week? When can I start? 33 hours 'nearly £2200 a week' is good for me.


My family and I are spending the Xmas break in the UK this year. We will be very disappointed if we find that at the last minute we can't go however better that than caving-in to threats.

These are difficult times for people working in many areas of Jersey's economy (finance included) so please get real Mr Corbel.


About time someone stood up to Corbel and his wasters.


Before everyone starts slagging these guys off, lets remember that wages for Servisair (and other handling agents) staff are absolutely shocking. They also have early starts, late finishes, work outside in the freezing cold/pouring rain and get abused by you lot when its foggy outside and all the flights are cancelled. For this the pay isn't much more than the UK minimum wage.

A reduction from 39-33 hours is a significant amount, so lets give them a bit of slack.

Unite are, however, being true to style and being totally inconsiderate and disrupting the rest of the island over an important time of year. They need to get their head out the clouds if they're wanting any public support.


They knew the working conditions when they took the job, if they don't like early starts and cold weather DON'T WORK AT THE AIRPORT. I worked there for many years and actually I loved it and I had to get up at 5 to be there for 6, people save up all year to go and visit family and friends at Christmas so why should it be spoilt by a few, sorry there are plenty of people without jobs, so they should think about that

I Pasdenom


"...They also have early starts, late finishes, work outside in the freezing cold/pouring rain and get abused by you lot when its foggy outside and all the flights are cancelled. For this the pay isn’t much more than the UK minimum wage..."

If they're being abused they should report it, and their abusers should not be allowed to fly; personally I've never abused them, even though I've thought about it when watching them hurl people's luggage about seemingly trying their hardest to cause damage.

As for working outside etc. they knew this when they took the job, and agreed to it.

If there is only 33hrs work to be done, why do the workers insist on working 39hrs? Sounds like they want to be paid (£400pw?! Surely a mistake?!)for not working!


Where have you seen them 'hurling baggage around',I'm not saying that on occasion it doesn't happen but all baggage areas are restricted to the public.

This is about the reduction in terms and conditions of the workforce nothing else.

I Pasdenom


"Where have you seen them ‘hurling baggage around’..."

As they off-load from the aircraft; I've seen this more than once, and once thought that if they're going to the effort to hurl a suitcase hard enough that it bounces than the only reason they're doing this is a)'fun' b)malice.

"...This is about the reduction in terms and conditions of the workforce nothing else..."

The story mentions only the cut in hours, no other T&C.

Do you think it's right that people be employed when there is no work to be done? Do you think it's right that those people should strike to try and force their employers(and by extension their customers) to pay them for being at work when they know there is nothing to do?

Would they accept that during those 3hrs when there is no work available for which they're normally employed they're put to work doing other tasks? Think the baggage handlers will accept 3hrs cleaning? or will they cry it's not in my job description!


IP,the amount of damage done to baggage by loading staff is minimal,believe it or not it's a hard physical job which is generally done with care and good humour and not a little skill.

Changing your hours and pay is changing your t&c's.

If you expect airport workers to be available in "down time" to perform other duties you clearly have no experience of airport working and its requirements.

As previously stated why is it that a workforce should have no right to a perfectly legal recourse to protect their jobs.Striking is a last resort not taken lightly and with no joy.

If you want monkeys ok but wait until it's your turn or should you just roll over?


@ Mallouin. I watched it happen to my case from the windows in Baggage Reclaim last month. My new case [it survived just one journey through the airport] was collected from the aircraft hold at arm's length, full stretch, and thrown onto the flat-bed. Guess what - a smashed case. Irresponsible, probably contrary to H&SW for handling luggage, and completely disrespectful of other people's property.

Somehow any sympathy I may have had for baggage handlers has evaporated.


a cut of £400 pounds a week(6 hrs)??.That would still put them on £2600 a week?.I DONT THINK SO.



As per usual out come all the 'know nothing about the situation'detractors.Firstly the £400 comment I put down to error,simple as that.Why when peoples terms and conditions are threatened are they not allowed perfectly legally to seek redress? Over the last 10yrs or so non States employees at the airport have seen their jobs downgraded and their pay whittled away.The downturn in Jersey aviation in the winter is not a new feature,surprise,surprise it happens every year and most responsible companies allowed for this in their staffing,ie:a core of full time employees all year round for experience and to keep the operation ticking over with positions supplemented for the summer season,so what's changed? and by the by staff do not strike unless it's the last resort they are fully aware of the consquences and reactions.


30 Servisair staff ? then why does it take so long for bags to come through ?


I am fed up to the back teeth of strike action - you know what you should do - either deal with it or leave so someone else can do the job! I just got made redundant and having a very hard time finding new employment - I would gladly take over from you!

How did you get on then?

Have you been up there to see if you can be taken on or is this mere armchair hyperbole?

Things are going to get worse before better!

1. "Anonymous" can't count so needs math lessons!

2. We are all feeling the squeeze, no-one should be immune, a responsible union would acknowledge this.

3. The timing of proposed strike action is vindictive and wrong over the festive period. Christmas will be tough enough for many people without deliberate actions like this.

4. Unite should use their influence to encourage cost savings to be passed onto passengers. Perhaps cheaper flights would encourage more passengers and give more hours.

5. Be thankful for a job, I know many local folk who will be suffering this Christmas!


What is this race to the bottom?

How many will fall out of the income tax bracket/need state assistance with housing benefits or other allowances because of this?

Because you are feeling the squeeze you are quite happy ney! pleased to see others come down to your level or even worse.

Santa Pause

Well said, Mario.


Give them a months notice if they don't like their changes, then employ some of the people desperately wanting to work, especially with Christmas coming, these people need a reality check, not be threatening the public like this, especially not over the Christmas period, who do they think they are. It's about time the union told their members to grow up, the bus drivers and this crew are pathetic selfish people!


That's it,sack em all! then employ more on worse t&c's and when they find their terms under threat repeat,after all there must be some out there in the world who will literally work for peanuts.Doffs cap to boss and moves away.


That's the problem too many on here seem to think a contract can be unilaterally altered to suit one side to the detriment of the other.

I view one set of workers attacking anothers T&C's as many Americans view Benedict Arnold. Google and learn.

Brandon Kent

The bottom line is that, if there is no business need for a 39 hour week, then a reduction in working hours becomes justifiable.

I can understand employee/Union anger at this situation, but it is normal practice across UK airports; Jersey airport should be no different.

Striking would be unjustifiable, selfish and irrational.


sack them all the 3000 people out there with no job will be happy to have a job at xmas

Santa Pause

I wonder how you would feel if someone cried out for you to lose your job?


Couldn't agree more. I wonder if Jim would refrain from complaining if he had his salary cut by nearly 20%? Also, the 3000 are getting benefits, sack the servis air staff and they will be in benefits, which achieves what?

It's in times like this that Unions are even more important. It amazes me that even in times of austerity, the fat cats get fatter. Will the MD of Servis Air lead by example and take a pay cut? I dont think so.

As for those calling for them to be sacked, I hope your employer does the same to you, and then sacks you when you complain about it. Perhaps then you'll wish you were in a Union.

I don't agree with the timing, it does the employees and the Union no favours with gaining public sympathy. A one day strike with minimal customer impact will still get headlines. Doing so at Christmas is ill advised.

All Out!

Disgusted they are deliberately targeting Christmas travellers at the airport, but we have come to expect the lowest from Unite after their illegal bus strike. Time to dump Corbel and get someone who lives in 2012, not the 1970's.

Santa Pause

What's the use of striking if nobody notices? Complain to Serviceair, tell them to treat their employees fairly and there will be no strike.

Get with it

More threats from Corbel!! At least the stevedores didn't lower themselves and refuse to work when their jobs were threatened.., you guys and the bus drivers deserve nothing so get with the real world..,and quickly please!

Santa Pause

In the real world people depend on their wages to pay their way. These people are ordinary workers not highly-paid professionals.

We've already had the 'they-should-be-grateful-to-have-a-job' comments and the 'sack-them-all' thing you know we'll have someone bleeting that they earn £70 per annum...and the dim folk who can't add up will believe it!


Call me a cynic if you like, and I am not arguing for or against the cause of the Servisair employees, but, Mr. Corbel how many employees are effected and why will it take 3 weeks before the results can be known, in other words a week before Christmas?

If a whole nation can go to the polls and the results be known by the next morning, how can it possibly take 3 weeks to count the votes of a relatively small company?

Come off it Mr.Corbel, what is your real agenda?

Airport Bunny

"21 Pih63", you make very good observation. I think the Corbel agenda is that by doing this people who may be thinking of traveling over the festive period may be think again and won't book up until they know for sure and a week before Xmas a lot of people will have already made their plans and may well have decided to stay home.

Corbel is clearly on a power trip here and I would put money on it that come a week before Xmas Corbel will be on the TV stating that strike action has been averted and making it look like his is the saviour of it all, watch this space!!


How to get more people in the airport in order to get more working hours: Strike at Xmas.

Good plan if you wish to shoot yourself in the foot.

I Pasdenom

To be fair to Mr Corbel's union, there is probably legislation that prevents rushing through any vote, and prescribing the time-scale of such ballots...BUT, let's be honest, in all likelihood Mr Corbel's union are well aware of this time-scale and have chosen to ballot now exactly because this will allow them to inflict the worst pain on innocent travellers.

That is what unions are for, to enable greater pain and damage to be inflicted against innocent customers and employers than any one employee could manage alone.

A single employee can choose not to work in a job he is unwilling to do; it takes a gang of bullies to force him to be given a job by an unwilling employer.


If you are planning to take industrial action what is the point of doing it at a quite time? From a union point of view to get your point across you do it for maximum effect and to show you mean business. Or you could adopt the policy advocated by some on here and role over.

Unions are here for a reason. If they weren't needed they wouldn't be here. Also people need to remember if it wasn't for previous generations standing up for basic rights we would all be the poorer for it. If you want to go back to the Victorian era then those that undermine unions are doing a good job.

D Smedley

Airport ground handling companies throughout the world become effective and efficient by recruiting a mixture of full time, part time, split shifts, rolling contract and zero hour staff (I understand that the British Airways agent here in Jersey does excatly this). The fact that Servisair Jersey management has failed to understand this basic fact is rather startling and shows clearly their lack of business acumen. Do they not realise that the summer is busier than the winter?

So whilst the staff do have a point as it is slightly unreasonable to have had a full time position to be then confronted with a new part time contract yet with no loss of flights or airline customers. However the fact that they choose Christmas is indeed poor judgment, immature and the height of selfishness. It will receive no public support as this forum has demonstrated. The proposal has no doubt been conceived by the same Union which led to British Airways cabin crew striking during school breaks last year.

Perhaps Servisair Jersey should start the cost savings by taking a slice out of the managaments pay and/or indeed role first. Then get some fresh eyes to work on an interim solution agreeable to all parties until retirement or natural wastage occurs, which by the sound of things should not be to long in view of the suggested poor rates of pay.


£400 A MONTH not per week! Heaven forbid I made a typing error!!! At the end of the day they are simply a bunch of people that are fighting to save the jobs they have and none of you could say that you would do any different! They DO work in horrible conditions and yes they may of known that going in there but that doesn't make their jobs any easier. There would never be a right time for them to strike and any time of the year would be disruptive. The only reason why it is over christmas is because they have been in talks for months and this has dragged on. All talks are being dragged out by servisair not having management locally who can deal with the situation but instead have to book meetings weeks ahead and wait for someone to come over from the uk! Servisair employees wanted this resolved months ago but management keep turning down all recomendations. It is NOT a case of the 39 hours not being available. There has been a drop in flights but instead of giving the work to the full time staff that have worked there for years Servisair are paying hourly paid (NOT LOCAL) staff and taking hours and contracts off the full time staff. The hourly staff were paid for over 300 hours last week alone. All the employees want to to hold on to their jobs and for their hours not to be given away.

What type of error?

How is that a typing error? You'd have to be a pretty useless typist.

Don't you mean a slapdash mistake?

Santa Pause

Does it matter; or, would you like to pin him to a cross because he wrote week instead of month?

Anyone with any brains knows that baggage handlers don't get that kind of money!


I wouldn't normally agree with this kind of action but, the workers don't seem to have any choice.

I used do check-in at the airport. There's a lot of waiting around, doing nothing. You're basically getting paid a days wages for 3 hours work.

The way travel is going, there's no way you can afford to be paying people to hang around when there's nothing to do.

The only outcome is to let some people go. But they might as well strike 1st.


So many seem to wish a zero hour/short time working life on all or could that just be anybody but me!It does all of us in society a great disservice but again as long as it's someone else it's ok.The fact that the company no longer has local management with the responsibility for these circumstances(this has been the case for a number of years)speaks volumes.

The service offered by the agencies at the airport has been dumbing down for a very long time with no fault to the staff apportioned and not just the airport.You pay peanuts and what do you get,low paid,poorly motivated staff,who suffers,all of us and the cost to the state(us) increases.Again,wait until it's your job! and it might be sooner than you think.


Unfortunately in this increasingly selfish world people are becoming very self centred. As long as they are O.K. then that's fine. Whatever happens to others it is:-

1. their own fault.

2. because they are lazy.

3. because they would get on if they deserved to.

4. an assortment of other rubbish reasons.

The thing that makes me laugh is that many of these sorts are slagging others off for trying to stand up for themselves. These same self centred people however, would be outraged if they suffered the same treatment as they expect others to suffer. It is pathetic.

Many are too stupid to realise that making cuts in wages etc in any job, in any company, will led to poorer performance as the workers will not be as motivated by minimum wage, rubbish T&C's and long unsocial hours. It also means the taxpayer ends up subsidising many more of these workers wages to enable them to live. This further errodes the tax base meaning cuts have to be made elsewhere and/or raising taxes further which means in reality a hick in GST hitting the working person yet further. This is a negative feedback loop which is only re-inforcing itself with every passing day.

mallouin many more will be tasting this so called progress. The ways things are going I can only see one possible outcome a collapse in society as a whole.

I Pasdenom


To use your own numbering, please answer the following;

"...1) their own fault"

How is it the fault of the employer that there is less work to be done in this case / Likewise how is it the fault of the passengers that are being threatened with disruption?

"2) because they are lazy"

How is the employer trying to change and adapt more 'lazy' than doing nothing and being idle and inefficient?

"3) because they would get on if they deserved to."

How is it that a business is undeserving of success if it does not adapt to the market when the market changes?


"...Many are too stupid to realise that making cuts in wages etc in any job, in any company, will led to poorer performance as the workers will not be as motivated..."

As has been said before, the argument in this case is the cutting of working hours, because there is time when there is no work to be done. Please explain how much you would expect to be paid to be motivated to perform better at doing nothing?

The last to big union/industrial action stories locally have been workers complaining about reduced hours... I wonder if they'll remember this augment when the economy turns around and they're being asked to work extra hours, or whether they'll at that point be claiming that they can't possibly be asked to slave away at just standard overtime rates??


Well when I started work we got x1.5 for any overtime except for:-

Sunday where the rate was x2

or a bank holiday then it was x2 plus a day in lieu.

At these rates there wasn't any issue over getting people in.

However due to the continual errosion of family life caused by making Saturday a normal working day and also trying it on with Sunday then it will be flat rate for all. You might think this is a step foward but I don't. So much for choice.


Corbels little army of ne'er do wells.

Management need to get some cajones and simply say you strike youre sacked. 2000 people over here will quite merrily do the jobs.

If this is servisair staff then the States Harbours and Airport should look at the SLA in the contract with Servisair and get someone else in BEFORE christmas. Then ALL the servisair staff can enjoy Christmas unemployed.

If they do strike will they get paid... Do NOT give in to blackmail - this is all unions have ever done. Working conditions and rights of the employed are now embedded in law. The purpose of Unions is now solely to fill their own pockets.


Not true. Unions still have a place in many progressive companies. Rather than Unions lining their pockets, are you aware that Union members get favourable insurance policies, free legal advice on work and non work related matters, and represent members in any disciplinary process. Without Union representation, an employee could be fast tracked out the door because their manager simply dislikes them. Trust me, I've seen it all before. I'm no militant, I'm a company man, but it's reassuring to know I have backing if I need it!

With regards to them being paid if they strike, they wouldn't be paid by the company, the Union would fund them to a degree, but it certainly wouldn't cover their normal wages.

Also it's not blackmail, that would be illegal, its an industrial dispute which has a legal process that has to be followed. If they sack them when they have followed the agreed process, then the employer would be in line for legal action for unfair dismissal. Many employers are using these times of austerity as a cover to simply increase their profits, with senior managers almost always earning more year on year. Most of us haven't had a pay rise for a couple of years, but it doesnt seem to apply to those at the top of these companies.

I'm not a Unite union member, I don't like Nick Corbels style, far too militant. I have quality representation without a militant stance


You lot really are hysterical!

As usual, all the whingers on here who are shouting SACK EM ALL/MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THEIR JOB etc etc ad nauseum, havn't the faintest idea what they are talking about!

Just a bunch of green eyed shelf stackers who are envious of anyone who's job doesn't entail working out which tins get the 2for1 stickers!

Hypothetical proposition: Sack em all, hire the millions looking for work before the proposed xmas strike!

Query 1: Who are all the people looking for jobs who are already fully trained loaders? Who have the 2/3month training reqd!

Query 2: Who are all the people looking for jobs who know how to drive a 5 tonne aircraft pushback tug, or know how to use a GPU or FEGP? Again, training reqd!

Query 3: Who are all the people looking for jobs who are fully trained in airside H&S?

Query 4: If we SACK EM ALL, who is going to give the training mentioned in Query 1, 2 & 3?

You see although the chips on your shoulders are far bigger than the ones you put into the freezer units in your daily profession, i'm afraid, although you all hate to admit it, some jobs require more training than

"all of the trolleys need to go there and the baskets get stacked there"

Still i'm sure you all know better!

Keep Smiling, Love & Hugs.



You lot make me laugh before you get any job at jersey airport you need a police check which take between 6-8 weeks so that cuts out december and january.

Stevie Boy

I work for Servisair, so just to explain what sounds like a large discrepancy for £400 a month for reducing 7 hours, my contract used to be a 39 hours a week contract, anything less than 39 hours and you would lose all your shift pay entitlement and Sunday premium hours, these add ons are essential to bring your wages up to a decent level, I'm shocked by some of the comments on here, nobody was complaining about these guys years ago earning low wages when the Island was thriving. Shame on some of you.

And good luck to the guys on the ramp who are just trying to get the company to honour the contract which was agreed by BOTH PARTIES.

I Pasdenom

Stevie Boy,

"...And good luck to the guys on the ramp who are just trying to get the company to honour the contract which was agreed by BOTH PARTIES."

It would be nice to know what clauses in the contract refer to notice periods and redundancy.

Most contracts I've signed clearly stated that if redundant I could be let go; indeed that's happened to me.

If my employer had said to me that rather than let me go completely he'd just reduce my hours I don't think I'd see that as grossly unfair.


Steve, On your side here. Also if the hours are cut to 32, will that mean that staff are now part time, with the knock on effect on sick pay,redundancies etc?

Stevie Boy

The start of my post should have read "I Used to work for Servisair, apologies


HAving just read these comments, I do wonder why so many had to comment on the error made by one post on the amount paid to these workers. THe person who made the error did later rectify this in a later post but was continually chastised for the error. To err is human.

The servis airport staff should be thankful that they still have a job , there are so many people unemployed at the moment.


Should they also doff their caps every time the management passes as a way to show their appreciation for having a job? Or buy them Christmas presents and give them Christmas cards?



They are only trying to protect their own jobs as some of the hourly paid people already work 40 hours aweek elseware

UK Student

With the exception of Condor, striking over Christmas will benefit nobody. Negotiation is the only way this can be resolved.


Sorry Condor dont work over Christmas, certainly not Christmas eve!


Get over it! The fact that winter timetables are a lot quieter than summer ones is just a fact. Don't like it, lump it- quit moaning and go and find another job, that's what I did!


You patently know little about how airports work even if as your post intimates you may have worked there.


I realise that people are unhappy with having their hours cut, but in case anybody hasn't noticed there is a recession, everyone is struggling and these things need to happen. Less hours is better than redundancies, surely?

I've just had a small payrise, followed immediately by a reduction in the percentage of commission I earn (the latter outweighs the former). To be honest given how slow we are at work - travel industry also - in the Winter I'm just pleased I'm still here.

The employees and unite need to do whatever they need to do to fight their corner, but staging a strike over Christmas will wipe out any public sympathy they may have gained otherwise. I go to the UK for Christmas every other year, and this time to see an ill relative who may not be around in 2 years time. If any form of human intervention prevents me from getting there they will never recieve an iota of my sympathy or support.