Plea of not guilty to murder

Damian Rzeszowski has admitted killing six people in Jersey last summer but has denied murder.

Damian Rzeszowski
Damian Rzeszowski

Damian Rzeszowski has admitted killing six people in Jersey last summer but has denied murder.

At a short hearing in Jersey’s Royal Court this afternoon, he pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He will face trial in August.

Rzeszowski is accused of murdering his wife Izabela (30), his children Kinga (6) and Kacper (2), as well as his father-in-law, Marek Gartska (56), and family friend Marta de la Haye (34) and her five-year- old daughter Julia.

The six were killed at the flat that Rzeszowski shared with his wife and children at Victoria Crescent in Upper Clarendon Road on Sunday 14 August 2011.

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