Care Leavers reject plan for three-pronged review

PROPOSALS for a three-pronged review into historical child abuse and decisions not to prosecute alleged offenders have been rejected by the Jersey Care Leavers' Association.

JCLA chairman Carrie Modral
JCLA chairman Carrie Modral

PROPOSALS for a three-pronged review into historical child abuse and decisions not to prosecute alleged offenders have been rejected by the Jersey Care Leavers' Association.

The association, which represents people who spent time in Jersey care homes, say that the proposals put forward yesterday by social work consultant Andrew Williamson would cut off all of the events since 1994 from investigation.

They have urged the States to reject the three-pronged approach that includes a 'Truth and Reconciliation Service' for those unwilling to appear before a public inquiry.

Instead, they say that the Assembly should set up a single, all-encompassing committee of inquiry that would have full legal powers to force witnesses to answer questions and demand documents and files.

The States are committed to carrying out a committee of into historical child abuse, after a 37 to 11 vote last year to overturn the previous Council of Minister's decision not to hold one.

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Comments for: "Care Leavers reject plan for three-pronged review"


Agree fully, please CM, the starting block should be Verita. There was no need to waste money bringing in Andrew Williamson, when Verita already contains more robust TORs (and no basic errors that Williamson contain), unless the TORs in Verita were "too robust" for certain people......??

Do the right thing.

King Prawn

Oh lets face it, no matter what you offer the JCLA it will be rejected so why make this news? These people are full time moaning minnies for goodness sake.


King prawn I think you might be wrong because I thought they were happy with veritas recommendations. I don't think they are happy with a watered down version and the waste of tax payer money to introduce new enquiry recommendations when they were already available via verita.

arthur smith

This is dragging on far too long and at far too big a cost to the taxpayer.

I would like to know if the process has managed to sift out those who have jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of compensation. I am in no doubt there were a number of cases of abuse, but i do not believe that they are at the levels that have been quoted.In addition how are these cases going to be proved one way or another so long after the event? I believe absolutely that genuine cases should be dealt with thoroughly, that victims should get justice and be compensated but i am fearful that a number of the so called cases are no more than young people being disciplined severely and i do not believe that these constitute abuse and are therefore not worthy.In addition i also believe that there are probably a number of chancers who have approached "ambulance chasing law firms" and should be prohibited from entering the process.


Why can't they wait until this is debated in the Chamber?

So much impatience which is strange as this historic abuse (if thats what you want to cal it) is supposed to go back to the War.

Whats a few months going to do for gods sake?

Haile Unlikely

And what would you call it if not historic abuse Jimbob?

The States have accepted that child abuse happened in care homes in the past.


These people are always pulling their faces in front of the media and as if its everybody else's problem.

Moral and Empathetic Disconnect

That's right. The perfectly acceptable Viera TOR's have been watered down by Williamson. What has that got to do with the people who were "historically" abused ............ ?

Doh !

And Yes, Child protection and learning from the mistakes of the past IS EVERYBODY'S PROBLEM.


No its not 'everybody's problem'.

I have kids and I do not have time to be hounded by people who not only took years to eventually come out with these allegations but expect me and others to constantly be reminded about them almost on a daily basis.

We know their plight, we feel sorry for what has happened to them, but please stop chucking this down our throats.

Linda Lovelace

It is only a photo in a newspaper - why so touchy Daran ?

Why do you feel "hounded" and as if things are being "forced down your throat" ?

The passage of time is due to the nature of the offence and the fact that previous complaints have been ignored or covered up, which is what allowed the real "force, manipulation and coercion" to continue.

Yet you paint yourself as a victim. They say that ignorance is bliss.

What you get is only a fraction of the facts.


Daran, typical comments of an uncaring unempathetic Jersey?? or do you make these sort of comments deliberately to wind people up??

Please remember, children in the care of Jersey, were physically, sexually and mentally abused by the people who were supposed to be taking care of them, protecting them, nurturing them, "in loco parentis" as it was supposed to be.

They have every right (and more), to demand full proper answers, and not some wimpish watered down TORs that will not give them the answers they deserve.

Put yourself in their position


Children sadly are abused all over the world and its a dark side of life, any daily newspaper will tell you that.

But there are some people in Jersey who have made it their priority to drill everybody else about it constantly and it gets on my nerves.

It is time they had their inquiry and that is fine, but also allow others who have no connection with this issue to get on with their lives.

Personally I am sick of hearing about it, its gone over kill.


Seeing as it was our money that was paying the wages of those whose job it was to care for our kids, it is our problem.

Seeing as it is our money that will be paying for an enquiry into these people, it is our problem.

Seeing as it is our money that will be (rightly) compensating the victims, it is our problem.

Seeing that this is a small island and the chances are they many of us either know or are perhaps even related to some of the victims, their abusers, or those implicated in either covering up the crimes or ignoring the complaints, it is our problem.



Do you not think, that if the people who were abused in Jersey's care homes etc, had been able to report/disclose and to be believed, had been listened to, had been taken seriously, ... and if Jersey's authorities had listened empathetically, had acted and shown that they were doing everything they could to get justice for victims, to learn from past failings, to be open, transparent and honest in everything - do you not think that this sorry episode in Jersey's history would have been finished by now?? Of course it would.

The fact of the matter is, there has been, still is and still will be, so much secrecy, so much unwillingness to accept the past, so many victims not taken seriously, so many things that are not right, that this matter will not go away, until things improve, until there is an open, honest, transparent enquiry and Jersey and it's people face up to things.

If you and others cannot accept this, don't read the articles - simple! If you and others just live on winding people up, so be it - there is nothing anyone can do to change you.

Please, grow up & stop re-abusing people who were abused when they were supposed to being cared for our care homes all the time - you may not care, but others do..

Hard working

For a lots of these kids they where supposed to be going some where that was better than home what a joke! the fact is these kids where to scared to complain cause less than 20 years ago kids didn't question adults! The sad fact is there is a lot more cases than what has been reported. I suggest you all read the book 'no body came'.


Carrie Modral thinks the whole Island should stop everytime she makes some bitter press release. Its pathetic.

arthur smith

Agree with James. As i have said i'm pretty sure some abuses occurred and need to be investigated fully and compensation made where justified. However situations like this lend themselves to chancers coming forward and making claims with the help of ambulance chasing law firms. How can this be stopped from happening?