Audience angry after magic show 'shambles'

HUNDREDS of Islanders who paid £150 a ticket to watch the celebrity magician Dynamo perform on Saturday have described the event as ‘a shambles’ and are demanding their money back.

Islanders have described the Dynamo show as 'a shambles'
Islanders have described the Dynamo show as 'a shambles'

HUNDREDS of Islanders who paid £150 a ticket to watch the celebrity magician Dynamo perform on Saturday have described the event as ‘a shambles’ and are demanding their money back.

The event at the Royal Yacht Hotel, which sold out within days of tickets going on sale, had been organised by local events company Firethorn Productions and had been sold as an intimate cocktail and champagne event with close-up magic at individual tables from the magician.

However, those who attended have said it was no such thing and have voiced their anger and disappointment, with some saying they had not even caught a glimpse of Dynamo because of the crowds.

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Comments for: "Audience angry after magic show 'shambles'"


Should have stayed at home,I watched 2 episodes of him on TV for FREE!!!!!

Mark G

Totally agree, like F1 best at home on the TV. However if you are a fan of a celeberty and you get the chance to at least have a few minutes with that celeberty then £150 is worth it, up close and personnel. If you don't get what has been advertised and paid for then that is a missed sold product or service. If you paid £25 then you could accept that you may not get close just like a concert.

My suggestion to all those who were miss sold a ticket on the persumption that you would get a few minutes with Dynamo is to write to the company requesting a refund, if that fails write another letter providing 14 days notice to contact you with a solution or they will face legal action. If no joy then go to the petty debts court...


£150 to see that more fool them....


£150 per ticket? People must have way too much cash in their pockets.

On the CTV site people are saying they just pushed in without paying and were not stopped!


I agree. That was the first thing that struck me. I am mystified as to who was paying for these tickets. I cannot imagine that people in Finance have ever heard of him (I had not either). Perhaps it was largely States Members on the £45K for one day a week in the States, and a second day doing a bit of committee work.

Merlin the Wizard

"celebrity magician Dynamo", never heard of him!!

Anyway we have our own celebrity magician here in Jersey, he's called Phil "The Spin" Ozouf, our Treasury Minister and he can make hundreds of millions of pounds disappear!

Positve negative man

It's a pity that he is not a dynamo, isn't it? He can "generate" bad feeling and animosity towards the states and he cannot foster a "positive" public opinion.

The "battery" of unpopular policies means that his position cannot be "rectified".


Ha ha ha there goes another rib! Merlin you really should be on stage yourself with that sort of genius and original comedy.


Perhaps you and Merlin should swap names.


That was a good trick: £150 for a glass of champagne and Dynamo's head from the back...


So much for the recession

Mary Jewell

One hundred and fifty pounds!!!! for cocktails and up close magic, really --- conspicuous consumption.


Making £150 disappear from 'hundreds' all at the same time, sounds a pretty neat trick to me!


No security anywhere, way too many people (at least 500+), no introduction to even say Dynamo had arrived or where he was...the whole event was a shambles!

When it got to 10.30pm and they let everyone in who'd only paid £25 for Tod terry ticket, it was time to go.

At least the Royal yacht owners and family managed to have a personal show at 9pm (when he took a break!) SHOCKING!!

Felt sorry for Dynamo, he was genuinely gutted.

Firethorn Productions should refund everyone in full.


No surprises there then! I don't envy the events company at all having to appease the hotel owners and their incompetent staff!!


Didn't the proceeds go to charity. If they refund everyone then the charity is the one who has lost out.


The event was simply mis-sold - 'Tables of Ten' - no tables of ten existed - 'intimate show' - totally the opposite - see 'Dynamo' - I was there for two hours and didn't see him at all! - Craig Alder's interview with CTV this evening says that they complied with Dynamo's contract (this has nothing to do with the public who purchased tickets from the Royal Yacht based on the promotional material given out and should have reflected those contractual obligations which it obviously didn't) - there are a 'minority' not happy (Err... take a look again at complaints Mr Alder!!!) - I personally think this episode is verging on Fraud and quite criminal if they don't accept that they were wrong and give everybody a full refund.

The longer they dither on this I am sure it will simply get worst for the promotions company (which is also questionable is a legal entity) and the Royal Yacht Hotel who actually accepted the money for the purchase of tickets....


Don't let anybody tell you there'e no money in Jersey.£150 per ticket!!! I wonder what the audience make up was?


I know - 150 quid a ticket - for tht price I would expect Dynamo to take my coat, cook my dinner and drop me home afterwards.

John, StBrelade

You'll like it... not a lot!

Archie Rondel

What a ripoff. £150 for one ticket. To "see" a z list magician. When I am going to see the Roling Stones in London soon for the same price. Have to say , Jersey still has a appetite for suckers..

God's Mentor

I know a few people who went to this - absolute farce apparently. Best view they got of Dynamo was when he walked out the door.


A complete shambles! Check out Firethorn's FB page to see what the audience thought:

Good to see Dynamo apologised on Twitter; I hope Firethorn or the Royal Yacht offer a suitable apology too.

Mark g

Check out their Facebook website! Some comments are coming from friends of the organiser ! Pity full and shameful. When I found these comments praising the organiser I went though other comments located around Facebook and it looks like the organiser is getting his friends to try and reduce the fall out of the shambles. I for one will be helping friends take action for a full refund. No point in bringing Dynamo back because it won't work....


Mark, you are being ridiculous.

The organiser has not once asked anyone to stand up for him. But why wouldn't the people who actually know him and his intentions stand up and support him? Is this kind of behaviour alien to you?

People need to get a bit of class and try and see the situation from both sides before they embarrass themselves anymore. Firethorn put on an event that everyone wanted to go to. They're devastated that it's not gone well. It's going to cost them a fortune to put right. What part of this do people think was intentional?

Mistakes were made, they've acknowledged that, and one way or another they're going to put it right. Hopefully then everyone can dry their tears and move on.

Mark g

so i am to feel sorry that it is going to cost them a fortune? mistakes were made but not just a little mistake but a great big reputational mistake. the fact that his friends went on facebook stating they had a good time was a slap in the face of the people who had paid a lot of money to not have the experience that was advertised. time will tell if they can amend the errors experienced.

Disappointed Mary

So Ashley how do you know the organiser has not asked anyone to stand up for him? Why are you defending him? After seeing Mark G comment i too went onto facebook to look for myself and there they were, comments from friends stating what a good night it was! So Ashley are you a friend of the organiser? was you one of those people that got in for free because you knew someone who worked at the Royal Yacht? The event was a shambles and whilst not intentional showed poor leadership, poor organisation and poor safety and there is no excuse in the world that can hide the fact that the organiser failed the customers, Dynamo and the Teenage Cancer Trust. How dare you insult me and all the other customers by commenting to dry my tears and move on! I can tell you now that if you hada unpleasent experience and you had paid for it you would be complaining to.

Firethorn Productions have not yet contacted me but i shall wait and see if they are true to there word of giving refunds.


I am a good friend of the organiser. I did not get a free ticket or entry - dispite my best efforts to persuade him to give me one.

Friends of the organisers have complained to him, others have supported him. You wouldn't know this though because 1. you don't know him or his friends, and 2. you're only interested in seeing things from your point of view.

How have the Teenage Cancer Trust been let down? Explain this to me. They had a massively succesful event and recieved £5,000 pounds.

What am I doing replying to this nonsense.


Mark, freedom of speech means people can and will say what they want, and especially on the internet. Just because it doesn't necessarily tally with many other opinions or experiences of the night doesn't mean they didn't have a great time or that they were encouraged to say it. After all, some must have got to see some 'magic'. Or are you so hellbent on lynching the organisers that this doesn't suit you by way of explanation?

The 'great big reputational mistake' you mention is a further cost for the organisers on top of the actual cost of reinbursing those who request it. I wonder how many will fail to offer to not take back the charitable donation that constituted £12.50 of every ticket? That £5k came from somewhere but at the moment will 100% come from Firethorn if everyone took the full refund on offer. Incidentally Mary, the charity was the only party that most definitely did not come out of this badly on any level.

Mary, as I have done on Facebook and to a certain extent am doing now, I stick up for people when they are being treated inappropriately and especially mates. Promoters take risks - both to provide aspirational entertainment and to make money. Dynamo was an ambitious booking by most standards and by the vast majority of assesments, did not work on the night. On the other hand, the Todd Terry event later on achieved both with bells on. Same promoter, same aims, same night, different result. This should be all the evidence that's needed to reassure that there was not anything but good intentions for the whole night.

The most important thing in life is when people make mistakes or things don't turn out as they should, they suitably make amends. If you ask me, Firethorn couldn't have done more in the aftermath, and the offer of full refund is virtually unheard of.

I am embarrassed of many in this island who are so quick to jump all over a well-intentioned promoter before he even had time to get his ducks in a row and make the offer he has. Most of the more vocal have probably never organised anything of note in their whole lives and spend most of their time moaning that there's never anything to do in Jersey.

Nobody died, dry your eyes, take your refund, get over it.

mark g

RICH: look the organiser screwed up and i do not care how much it is costing him or the royal yacht. you are just proving my point that he has got his friends to cover his back. to compare the organisation of getting a dj and filling a room full of hundreds of people does not take anything more than a bart simpson, maybe the organiser should stick to booking djs. as for free speech....back at you! you come on here and reply back at me quoting free speech? maybe you should meet the angry customers yourself and listen to their free speech about the event? i am using my freedom of speech.

ASHLEY & RICH u say you would stick up for a friend, well i commend u for being mates and sticking up for the organiser but remember that this is a business not a friendship. also from your comments u seem to believe that the customers should roll over and shut up? if no one had used their freedom of speech and complained then your friend would not be offering refunds.

as friends you can tell him to stick to booking djs.


Mark - do you read the news at all? Everyone has been offered their money back - even the ones that spoilt it for the rest by crowding around Dynamo. Firethorn have done more than anyone else would or could to resolve the problem.

What's your point mate? Do you actually have one now? Because from where I'm standing all the promotor's supporters had a point, and their point has been proven. Yours, sadly, seems to have come back to bite you on the behind.

Mark G

Ashley you ask “What’s your point mate? Do you actually have one now? “ well if you read my original comment above (used my freedom of speech) you will see that my comment stated that the organisers friends were making positive comments about an event that was a shambles. STOP PROVING MY POINT, its embarrassing for the organiser and the Royal Yacht. Your own comment “I am a good friend of the organiser” as proven my point and yet still you come on here defending the organiser and demeaning the customers who have had a bad experience. You also commented before that I only see my point of view, well thanks to you I see the organisers point of view now, when he gets hassle from the customers he sends in his friends to help him out, isn’t that intimidating?

So the organiser is giving a refund, that’s great news to the customers and great news for free speech as you seem an advocate of free speech yet your comment “Everyone has been offered their money back – even the ones that spoilt it for the rest by crowding around Dynamo.” just proves it was a shambles and why so many people demanded their money back. Ashley step back and look at yourself typing on comment boards or face book defending a friend who runs a BUSINESS, The business failed at organising an event and people complained, that’s BUSINESS not FRIENDSHIP and the fact you have admitted that you asked him for free tickets only shows that on what other occassions has your friend let in an event for free when others have paid!

Ashley if you want to make another comment about my comments I suggest you write to the owners of the Royal Yacht because that’s where I am sending my letter with all the copies of the face book comments and other comments. From the organisers friends along with the comment “Hopefully then everyone can dry their tears and move on.” & “Nobody died, dry your eyes, take your refund, get over it.”

Lord Haw Haw

Whatever the outcome of the evening, someone did rather well out of it financially.

400 tickets at £150 is £60,000

A gracious donation of £5,000 to the Teenage Cancer Trust leaves £55,000.

Dynamo charges up to £25,000 for an appearance but is involved with the trust so may have reduced his fee, but lets say he didn’t .. that leaves £35,000

The Royal Yacht owners are also involved in the trust but lets say £5,000, leaving £30,000.

So not a bad nights work for a shambolic event !


Go ahead - write your letter. I'm certain they could use a laugh after the week they've had.

My comments have absolutely nothing to do with the promoter, their thoughts, feelings or opinions. I'm able to think for myself and am in control of my own actions.

If you do insist on printing off all this - which I dearly hope you do - could you add this note from me saying that I do think their drinks are a little pricy. I paid 14 pounds for a cider and a glass of champagne. I dunno if that's normal or not? Seems steep to me. Do you know if this is expensive or not, Mark? You seem to have a pretty firm grasp of what's acceptable and what's not. Maybe I'll leave it up to you - if you think it's too much for 2 drinks, leave it in. If you think it's ok, delete this bit.


What a bunch of Muggles...

Sorry, i meant Mugs!

Keep Smiling.


St. Helier Resident

Well, I can honestly say that I've never heard of this particular magician until yesterday and I certainly couldn't afford to pay £150 for a ticket to see him or anyone else for that matter!

It seems that not everyone in Jersey is currently struggling to make ends meet in this difficult economic climate!


What on earth does it have to do with anyone how someone else chooses to spend their hard earned money? Personally I think it's absolute madness to spend £10,000+ on a car to drive 45sq miles in, or go to town every Friday and pour £80+ over various bars, buy £400 pairs of shoes or regularly visit the bookies. Each to their own though!!

I work hard, live within my means, budget carefully and have a bit of money left to spend on things I enjoy. I'd definitely have spent £150 on such a 'unique' event with someone I'm a fan of - THANK GOD they'd sold out before I did.


£150 a ticket, they seen you coming!!



Archie my luvie typical old bean - you have to be a bean with that name.He is not a z listed magician he's a VERY clever and TALENTED magician - watch him on Sky Watch Channel and you'll see why people paid £150 a ticket.

Enjoy the OLD Rolling (bones) Stones concert!!


Will dynamo be performing at 70?

Will he even be remembered when he is 70?


£150? This is the best part of a weeks wage for some. Unless you work in finance that is, or in the public sector where you are well paid and get a decent pension on top.

I would imagine most would say who cares.

Simple Sid

Well he ws majic you just couldnt see him.


LMFAO @ Archie Rondel

Dynamo is a very clever guy, I often watch his shows on Sky. Would you seriously rather pay £150, to watch 85 year-old blokes prancing around a stage pretending they're still relevant?

Mark G

LOL, Beaumont you can see all that for free by visting the States on a Tuesday, saving £150!


I am surprised that the main article did not use the word disillusioned at some point

yep they missed a trick there

thank you i'll get my coat


£150 to see a magician!! Good or bad, famous or not... if you can afford that you can afford to stop whining and let the money go to the very worthwhile charity.


MARK G, give the guy a break, you have your money back.

It wasn't intentional. The guy is know as a local DJ and not a shark, therefore he has " friends" and followers. Never heard a bad word about him.

You would be dealing with the Warrens , who are very well known for their deep pockets and short arms, (and only use the word charity when they expect people to do stuff for them for nothing), the outcome would have been different. Believe me !!!