Criminal checks on immigrants?

IMMIGRANTS could be subjected to criminal records checks and banned from using some States services under proposals being considered by the Chief Minister’s department.

Immigrants could be subjected to criminal records checks in future
Immigrants could be subjected to criminal records checks in future

IMMIGRANTS could be subjected to criminal records checks and banned from using some States services under proposals being considered by the Chief Minister’s department.

A review is being carried out into how Jersey’s immigration controls – which are due to change to a new system in February – can be tightened up.

Although no firm proposals have been put together, the head of the Population Office, Paul Bradbury, says a review is currently considering what more can be done.

• See Monday's JEP for full report

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Comments for: "Criminal checks on immigrants?"


Why is this even being asked? It should have been introduced at the start.


That should have been the first criteria to check before handing away social security cards.

Welcome the Rich 1.1k, make it difficult for the rest but still allow criminals...

Nothing make sens....


A good idea - 10 years too late as usual!!


This should have been started years ago.


I recall in the 70's being told by a now dead local Police official, that such checks were made on people entering the island who had registered at the SS Dept. Each month background checks where made on those entering the island for lists provided to them by the SS dept. Then new laws came into effect from SS in which they said all info was now confidential, a sort of early 'Data protection act' So i doubt with these days of increased confidentiality and data protection, that this will ever go ahead !

On The Run

With all the crime that you hear about through the local media and the people that commit it we already seem to have a rather large element of these undesireables in the Island, and as we don't really know who is in the Island anyway there is not much chance of us getting rid of them now they are here unless they commit a crime and we deport them, which doesn't happen often enough as far a I am concerned. At least with CRB checks we are moving in the right direction, better late then never!


yes because locals don't commit crime


Some locals end up at the station so often that coppers don't even have to reach for their files...



If locals commit crime, thay can expect to face a criminal check too at whatever country they decide to reside in. In this way, all criminals can be monitored.


The best way to tighten up immigration controls is to have the same sort of system as in America, Bahamas and other countries where people who come into Jersey have to stop at the airport or harbour (at customs control) so that their details can be checked by customs control to ensure we have no criminals coming to live/work in the Island. That way hopefully we can avoid another situation where someone comes to Jersey only so that they can avoid having to carry out a sentence for their criminal activities where ever they lived previously.


This should be a priority for the population office. Tight immigration controls are essential and overdue.


Time to stop health tourists.

When I was in hospital overnight the minority of patients looked like Jersey taxpayers.

I understand this is normal.


"looked like Jersey taxpayers"? Just racist nonsense.

Jersey taxpayers do not have any physical identifying features. Just because someones skin is a bit brown does not mean they aren't a Jersey resident and therefore legitimately using our health system.

But that aside, any "health tourists" we may have, are in the private sector, and therefore we are making money out of them.

Jersey wouldn't have health tourists in the public system for the simple reason that we are next door to France which has the best healthcare system in the world (according to the World Health Organisation), so no one would go through France to get to Jerseys system.

Utter racist tosh.


Nothing wacist about Plagne's post! I visited a friend in hospital a few months ago and she was the only person in a ward of 7 that spoke English as a first language. And one of the elderly women there did not speak any English at all, but one of her family explained in very poor English that she had only just arrived on the island. If you have family over her you can just literally get off the boat and have access to free healthcare, and this certainly wasn't a private ward so please get your facts right Sam.


You've clearly bean on the Island too long. People actually have healthcare in other countries and travel insurance etc. If you've paid over the years you are entitled to get treatment elsewhere or can claim money back. Please get your facts right:-)

Parktown Prawn

How is that remark racist????

NO race was ever mentioned (except by you)....unless a "Jersey Taxpayer" is now a "race"???

As usual, people are too quick to raise the race card....but too stupid to realise that race wasn't even the subject!!


And how exactly Jersey taxpayer looks like ?


May I suggest, sad, downtrodden, disheartened, and thoroughly fed up. That is how a Jersey Taxpayer looks, come to think of it just about like everyone here.

See; easy to spot if you know what you are looking for.

Parktown Prawn

Maybe they look like you or I Slawek ;-)

John l

As if Jersey had a great health system:-) You must be kidding.................

Typical Bean

La Secu

French Social is the way to go:

Free doctor, free medication and almost free dentist.

They suppose that we can all afford private health care. As good as the American system really: You are healthy as your wallet...


'free' healthcare has to be paid for by someone. The more that is free, the more those 'someone's' have to pay. As they say, no such thing as a free lunch, unless og course you don't pay tax!


Best to have it spent on health rather than steam cloaks, golden hand shakes, rugby T-shirts and the rest of superficial non sens!


I think most know what you're getting at Plagne - just not sure that you phrased it very well.

That said, those from the western parishes are reputed to be blessed with additional digits. ;-)


It was phrased clearly: plagne can identify a Jersey taxpayer simply by looking at them.


I think that it is quite easy to identify a large majority of non British peoples, both by the physical characteristics of the eastern Europeans, as well as the accents of all non English speaking peoples.


Simple, they look like they lost the will to live....


To egalitarian.

I pay my taxes here in Jersey = I AM Jersey taxpayer.

Despite being non British, having characteristics of the eastern Europeans, as well as speaking with accents of all non English speaking peoples.


If carlsberg made governments... Ah yes about 15k less immigrants!!!


And banned from the island from the island i hope, we do not want these people.


If these people were kept out think of the money saved on police time, court time not to mention the prison.

We only have to look at another article in the same paper - man who attacked a policeman


indeed. I am not a racist, but feel protective over our island. I am sick to death of seeing foreign names in the paper for crimes. I know jersey people offend too, they are not angels, but in an island so small the volume of foreign offenders to locals is shocking.


The headline reads........Criminal Checks on Immigrants?

No where does it say that criminals will be denied entry into our Island - only that they will be banned from using some States Services - so this proposal is just another waste of time and money. Furthermore, an immigrant who is denied these 'services' will then no doubt raise the tiresome issues of discrimination and human rights.

What our government should consider is drawing up a law - That addresses whether EU mingrants will be allowed to continue to live and work in our Island should the United Kingdom withdraw from the European Union. Immigration is out of control and we need to implement laws to suit the needs of locals and long term residents.


More delays at immigration controls it already takes an hour to get through the controls when we return from st malo. Only to have our local passports given a cursory glance whilst thugs are allowed to walk through with the same cursory check as us locals. Also amuses me that no one checks all the private boats arriving laden with people from abroad.

the thin wallet

and banned from using some states services?

ban them from the lot by not letting them in at all in the first place.

long long over due.


Did the Polish man who assaulted the off duty police officer recently, have his criminal record checked before he was allowed in? probably not!


Was the criminal record of Krzysztof Kopec from Poland who recently assaulted an off duty police constable, checked before he was allowed in to the island?

arthur crown

I thought this was meant to happen years ago when that poor lady was murdered in first tower by a sex offender who had come to the island unchecked .Most of the door security in st helier seems to be done by immigrants who checks them they seem to be a law unto them selfs


yes they sent him here so he would not interfere with the outstanding criminal case against him in ireland, they didnt want him speaking to witnesses etc.. nice one, send him here and he murdered Tracy.


Not before time.

I fear it is too late,as many have settled here and taken up jobs,and only a matter of time when they will have their quallies and will need housing etc.

we all know why employers want them here,but the general public have had enough with long waiting lists for hospital treatment,over-crowded roads and schools etc

Shame on those that allowed this to happen,

whether it be apathy or just plain stupidity.

Archie Rondel

Just reading yesterday's Sunday' papers re the immigration problems.......The prediction of 500,000 more immigrants expected to arrive in the UK from Romania and Bulgaria in 2014 should set the alarm bells ringing over here. Considering people from these two countries need permits and visas to work in the UK at present BUT are allowed to wander into our island unchecked and start work straight away. Makes you wonder !

C Le Verdic

Quite agree. We don't want these people who break laws and get criminal records coming here darkening our shores and giving us a bad name.

We want people who can bend, evade, interpret, manipulate and circumvent laws, maybe create laws that bring lawyers and their finance friends lots of business - like zero ten.

No criminals wanted here, we're all goody goodies who wouldn't dream of doing anything even vaguely dishonest.


welcome to alcatraz!!! why rather not use vise or work permits? why everything needs to be so complicated and nothing still done?


Jersey is at least 10 years late in implimenting this law and now they are now thinking about it will be 20 years to late when they pass it (even if it is ever passed). I cannot see how they will every pass it anyway.


jersey taxpayer easily identified,most of them support Man united and have a copy of mein kampf in their library !


I’m a young professional (Alien) and I absolutely agree that this should be done years ago. If we take into consideration increase on criminal activity in the last two to three years and a type of crime that the island should be dealing with, you have your answer. I would love to carry on feeling safe in Jersey and this is a main reason why stayed here 10 year contributing to the economy, paying taxes and social security religiously.

There is no place on this beautiful island to any “serious” criminals looking for asylum and especially children abusers; this is another step of precaution that should be undertaken years ago.


The words "could" and "no firm proposals have been put together" tells you that no checks will be done and nothing implemented.

Why? Because it costs money...


LOL.... they hae been trying to introduce this since the year dot.... all talk and no action ... more taxpayers money wasted with them sitting around the table debating whether or not they should do.... just make a decision and go with it.....

Kermit .... you say Social Security Cards well they also hand out Income support that easy also....


If our ties with the UK and therefore the EU are legally restrictive in our ability to prevent crime and control our finances and resources then it is time to cut them.

I cannot believe that we are hogtied to the UK in this fashion. Everytime an EU migrant enters the UK he automatically gets the right to live in Jersey!

It basically means we do not have our own laws. Additionally you CANNOT complain to the EU if you are local but if you are an immigrant you can! Why do we not have housing and work permits like Guernsey? And WHY oh WHY are criminals NOT deported.

JerseyBeans are now second class citizens in their own land.

Real Truthseeker

Jersey cannot change the law as the Ersey law is....."UK Immigration Act". It is a UK law, as pointed out by one comment, all Jersey can do is deny access to services.

Unless Jersey breaks free from this Law, therefore removing all ability to enter the UK market for employment etc., then the UK determines our immigration rules.


No it does not. All Jersey has to do is to put controls on UK nationals then the rest of the EU can also have the same restrictions placed on them. However the Jersey government doesn't want to do this. I would hazard a guess that many businesses like access to cheap immigrant labour thus driving down their wage costs.

Having an open door policy is crazy and not doing indepth checks on people coming in is asking for trouble as far as I am concerned. Indeed what checks do they do if any? It would be interesting to know. Maybe someone from immigration would like to comment.

Jersey needs an Oz type immigration comtrol. Those that aren't good enough to be let in have to stay in their own state unless they can get in somewhere else...


Not often I agree with Mario - but could it be some of the decision makers here benefit from the cheap labour.......hence the reason we do not seem to have seen any action or measures taken ..?


"IMMIGRANTS could be subjected to criminal records checks and banned from using some States service"

So basically what they are saying is " We'll check to see if you're a rapist and if you are you can still come on in just no riding on our buses and if you need to get to hospital call a taxi because we wont send an ambulance".

Simple Sid

A bit late for that, dont you think?


A visa system should have been started a long time ago along with criminal checks etc! I know a few poeple who have landed in the island who are not shy to say they have a criminal record as long as there arm!!

A stop needs to be made and very soon.....too many people are here already, housing, education and health are suffering. Our childrens future jobs and incomes and experiences are suffering! We need a tighter rayne on who comes into this beautiful island with checks and limits!! Oz and NZ do should we!!


Beats me why the immigrant to attacked and kicked the off-duty Policeman will not be deported at the end of his prison sentence, why not?


STATES MEMBERS.... are you reading this and more importantly will you act upon it? The overwhelming opinion here is to introduce criminal checks at borders (or before) in order to weed out any 'undesireables' before they take root here. If we (you) would have done this years ago we would have saved a fortune on police, courts, hospital and have a prison half the size (approx £30k p/a per inmate - do the maths)!

To hell with what the EU or UK say we can and can't do. We need to do what is best for Jersey! At the moment I'm struggling to find any benefit in being part of the EU or UK for that matter.


Shardonnay - Careful what you wish for. Such checks will require a permit or visa system and this works both ways. We were up in arms last year when the UK tried to apply simple passport controls to the Channel Islands.


no we were not up in arms over passport controls to the uk. i always show mine when i travel to the uk what's theproblem?

a small price to pay for keeping crimminals out!


Surely this should be being done already?!


Please Please, can we all stop with this whole racism? I agree that applying for a CRB checks for undesirables in Jersey, but there's a lot of criminals, paedophiles, etc ... here in this community of Jersey or you lot already have forgotten of news of a recent scandal that recently came to public, and still there's more hiding from public view.