‘States spending is still out of control’

RISES in States spending over the next three years show that public expenditure remains out of control, according to Public Accounts Committee chairman Tracey Vallois.

Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Tracey Vallois
Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Tracey Vallois

RISES in States spending over the next three years show that public expenditure remains out of control, according to Public Accounts Committee chairman Tracey Vallois.

She says that there has been no ‘cultural change’ of new efficiency within the States and that Islanders should expect tax rises after 2015 to balance the books.

The three-year spending plan released yesterday sets out a 12% increase in States department budgets from 2013 to 2015 and a huge £222m worth of capital projects.

And with projected States spending topping £2bn over the three-year period, Deputy Vallois – the head of the committee with responsibility for ensuring that States spending is efficient and effective – says that the strain on families and businesses from the recession has changed nothing within the public sector.

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Comments for: "‘States spending is still out of control’"

Lindsay Garrod

I would say that this cavalier approach by the States to (not) cutting-back is caused by the fact that the money they are spending has not been earnt the hard way by themselves individually - its easy to spend other peoples money. That said, unless I am mistaken (which the states workers appear to be) is that they are part of the system and also must pay taxes. The phrase '....on your own doorstep' springs to mind.

Island Strife

Instead of bracing us for more bloody tax increases, why can't someone in the States actually take hold of the situation and TAKE SOME ACTION.


How are ordinary people supposed to carry on with increased tax while certain groups like the Police get unreal incomparable rates of pay?


Would this be because utilities have gone up, the price of supplies have gone up, building works have gone up, repairs ect ect, the list goes on, and not to mention what ever else

the thin wallet

why would they change? there appears to be very little control. who has the backbone to say no.


RE Island Strife and Thin Wallet. The real issue is that people like yourselves just expect somebody else to do these things when in a democracy it is the responsibility of each individual to contribute as far as their ability allows. There are very few people of calibre who are prepared to forgo their careers or businesses and actually stand for the States. The financial reward is hardly any compensation for this, there is no job security or pension and you are expected to take the wrap for Civil servants earning 6 times your salary and training to boot. Further that when a States member does try to take charge as in the case of Senator Ozouf attempting to get a good deal on the Police site the conspiracy brigade are all to quick to stab them in the back, not to mention the “alternative” politicians doing their best to sabotage wherever possible. How much confidential information was “leaked” about Ozouf’s offer?

Some say you get the government you deserve when in fact you get the quality of government you pay for.

the thin wallet

i have no job security and no pension, but to stand for the states, would not be a good move .

i know that banging my head on the wall hurts .

as some of the elected states members know .


These are the very states members who approve the spending including Miss Vallois herself!

Willy Fayling

Talk about playing to the gallery. Crikey Tracey, tell us all something we don't already know!! States spending was out of control when you were still at school. The question is - What are you going to do about it???

Not very much seems the most likely outcome, especially as you were one of those short sighted States members that voted for a Town Park WITH NO UNDERGROUND CAR PARKING, that now costs Jersey well over £500,000 in lost car parking revenue - EVERY YEAR.

The States is about to do exactly the same thing by building a wholly unrequired Police Station in the Green Street car park, using up space that has the potential for at least 500 parking spaces, depending on how many levels of parking was placed above it.

With vast amounts of vacated, cheap office space coming on the market thanks to the decline of financial services businesses, why do we have to have all the police in one building?? A building that we have yet to construct, at very significant expense (£21Million at the last vague estimate - shall we double that by completion?).

The only common interests retained by the different sections of "the Force" (Bikes, CID, Drugs, Fraud etc) are A)reporting to the Chief Officer and B) going to the canteen.

This is just one example of the catastrophic decisions you and your colleagues totally fail to scrutinise, let alone tackle.

Forget the £222M of capital project expenditure, which is a major boost to the economy and long overdue - as vast chunks will be for infrastructure maintenance that has been allowed to slip for years on end, especially in the area of States Housing, where buildings have deteriorated to being unfit for habitation.

The big issue is the ridiculous 12% rise in department budgets. What happened to the promised SAVINGS??? At a time of austerity, the States should be pegging department budgets to either no increases or percentage reductions, rather like most people's wages pan out these days. Just what do States members think they are accomplishing??

As the leader of States Scrutiny, Deputy Vallois, might I respectfully suggest that - instead of telling us all what we already know - you actually get on and stop the rot. Clearly the Council of Ministers has proved incapable of making sufficient cuts. Now is the time for Scrutiny Members to do what they are paid for.


Please explain your expert knowledge that allows you to state with confidence that a new police station is wholly unrequited.

Do you have intimate knowledge of the current facilities?

Do you have first hand experience of the logistics of working as a force out of the current facilities?

You talk of common interests of the different departments being to report to the chief officer and use the canteen this later comment shows that you have absolutely know idea what you are talking about so will take this point first. All of the departments you describe and others you have omitted work and exchange information on a daily basis working to the common interest of protecting life and property, prevention and detection of crime and bringing offenders to justice. When they get a chance they may use the other common interest the canteen.

As for the buildings they have to work from, in short they are woeful.

I am guessing from your post you are suggesting that current office facilities on the market could be used. Very minor matter of security externally and internally being required. Ingress egress for emergency vehicles. Oh and where do they put the bad guys and girls in their care?

Rejected Swain

'Please explain your expert knowledge that allows you to state with confidence that a new police station is wholly unrequited [sic]'

It's obvious. Someone is having a one sided love affair with the idea!


It great to see someone standind up to the Ministers. Its very disappointing that we are not seeing a cultural change, but this will never happen with our current Treasury Minister in place.

The increases over three years dwarf any CSR savings, therefore Tracey in right there will be tax increases in 2015, just after the Treasury ministers term of office expires.


Ministers don't approve the increase in spend, the States (including Tracy) does.


I'd add to that Tracy and say " HOPELESSLY " out of control....despite employing and then firing those to see it wasn't....corruption or ineptitude...whadyathink.


No surprise there, Philip the spin Ozouf is still at the controls. It all starts at the top and that includes the need for reform.

We need reform, not platitudes from our Chief Minister.

Davey West

Senator Bailhache should be put in charge of a committee of Ministers to oversee prudent spending in the States.

Then again maybe not.


old jersey girl

Why have we got a Public Accounts Committee if no one listens to them?. What the hell is this man Gorst doing?, is he charge of anything?, does he have any power?, the mans a puppet with someone else,s hand working ,he is spineless.

Mark g

The problem is not the civil servants spending money but the ministers! It's the ministers who ave been wasting the tax payers money....


Whatever, our states will continue to spend irresponsibly until the whole system is bought into line. The Chief Minister admits that he is not in control WTF! Either we have an effective system where the electorate have a true say or the island is doomed for it's ignorance and elitist approach to all things.

We can thank the likes of Frank Walker and his cronyist regime for where we are now. We should never have caved in to outside pressure on our tax status, it was never contrived but it did provide excelent revenue for the island. Look at the situation in the EU, the very experts who pressurised us to change cannot control their own economies how on earth did we allow them to influence ours. Oh of course there was a gong to be had!


And with the auditor and controller general forced out of office we have even less transparancy, checks or balances.Nothing is going to happen in the state sector until bankruptcy is declared. There are NO strong polititions capable of controlling our spend-thrift public administration and the endless empire building and cover-ups of department failure will go on and on.There is plenty to be proud of in this wonderful island but the key posts on which the communitys' well being depends are increasingly staffed by people we have no faith in.Sensible people just look on with mounting horror as the headlines keep coming.At the heart of our problems is the total lack of an enquiring media. There are no Jeremy Paxmans in this island.


What you really mean deputy is the civil service keeps growing at the expensive of the front line. All front services have been cut and more civil servants employed as managers to do the cutting. You should spell this out Tracey. Cut the top not the bottom.


I would have a cull of the top end management and re-allocate resources to the coal face where it appears all the cuts are being made. We need more nurses and the likes not pen pushers and time and motion watchers.


Wow is someone in the States finally getting what we have been saying for years?

Why should we, the taxpayer, pay the cost of all the overspending, misuse of public money and basically the 'head in the sand' attitude of the States members?

So long as this 'damned' recession doesn't affect them then why should they do anything about it?

People are struggling. Families can't afford to feed their families. People can't afford to live. Businesses are going to the wall every day.

What's the answer? PUT UP TAXES!!!

Nice one! That'll do it!!!!!


After announcing that they were going to curb the number of Credit Cards available to the civil servants the number actually ROSE!

Since announcing cost cutting in EVERY department expenidture has INCREASED!







Warren J

Had ITIS not been introduced, the States would now be reviewing their spending very carefully, because there would have been a mass protest by now about increased personal taxation, with people withholding their tax payments en mass !

Please exlain why States employees should have nice working facilities while the taxpayer has to scrimp and save, running old cars, going without holidays and family treats just so our States workers have the latest gizmos.

Finally, why do we need a new Police station, with an aging population, and falling crime rates, just why do we need it ????


"why do we need a new Police station"

Because the current one is not fit for use. Apparently.

Even young girls can escape..... :-)


Warren J

As you say, apparently !


It's a 50 year old building which was designed to be a school. Nothing apparent about it.


We 'need' a new police station because there are profits to be made in the redevelopment of the old premises.

the thin wallet

itis was a good coup on behalf of the treasury.

this taxpayer would of joined you in a revolt .

i am sure we are not alone .


Some points:

1. States expenditure currently exceeds income

2. States income now mainly relies on direct and indirect taxation raised from individuals.

3. Individuals' incomes have increased little since the start of the current recession and are unlikely to increase much in the next three years.

4. States income will therefore not increase much in next three years.

5. If states expenditure increses by 13% overthe next 3 years. The states will be running an ANNUAL dedicit of over £100m in three years time.


So in 3 years time they will be borrowing - because it has worked so well for Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy.........

So well in fact they have had to go cap hand to the EU and the IMF to bail them out - who will we have to grovel to when they have spent all the money and cannot borrow any more - Mr Cameron??


Do you really think our states COM will borrow money? Only POOR people borrow money.

There is no need anyway the cash cow that is the captive tax payer can still be milked for some dosh..


It can ONLY go to borrowing..they will not reign in spending and in fact are getting revved up to spend more than 300 million on a hospital,and we know from experience that it will overshoot the runway and half finished you cant leave it that way so more money will have to be spent...whose..yours and mine the Taxpayer will be the guarantor of the loans....the cavern,town park all these large capita sends go over loo at the incinerator which they have gone very quiet about ..why civil service and political incompetence and sculldugery...we have allowed ourselves to live in an " Ineptocracy " and yes before all the pedants reach feverishly for the key pad ...I know it's not a proper English word....but you fine well know what it means.


All part of the long term plan to incorporate us into the U.K.


At 4% per annum that is only just above RPI so not that much of a real increase but hey it makes a good story if you forget to mention that.

May be Tracy can tell us where this additional spend is going? Would it be a shock horror news story if it turns out that most of the additional spend (both inflationary and real) was going to support our health or education systems? Why should we not see real improvements in these areas?

Charlie David

It's been out of control for the past 30 years, now it's panic time.