Airport landing equipment shooter ‘aiming at rabbits’

THE damaged piece of landing equipment at the Airport was shot by a member of staff aiming at rabbits, it has been claimed.

An Airport worker was shooting at rabbits
An Airport worker was shooting at rabbits

THE damaged piece of landing equipment at the Airport was shot by a member of staff aiming at rabbits, it has been claimed.

Last week the JEP revealed that hundreds of Islanders’ travel plans had been disrupted after the instrument landing system was damaged.

After initially denying that planes had been affected, senior operations staff later admitted to the JEP that flights were potentially impacted by the easterly ILS being out of service after passengers and airline staff claimed that flights were turning back because of the fault.

An Airport investigation into the matter is continuing. And yesterday it was claimed in the States that the system is believed to have been hit by an employee trying to scare rabbits.

Full story in Wednesday's JEP

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Comments for: "Airport landing equipment shooter ‘aiming at rabbits’"

Beatrix Potter

think i will write a good book about this one

flyin' rabbit

DON'T FORGET... rabbits fly around flapping their ears, and can get sucked into a jet engine....NOT!


Nice. No the real problem is their network of warrens can cause structural failure to the ground around the runway. I wouldn’t want to be on a hard landing plane with a load of rabbit warrens under me.

Elmer Thudd

Being a Myopic Cartoon Character, allow me to explain why it has taken so long . . .

This ILS system relies on a number of interconnecting aerials, and the length of cable between them is critical. A minute difference in length will give the approaching aircraft an incorrect hight reading.

When the hapless staff member took a pot shot at a low flying rabbit and severed one of the interconnecting cables the problems started.

It is not possible to simply replace the damaged cable, a complete new set must be manufactured each the exact same length.

This is why it has taken so long to repair.

Err, I'll get the Wabbittt!

St Ouen

Is there so little going on in Jersey that the JEP still thinks this is news?

Jersey immigrant

Do you think the airlines have forgotten already given the delays it caused them, the fact the airport didn't own up in the first place meaning their customers blamed the airlines instead?! Of course it's still news! The investigation is ongoing! You want to let them off? Never mind they lied, caused hundreds of passengers huge delays, airlines loads of money, but hey so what?!


would you believe that hey,how pathetic.


Still got his job then?!?!?

No axe to Grind

What worries me most about this is the lies, as reported. When someone cocks up it is only fair, honest and safe to tell the truth about it. Otherwise you could, in this case, have planes landing without the necessary equipment in place.

A culture of secrecy, of not telling it how it was, placed millions of Japanese in actual jeapardy when nuclear installations came close to meltdown after the tsunami.

People are regarded as a nuisance, to be kept in the dark at all costs; when we pay the bills! When will they learn?

Donnie Darko

It's a 'mad world'

I've never seen a good genuine Jersey rabbit casserole on sale in the Airport cafe. It would surely sell better than smoked seagull pâté.

I keep scouring the JEP and States website for jobs in which I can do a bit of hunting, shooting and fishing whilst accruing a copper bottomed pension but no luck yet.

I could even tell great big porky pies to the tax paying public if you made me a Director of car parks, duty free or vermin control.

With 2 billion to spray up the wall over the next three years I live in hope!

Finding Me;Mo

OK so perhaps we have Mammal control rather than Bird control. That still doesn't cover the misinformation element and most importantly the glaringly obvious issue;



?? i get why birds are a real concern and need scaring off, but when was an aircraft last downed by a flock of rabbits?

i surmise that, ironically, the burrowing habits of the bunnies could have caused problems - so hats off to our 'sniper' - he didn't want to wait for the rabbits to decommission the ILS and took it upon himself to do a far better job

mmmmm Rabbit Stew

How about birds of prey being attracted by these rabbits!!!!!!

Finding Me;Mo

Yes that will happen BUT if you look at the stats. then bird strike from big raptors is very rare. I stand to be corrected but only Marsh Harriers here are likely to take BABY rabbits. Even Buzzards would find this very hard.Oh and they would be removing the 'risk' (by eating it) anyway. This would appear to be another wisp in the smokescreen that should't exist!


I am a pilot and after having had a seagull smash through my cockpit window when I was on final approach to land at Jersey airport a couple of years ago, I can state that seagulls simply due to their numbers are a far greater problem then birds of prey trying to catch rabbits. In all my years of flying I have never been bothered by a rabbit or come to that a bird of prey, the vast majority of times its always those bloody seagulls that cause the problem!


Rabbits need to be controlled as they attract birds, whether through the birds hunting them or feeding off carriron. There is a huge population of rabbits on the eastern approach and these do cause a serious risk to air traffic through birds landing or flying away after dining on bunny.The rabbits were controlled by a professional pest control firm until a year or so ago but this stopped as it was deemed too expensive! So I assume it was a cheaper option to have a poorly trained airport employee fire off rounds at rabbits then!!!

Donnie Fan

Fantastic comment Donnie - I salute you.


I agree with No. 6. It's all the lies & coverups that's the biggest problem & why no-one believes anybody anymore.

Start levelling with the public in all areas & we might start seeing some light.

We can all cockup at some time, it's being big enough to admit to your mistakes that counts.


Not long ago the Jersey Airport Fire Service turned over and damaged a new state of the art fire engine. Now a rogue shooter is running amok firing live ammunition airside and damaging sensitive and expensive equipment. Worse consequences could have occurred. What is happening Mr Bannister? The taxpayers want to know. The airport management is a laughing stock.


That state of the art fire engine was driven by a female firefighter,she could not take a corner that a 737 takes,women drivers say no more.

Brandon Kent

Should have gone to Specsavers...

C Le Verdic

"...shooter ‘aiming at rabbits’"

Shouldn't that be "shooter ‘aiming' at rabbits"?

Captain Haddock

I've seen a Christmas turkey fired into an RB211 jet engine and that didnt go well. So imagine a bunny being sucked into a CFM 56 or perhaps a CF34E turbofan. Scaled down it would have the same effect. Is this an African bunny I hear you ask, or the standard European bunny? Well which ever breed it is the effects on an engine can be equally devastating. Remember the Hudson River crash landing? That was caused by geese. Pest control on an airfield is very necessary. It saves lives ultimately. So stop with the quips and silly jokes already. Billions of blue blistering bunnies!