‘Total disregard for countryside’

JERSEY’S biggest potato farmers have been fined £11,000 by the Royal Court after showing ‘a cavalier and complete disregard’ for a law protecting the countryside.

The  field in Grouville near Seymour Slip where hedgerows have been destroyed
The field in Grouville near Seymour Slip where hedgerows have been destroyed

JERSEY’S biggest potato farmers have been fined £11,000 by the Royal Court after showing ‘a cavalier and complete disregard’ for a law protecting the countryside.

The defendants, the Jersey Royal Company Ltd, admitted destroying hedgerows in two parishes without planning permission.

The court heard that the company went on to remove more hedgerows in St Ouen after being advised by Planning that they had needed a permit before they had carried out the work in Grouville.

Crown Advocate Sally Sharpe said that the breaches implied 'not just a cavalier attitude by the defendant, but a complete disregard for the requirements of the law'.

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Comments for: "‘Total disregard for countryside’ "


The day after Prof Ed Salis appears on the radio in relation to falling English and Mathis standards we have proof perfect in the JEP.

The defendant is the biggest potato farmer as it is a limited company which is a single legal persona not a group.

Come on JEP get it right.

Finding Me;Mo

Was it not Lord Denning who said ' My client is an honest, upstanding and godfearing limited liability company'.


i have let land to the JERSEY ROYAL COMPANY LTD for many years, and have always found them honest helpful and careful in what they do. they are a GROUP and NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL. they have assisted me with creating habitat for bees and protecting my new hedgerows that i created 15 years ago. i don't know the details of what has been reported, but all my experiences with them have been first class.


I give up

Groupie Le Goupil

"they are a GROUP" (Landowner)

Exactly (although the sentence would look better starting with a capital). A, as in 'a single', group.

My sympathies, Clamber, it's hard work, sometimes, reasoning with the GCSE English brigade!


Thanks, I was feeling very down and isolated


It might not apply so much to Jersey but I believe that the reason for all those flash floods are due to the agriculture who keeps shaving off all those hedgerows. There is nothing to stop/restrain the water anymore.

This is a typical example of what happened around Europe.

Nice to hear about the fine but is he going to put it back how it was ?

I bet you that the fine is to go straight into Ozouf s coffer and the field will stay as it is...

Finding Me;Mo

To be fair this is entirely consistent with the election manifesto of a certain Ex.Senator (no! not him, the other one) , who was and may still be a director of this company.

'If elected I will promote and support small, unobtrusive government that seeks to create a favourable business environment."

It might be worth checking to see if they received a Rural Enterprise Grant for this under the heading improving productivity.That wouldn't surprise me at all.

Tony B

Considering the applications planning has passed over the last few years, Pot's and Kettles come to mind!


The £11,000.00 may be a drop in the ocean to the potato grower, but I bet they will get the money back, by incresing the cost of potatoes next year. Therefore, no punishment to them. They should be MADE to replace the hedges.


This happens and with larger equipment and small fieds has happened in the past and no doubt in future,amazes me Planning take notice of really a trivial matter as this, but allow other businesses to set up in the countryside without much trouble,that department is really a pathetic I wouldn't ask for permission from them unless I was forced too....just do it !!


Well, that's what the company did and the consequences of breaking the law are clear enough from what we see.

Planning Enforcement Department

Andy, noted.


On the day we fine Tom for removing a hedge row , we pass housing at PLemont !! So tell me how much planning care about the envirroment?

Outstanding !!


unfortunately the huge equipment now used by farmers is very damaging to our countryside. the operators have very little care for the hedges and trees and drive the massive machines over ancient banks. many people will not let their land to farmers because of this destruction,hence the increase in new orchards and horses in fields


Strangely enough, this mega wealthy company are receiving grants of many thousands from the States, so they can pay the fine with some of that income!

Eddie Arnold

In the past most farms were a family workable 33 vergees and the eldest son legally had to inherit the farm so any cottages attached to the farmhouse had a connecting door in a built in wardrobe so that it remained part of the heir’s inheritance. This must have kept Jersey for its inhabitant families and given them a reasonable living. There must have been laws in the past that were responsible for the 33 vergees and one wonders are they forgotten but still binding?