Top chef not now coming to Jersey

AFTER months of speculation, it has been confirmed that celebrity chef Marco Pierre White will not be opening any restaurants on the Waterfront.

Marco Pierre White as he appeared in an advertisement around the Waterfront
Marco Pierre White as he appeared in an advertisement around the Waterfront

AFTER months of speculation, it has been confirmed that celebrity chef Marco Pierre White will not be opening any restaurants on the Waterfront.

And it is looking likely that the three restaurants, which had been due to open at Dandara’s Castle Quay flat development, will now become offices and a nursery.

This week two applications for Castle Quay were submitted to the Planning department. They include plans to change the use of a restaurant into a nursery – Organic Kids Ltd – and a proposal to change two restaurants into offices by Dandara Jersey Ltd.

Dandara’s press officer, Christine Holmes, said: ‘Castle Quay is a very important Waterfront destination and as such, it is imperative that the space is filled. We are therefore exploring alternative uses to keep our options open.

'We are in the final stages of negotiations with a restaurant operator, details of which will be available in the next three months. It is not Marco Pierre White.’

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Comments for: "Top chef not now coming to Jersey"


I believe it was mooted that these would be offices in the first place.

So much for the Dandard marketing material and its riviera living with michelin starred restaurants.

Any takers on a wager that states departments will be housed in these new offices?


I THINK we should have known,..... by the LOOK ON HIS FACE.

the thin wallet

we all guessed this when the banner went from the side of building .

the roumour was about , soon after the banner went up.


I know a few restaurants that are struggling


Winston Ng

I suggest in keeping with the quality atmosphere we already have on the Waterfront that a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Iceland would fit in well with that special ambience down there.

Bean About A Bit

I couldn't agree more. What could have been a very impressive and classy waterfront has been ruined with a swimming pool by the ocean, a cinema with a sea view, 2 tacky theme bars, a pizza hut and KFC.

And how much did we pay the clown who sanctioned all this.

James Cuddlington-Smyth

I say, damned impertinent of those Dan- Dare chappies, what?

I was looking forward to quaffing some local delicacies whilst being served by an imported worker from an ex Communist Bloc country.

One cannot envisage eating that Kentucky fried slop without gagging at the thought of it all!

The damned place should be used as target practise by those fine fellows at the TA barracks? Now where did I put my monacle?


While I have always thought that the TA was a waste of Jersey's money, (especially as we have no use for a defence force and couldn't rely on the British to come to our aid in the event of an invasion), I like your idea of a constructive use of their talent. I'd be happy for the States to spend a bit of money on ammunition. A bomb site would be an improvement.

Mulvie Le Phew

"Dandara’s press officer, Christine Holmes, said: ‘Castle Quay is a very important Waterfront destination and as such, it is imperative that the space is filled. We are therefore exploring alternative uses to keep our options open".

Translation this place is deader than Elvis and we're desperate to generate some revenue.

Residents were assured that other high quality restaurants were to remain, so KFC & Pizza Hut it is, I thought the place was radioactive did they fix it?


Nice one !

Pip Clement

They could have the first gated KFC in the world.

Entry only to Dandara key holders, an exclusive budget restaurant!


In comparison to the quality of Dandara's offering, KFC and Pizza Hut are high quality.


People have said on this forum that most of the flats are not sold, so not many customers for his restaurants.

Also the waterfront is not a nice location windswept and bleak unless it is a nice warm day with no wind.

Plus as we know with job losses and hard times there is not so much money to spend on expensive eating.

Mr Angry

I feel sorry for the people who purchased the apartments there as part of the selling point was that MPW would be opening restaurants, there would be retail outlets and a M & S etc and so far there is nothing and it look as if it is just going to be the usual apartments and offices. What a great use of our water front, we have an hotel that was voted the ugliest building in the UK and a block of flats that looks like the administration offices for the new incinerator. All this one of the best sites in Jersey.


I think the "ugliest in Britain" is due to the people of Jersey wanting to beat themselves up (or desperation to see something fail).

Whatever, I think it looks OK, perhaps not a Burj al Arab, but I always say "forget what it looks like from the outside, what's it look from the inside out?". And I was fortunate enough to have a couple of meetings there recently in the rooms looking over the marina - talk about a first class spot.

Agree though that it's hardly best use of space, perhaps needless really. All on the back of the Fief de la Fosse "scam" (some might call it that) that made someone locally even richer.


So you are happy that 100,000 people have to look at the eyesore because the few inside have a beautiful view.

Tony B

So the old saw applies. The good thing about being in the Waterfront? You don't have to look at it. :-)

make a meal of it

Gosh, we didn't see that coming!!

White Elephant

We finally had chance to make something of the Marina somewhere to go with entertainment, bars, coffee shops, restaurants. and now Offices!! Such imagination by Dandara.

One person pulls out and they give up.

the area will now fit in well with the Radisson.


Can't imagine why not....not


Epic marketing fail..

Jersey Joker

Jersey will get the worlds first Michelin starred KFC!

Dandara classic - their brochures should read.. "we promise you lots and deliver nothing".

false promises

That's unlike Dandara! Promote a property, sale it to be something it's not going to turn out to be... where have i seen this before hmmmmmm. oh yes, Spectrum.

My Opinion

The deal was a non-starter right from the outset. Most of the apartments are empty and others have been sold to off island residents as Dandara's other developments. Nothing Dandara does is for the benifit of the Island its to line the pockets of their shareholders back in Ireland.


Not Ireland anyway. They have no interests there. What would the logic be in bringing their profits from a 'tax haven' to a country with a 12.5% corporation tax?!


Dandara aren't Irish. Their HQ is actually in IOM. They are owned by an Irishman who has lived in IOM for most of his life.


This is but a continuation of all previous Dandara developments where they promise retail etc only to go for change of use down the line,why are we suprised.


surely its because there are no takers for the retail!? Im sure they would prefer to see a thriving retail hub in their developments!


They have been marketed as retail for nearly 3 years. Unfortunately not many takers hence why these units are now being marketed as other usages. It isn't Dandara's fault that retail is dead in the island. Blame 5% GST and Internet shopping.


Or the invisible VAT that is applied to everything.

jay. doe.

When i came over from u.k. to visit i thought how lucky your council tennants were to be living so close to the sea front in their little bunny hutch,s, i really did not know this was 1 of your big developement areas for the up and coming, you could do worse than have a look at the sovriegn harbour complex near eastbourne for some tips on how to develope a waterfront, and it does not smell like a toilet.

old jersey girl

Jersey has now very little to attract visitor,s now,the cheap booze is no more, no more cheap cigs, you can get all cheaper in the U>K now. No more reasonable guest houses, with a honest welcome, where you did not get ripped off.Very few places now to visit, that are affordable for a family, the one we did have where I live at Grouville the Pottery,s are no more, I must get asked at least three times a day already, where is the pottery,s, I tell them closed, houses are going to built there! they can not believe it, they say what else can we visit,round here I tell them there is still Gorey Castle but they better hurry, as I hear Dandara have been seen in the vicinty, I hear it has good sea views, that will look great surrounded with glass?


Not surprised he pulled out why would he put a restuarant there? anybody trying to get to it would have to battle through the passing tumbleweeds...

Tony B

Most locals couldn't afford to eat a Michelin starred resturaunt. And the tourists can't sfford to come to the Island. That leaves the bankers, who are fleeing in droves. Result, no buisness.

Dandara o Briain

Ba Jeebers!

Now you should by now dat the Irish are full of Blarney,or something smelling less sweet!


Why would we want a restaurant run by a man who openly condones the way bernard matthews ran his business and promotes it as healthy food - Good Riddance !!!


Haha "organic kids" + "the waterfront"


I'm sure it's nothing to do with the sign i see round there on the pavement "Buy 1 get ! free"

Pip Clement

The Castle Quay development was sold on the basis that residents could stroll from their world class waterfront flat to a shopping area where they could buy deli type goodies; baguette, pate, fresh fruit, etc for lunch, plus a copy of the Financial Times! :-)

Have a coffee and a croissant and then stroll back to the flat for a rest and leisurely lunch and a perusal of how their investments have faired and check out the car and goodie pages.

The evening could be spent at home, in your world class flat, natch!, or with friends at a Michelin starred restaurant that was part of the small and select Marco Pierre White empire in the exclusive development!

The reality is nothing like this!


While they watch the drunken teenagers throw rubbish around!

Tony B

In that case the term Ghetto comes to mind. Or maybe it was first thought at seeing it?

There is a car park in Catford South London. The first time I saw it it was terribly familiar. Then it dawned on me! It was exacataly like the gun dirctor tower at Noirmont! There is a similar block of flats in Greenwich, which dominates the skyline from the north. That reminds me of the Waterfront, it is known locally , due to the top line and colour as the Dog.. pile.

Gowing down

Jersey is finished the party is over!! get over it

Pip Clement

This is the brochure;

Judge it how you like!

Bean About A Bit

that actually looks quite nice. Where is it?

Pip Clement

Maybe in Dandara's tax efficient home in the Isle of Man?


I remember laughing when I first saw the marketing material for Castle Quays which showed a vibrant area featuring "European cafe society"-their words not mine.And I remarked to my husband that it will never happen and that they shouldn't be allowed to give false impressions to try and sell their flats.How do they get away with it???!!!

Tony B

They've tried to make Orpington where I live a 'Cafe Society ' town. hasn't worked either :-(

R B Bougourd

Oh, I don't know about that, Tony.

I sometimes go to a passable cafe just round the corner from you. Somewhat plasticky and often full of mums and brats but cheap. On second thoughts, I'll stick to 'passable' and probably pass it by next time!

I visit up to three cafés* a day in Jersey. Better value than restaurants.

* I'll give them an accent in Jersey as its not pronounced quite the same as in England.

Tony B

Right Mon V, on the other hand, I'd rather think of King Street hosting more than 2 dozen cafes, various payday loan shops, Cash Convertors Mc Donalds , bokkies, and charity shops. Though I'm certain some ex Dandara person must have be involved in the recent 'improvements'.:-)

Mr. Creosote

In today's austere times a restaurant where the haves can spend an ordinary family's weekly shopping budget on gluttony is immoral anyway.

Cleveland Brown

Castle Quay, haven't they sold well.... Not. The most overpriced pathetically small properties I have seen.


If there was a competition for the worst Architectrial mess in the world then Jersey would win it.

The Thinker

What has always made me smile about the project is that there is no mention of the constant south westerly winds nor that wonderful summer seaweed smell.

The entire Water Front project has been an unmitigated diaster from start to finish. Some people got extremely rich - the rest of us have to suffer for years and years ahead with the unsightly mess that has been built.

Surely it is now time to reflect on this fiasco and put procedures into place whereby it cannot be repeated.

On no, the States believed that WEB did such a fine job in the area that with a new name and new remit they can now do it across the rest of the island - and they wonder why so many good people are leaving.

the curse of russo russo

"Reflect on this fiasco"?

Why not have a full investigation, including a forensic examination of the bank accounts of all politicians and leading civil servants over the last 20 odd years involved in this "fiasco"?

Because what we have got is so awful, I want to know whether we have the most incompetent decision makers in the world or whether there have been some corrupt ones. It would be nice to know.


My understanding of the waterfront fiasco -

States 'we need somewhere to dump rubbish, let dump it at La Collette. Oh, we need somewhere else to dump rubbish, let's dump it over the wall in St Aubin's bay'

Fast forward. 'Oh we have a big pile of rubbish - what shall we do with it - Lets build 'much needed' cinemas, flats etc'

Hence the ugly mess we now have down there, no plan, and as said above someone no doubt has made shed loads of cash out of it.

Pip Clement

Sadly this is not that far from the truth.

The Waterfront is less the result of a strategic plan and more the result of a muddled attempt to find a use for an asset that should be valuable but seems to absorb money rather than generating it.

From the Le Pas Holdings debacle to the Aquasplash mess via the nightclub fiasco and more.

The Waterfront is a case study in how the States fail this island over and over again. No clear objectives or budget control, responsibility and decision making is diffuse.

Iona Toole

To paraphrase a certain ex-senator - It's the waterfront you deserve!

Jersey, you vote for people who do all this. When will you learn?


It's heartbreaking. They had a blank canvas at the Waterfront and this is the best they can come up with!


I think this was a crafty plan to boost employment.

First build a load of rubbish buildings, providing employment for European Union nationals, then, 20 years later, knock them down, so employing all their out of work descendants as there is no room to build anywhere else on the island.

Then we can start all over again at great cost to the local populace, (who probably will have little connection with Jersey.


Just think that originally these were meant to be 12-15 storeys high!!

Anyone else noticed you can no longer see Elizabeth castle and Noirmont from Wellington Road.


The waterfront is something nice for the kids though ay, all kids love pizza hut and KFC and swimming and watching movies!!

I also love KFC and movies so no complaints there!!

I think it is typical and funny that he isn't coming over. Jersey is "a dying god coming into human flesh"

Soon it will be just a cling on of the UK and be littered with immigra... oh wait, it already is!

Meanwhile the States sit and collect their salaries, look after their own interests and care very little about the (dying out) local community.

Why don't we just call it Pol-tugal, give everyone with a residence address free benefits and be done with it..

Excuse me whilst I go bring up my lunch (Jersey Potteries soup, 11/10)!!!


Jersey,Life enriching....for a few...not most and clearly now the bird has flown not enough for him...we can't afford Michelin Tyres never mind resaturants..we are getting the remould version of everything now...and what a farce from day one...the Les Pas scandal over the land...cost the Taxpayer,the nightclub complex that looks like an Eastern European tractor factory....operated for no rent ..when it was due folded....cost the Taxpayer...a colossal cost to the Taxpayer ...gain to the Taxpayer Zilch ,Nada,nothing..crappy overpriced cinema and Pizza...soul less.nil character .Oh and overpriced horrid flats that look tired already...and the Hotel with the worst building award...really Jersey could you have gotten it more wrong.oh hang on collosal cost amphibians that are designed to go in fresh water location...ah put 'em in the sea the mug punters can pick up the tab......

Healthy eater

'we can’t afford Michelin Tyres never mind resaturants..'

I try to eat only unsaturated fats, Zoro.

Nice to know that there are places where we health freaks could go to redress the balance!


A few months ago there was a planning app in the JEP from Dandara to change the use of space at Castle quay from retail to... you guessed it YET MORE FLATS.

a proposal to change two restaurants into offices by Dandara Jersey Ltd.

THEN! what happens when all the offices on the Esplanade are built...a proposal to change offices into you guessed it YET MORE FLATS by Dandara Jersey Ltd.


It is like the hotels converting into self catering apartments. Then 3 years down the line announcing there is no demand and applying for change of use to ... flats.

The planning department does not see it tho.

3500 empty properties and we still build more. Supply and demand keeps economies going not just supply, supply, supply.

going forever

Jersey is totally screwed and no one knows what to do with the place.

Recipe for Disaster

Here is my Recipe for Disaster:

1 half baked idea

1 Iconic Cohen

1 Kuhne

1 unwanted construction company

5 Local residents

In a prime location take the half baked idea and mix in the Cohen. Water down the Kuhne to about 25% its original consistency and then add the unwanted construction company. Mix thoroughly. Add in some foreign unskilled labour and sprinkle with the 5 Local Residents. Garnish with a pack of lies.

If desired add 200 real estate investors for some foreign flavour.

Best served on a hot summers day with the smell of greasy food, rotting seaweed and chlorine.


Could not have put it better .....

elvis stalin

Time to start seizing property from the idiots responsible for this mess. Just to think, we paid millions to Les Pas just so the States could retain the right to destroy the island themselves.

Traitors should be imprisoned and their assets seized.


I think more worrying must be the SOJDC previously WEB who seem to want to acquire, without fee one of the last remaining "Town" car parks and develop into more offices or accomodation units.

As for the conversion of the acclaimed restaurants, bars and boutique shops promised by this iconic, World class development, into office space then I doubt anyone is the least bit surprised.

A pity for the buyers and would be's that were expecting all this luxury dining and retail, maybe ask the legals to look at your contract to purchase.

What next will we now see a Tesco on the old Sabrina / Zanzibar site.

Life Enriching Eh?

Tony B

At least Tesco is cheaper than Waitrose.

The Thinker

The States of Jersey have control over two key matters. Planning - there needs to be a thorough review of what has happened over the last 25 years and all the mistakes that have occurred. Mistakes that have cost the tax payer vast sums of money and mistakes which have desecrated various parts of the Island. Secondly they need to look again at exactly what is going on with SOJDC - WEB was an utter failure in terms of what it delivered. The only good thing about WEB was that it was limited to the Waterfront. SOJDC - son of WEB call it what you will is a different beast altogether as it can ruin any part of the Island. Why do we have it - what's its function - what safe guards have been put in place from the lessons learnt at the Waterfront ?

The role of the States is surely to create the right environment for business to thrive not dabble in areas where they have no knowledge.

If you are in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging - not call in a JCB !!!!!!

Plastick bean

Brilliant comments as usual? Why would anyone in there right mind try to open a business here with there own money,create jobs,pay tax,social,knock on business for a multitude of smaller local businesses who by the way keep there heads firmly down but don't mind taking the Dandara hogwash!

Jon James

i doubt people bought there apartments there for the restaurant as alot where purchased on plan i believe before word of any restaurants jersey's 9x5 food is never very far. i know a few people who live at cq and are happy with it & happy with dandaras services so suck it up you negative beans most developers would tell you do go away if you went back to them with snags.