Population still public’s No 1 concern

POPULATION control is the main concern of Islanders who have submitted their views on what the States’ priorities should be during the next three years, the Chief Minister has said.

Population growth is the main concern of Islanders
Population growth is the main concern of Islanders

POPULATION control is the main concern of Islanders who have submitted their views on what the States’ priorities should be during the next three years, the Chief Minister has said.

In January the Council of Ministers announced the first draft of their Strategic Plan, which set six key areas to be addressed: getting people into work, managing population growth and immigration, reforming Health and Social Services, housing the community, reforming government and the public sector, and developing long-term planning.

They then asked people to let them know whether these priorities were the right ones or whether anything was missing from the plan.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst said that the public consultation had been an important part of shaping the States’ policy for the next three years. ‘It has been very interesting to hear the views of the many Islanders who have responded to this consultation,’ he said.

‘Most respondents have expressed broad agreement with the six priorities we proposed, with the majority citing population control as their main concern.'

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Comments for: "Population still public’s No 1 concern"


Get the population / immigration sorted out and, to some degree, unemployment will inevitably come down. Just don,t hand out licences to builders, shops and hotels etc. willy-nilly, make them employ local people and make the local people accept these jobs or stop their benefits. Obviously some won,t be able to manage on the lower salaries but surely a kind of "top-up" on their salary would be better than paying out full benefits??

Sort it!

Totally agree, we do need immigrants in the Island, I am one myself and love this place dearly. However immigration must be controlled so how about a simple visa system and control the borders properly. I cannot understand why there is not some sort of control on the immigrant workers on the rock. I work in the middle east in small countries but they all have effective immigration control to avoid the situation that we have here. It also generates a substantial amount of money, my last residency visa cost ovet 4K and you had to be medically screened before entering the country thus eliminating the sick who come over for the healthcare. I am not holding up the middle east as an example of the right way to treat immigrants as they do not have the same employment laws as here but they could maybe show us how to limit numbers.

Shut The Door - NOW

Ok tell us something we don't know - question is what are you going to do about it? More to the point what can you do about it, is it unlawful to prevent people coming here to work, if not then lets get some legislation in place ASAP.

The horse has bolted tbh but some action too late is better than none.


Put a couple of rats in a box..they'll get along comfortably...keep adding rats ...and soon they'll start eating each other...if your own home is overcrowded...relief when someone goes...the island does not have infinite space or resources...already we have some 3 peole sleeping in one room...time to stop and digest what we have for some time to come.


Fine, people have had their say but are our notoriously deaf government going to DO anything????


"notoriously deaf government"

More to the point, having voted for Ian Gorst, I have come to realize he says much and does very little. However better than Ozouf.

A notoriously deaf Chief Minister.


I would however say that Gorst lifting the lid on the golden handshakes and corrupt government we have had in the past means he is more worthy of a knighthood than either Walker or Le Sueur who have been rewarded for screwing this island and its population into the ground.

old jersey girl



It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone that population is still the public's main concern. Perhaps the JEP headline should have read "POPULATION STILL PUBLIC'S NO. 1 CONCERN; POLITICIANS STILL NOT LISTENING"


just reading the late news ...President Sarcozy of France has announced tonight that there are too many immigrants in France and its time to shut the doors.When will Jersey wake up and smell the coffee.


David Warr owns Coopers Coffee, also works in the Chamber of Commerce, he is also gung ho that we 'need' all these immigrants.. I think he has problems with his sense of smell.. In fact does anyone local work with him??!!!


I think the caffeine has totally addled his wits he imports brazillian and columbia beans!

Not a Jersey one in sight!


It is time to make laws that suit our needs - not those of others. The social housing crisis will worsen, as in the next few years many immigrants from Eastern Europe will gain their housing qualifications and those with children will no doubt be prioritised. Also,

the time has come for the introduction of photographic ID cards - so we know who exactly is in out our Island!


'so we know who exactly is in our Island'


To Comment 1. S - Dear S will you please stand for office - I for one will vote for your, someone with good ideas, making sensible suggestions - this sort of basic commonsense is unknown to our States members -well done you!!!

Local guy

A agree strongly. I am a local guy and have lived in Jersey all my life I have witnessed many changes over the years but never so much as those witnessed in the past 5 years relating to immigration and population growth. I remember when Jersey cared about its local people and appeared to pride itself on tradition and local values but feel this has all been lost. I feel Jersey has turned into a financial district concerned only with fiscal budgets. I strongly agree that if immigration is controlled vacancies in the job market will increase. Why not introduce capping on property valuations too?

1. Listen to the general public, the local people who live here know the island better than you think

2. Address immigration control

3. Address housing issue (for example a house is circa 400K ? not everyone is a Accountant or Doctor earning 40K+ each, Remember when a person purchased a house because they wanted a home ? and not just for an investment purpose.

Never do i like hearing a person say I would like to start a family but I just cannot afford one as I cannot afford a home or to provide for one. I family is not an object to be obtained like a car or house.

A life not fully lived is a life full of regrets.

(Male 30) Jersey

Jersey person and jolly proud of it too

Jersey people are now second class citizens in their own island.

That problem is, of course, most prominent in the employment market. It is getting to the stage where a Jersey person's best tactic might be to pretend that he or she was born outside the island and has only recently arrived here. The employers will then look much more favourably on the candidate.

Of course, no Jersey person would sell out his or her heritage in that way.

It is, nonetheless, absurd and very sad indeed that the Jersey government has not only allowed, but has actively encouraged, such a pernicious form of discrimination to take hold.


Hopefully the new racial discrimination law will outlaw the kind of discrimination against Jersey people which we all know about yet are presently powerless to stop.

That said, we should be careful to make sure that any such law does not end up being selectively applied as in the UK- over there, the discrimination laws only work in one direction. Once again, we all know what that direction is!

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

It's more likely that the new racial discrimination law will criminalise speaking out against mass-immigration.


"It’s more likely that the new racial discrimination law will criminalise speaking out against mass-immigration."

That is precisely the point. The laws are most often used to stifle freedom of expression and to subjugate the countrymen of the host state. It has, in popular parlance, "gone the other way".

We are beginning to see that here in our island and it is difficult, even in the wake of any anti-discrimination law, to envisage the traditionally weak courts upholding the rights of the Jersey people. They are far more likely to exercise the liberal cowardice that has destroyed england.

Leah Holmes

I agree that there are some people employing low-wage staff who have the "Jersey-born = lazy" attitude, but you've taken this a bit far. For people applying for higher level jobs being born in Jersey makes no difference, it is their CV showing years of hard work that matters.

There does appear to be some discrimination but people shouldn't make it more than what it is.

John Wayne is big leggy

All racial discrimination is wrong, the more so when it is directed against the people of Jersey in whose island you are currently permitted to remain.

It is a massive problem for the Jerseyman and woman, so it should not be minimised. Jersey people tend to underplay the situation in stoical silence, but the position is changing and will change further as the problem becomes more acute.

Being born in Jersey might not matter to an immigrant like yourself because, apart from the clear ignorance of such a viewpoint, it would suit any incomer to present that argument. Perhaps you should review your position in remaining within Jersey and among its people.


Lets copy the Isle of Man PLEASE.

No benefits for the first five years.

This includes holiday, sick, maternity etc.

No work without a permanent address, no address without a job.

Problem solved.


Totally agree, no one should get any handouts, including child benefit if they have not paid for 5 years - that includes local never worked baby producers.

Social security seem prepared to hand out cards like confetti


That's what we already have!

Parktown Prawn

Sarkozy has suggested for France:

Benefits only to those who have been resident for at least 10 years....BUT....they MUST have worked for at least 5 years.

How about that SOJ?


SOJ and the the Jobs centre are still advertising roles with "5 years residency not required"... EVERY job should now have that included on it by law especially the SOJ..

Leah Holmes


Why don't we just go totally backwards and reintroduce slavery?

I take it you're entirely happy for us immigrants to contribute towards the benefits paid out to some Jersey people who have never attempted to get a job in their lives but are happy to just pop out kids left, right and centre?

We don't get benefits for 5 years anyway. Holidays are a contractual right. And if you don't want us getting the benefits that we have contributed towards even after the 5 years then cut our contributions.


What's with the "we"? As you say, you're an immigrant so the "we" must be the royal one or you're talking about wherever you come from.

I certainly wouldn't want immigrants to contribute towards our social security benefits here- on the other hand, it would be ideal (a win-win in fact) if they did so in their own country while remaining there! As has been said before- if it's so awful, why stay here??!

old jersey girl

My head hurts from banging it on a brick wall!!!

No Faith

It seems most of the time, when population is discussed, people go on about immigration. Immigration is just one part of the population problem. IMHO, the more important part is controling the chavs who reproduce like rabbits to get more and more benefits from Social that we hard working folk pay for. If you do not contribute to society, never work, never pay social and never pay tax, then you deserve nothing. You certainly do not deserve to bring more chavs into our world thank you very much. Forced sterilisation for chavs please government.

Parktown Prawn

Forced sterilisation? Don't be ridiculous!

However, I believe being a parent is a privilege and not a RIGHT, therefore, why not have children on licence?

This way the state can monitor those who are RESPONSIBLE enough, both financially and also in a nurturing, caring way.

Not only would this help to reduce dependency on the state, but it might also encourage better family lives for the children to grow up in....instead of being left to their own devices because their parents are either still kids themselves, only had the children for a "meal ticket" or are simply unfit to be parents.

no faith

Chavs don't understand what a licence is. They also wouldn't care if they did. "yeh but no but yeh but no but, I didn't know I needed a licence to have a baby, and well now it's too late as I'm in labour". Sorry but in this day and age, the only way to stop someone from doing something they shouldn't do is to make it impossible.

Leah Holmes

No-one likes comments about forced sterilisation, most people object even to reversible sterilisation, but you are right that something has to be done, and if that even just means financially discouraging people from having kids then fine.

To my mind one option might be to make it clear that if you are not in a position to provide for your child (either by yourself, or by your parents looking after you and the child) then the child will get taken into care.

Again it sounds harsh, but since society is no longer allowed to 'frown-upon' single parents or young mums it seems that there is absolutely nothing discouraging people from being totally irresponsible and all sorts of things ENcouraging them.


An open door policy is not good for the workforce in the island but it is great for businesses as it forces local wages down, which benefits not the worker (whether island born or newly arrived) but it greatly benefits the employers who see their wealth accumulate a lot quicker. Meanwhile most of the rest get poorer and poorer.

This is basic supply and demand economics. The workers need to realise this and do something about it. A race to the bottom doesn't benefit society as a whole but only a select few.

Reduced wages means reduced tax take, reduced consumption in the local economy, reduced infrastructure like hospitals and schools etc etc. it is not good for society full stop. When most of the politicians in charge are rich and/or business owners it comes as no surprise to me that things have been allowed to evolve as they have.

The majority of the electorate who the workers need to get in the sorts who will be more interested in society as a whole instead of select parts. If they don't things will only get worse and worse for them. Fancy big pot holes in the roads, cuts in elderly care, cuts in health care, etc etc you know what to do carry on as you have done and don't vote. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Life Enriching? Not for the vast majority who are seeing their aspirations trampled into the dust by the government. My grandad would turn in his grave if he could see the mess Jersey has become over the last 40 years. A long list of expletives wouldn't do it justice as far as I am concerned.


All the islands woes boil down to one problem - too many people.

How about paying them to go away? The states like doing that for the high earners.. if we gave £1k as an incentive fpr people to return to their native land we could reduce the population by 500 for the price of one Ogilvy (a new financial term an Ogilvy = 500k)

Parktown Prawn


Simply restrict entry and return those "unqualified" who have no way to support themselves.

Pass a law for EVERY company to have a certain percentage of locally "qualified" employees.

(locally "qualified" = natives, long term residents and those LEGALLY allowed to be here)

Alternatively.....pay the "locally qualified" to get off this god forsaken rock and move somewhere more desirable.....£200k each should be enough to get us started!!!


Another way would be to make any employer employing immigrant staff liable for their welfare costs should they get rid of them for whatever reason and they can't find another job.

This would cut down on the immigration levels as employers would think twice before going for the minimum wage option as it could cost them dear long term.

This would also help remove some of the welfare burden from the taxpayer.

Another way would be for all new arrivals to pay a fee for the right to come in, say £10k per person. This could go into a pot to pay for any of the new arrivals should they fall on hard times.

However the most obvious would be to have an Ozzie style immigration policy of cherry picking the most useful people to come into the country, who they know will be the most likely to succeed and increase the wealth of the country, and not end up being a drain on resources.

Leah Holmes

Ha ha ha ha, you have to be kidding. Do Jersey people have to pay up front to live in the UK?

Didn't think so!

Should my partner have to pay £10k for the audacity of not wanting to settle down with a fellow 'Jersey-person'? Do you really want a return to inbreeding, because the population still isn't high enough to sustain inbreeding without it creating medical problems.

And I'm not criticising Jersey here, everywhere has inbreeding in its past, but most places don't choose to return to it once it's gone.

Leah Holmes

Jersey people wouldn't want to live in the UK- look at the state of the place. Inbreeding loonies is rife in some places there it seems.

I like to refer to Jersey as such because I am one of the many who like to come here and then to insult the place and its people.


Leah everyone is inbred from a very small group of something like 12-18 distant ancestors, you, me and the rest of the human species.

I see no problem with the UK charging for people to come in. What would be wrong with that?

If I wanted to go and work elsewhere I certainly wouldn't expect to turn up unanounced pick up a card and be able to get work. You wouldn't be able to do this in Oz.

I have just pointed out that should employers want to bring in workers why shouldn't they be responsible for them? At present they can import them and dump them at their whim. If these people are unable to find alternative work they can then end up as a burden on the state.

The state has enough problems paying for people already living here when they lose their jobs and can't find another job.

Leah why is your workplace so essential to Jersey? I'm sure everyone else has a similar high opinion of their business. Nothing and no one is irreplacable.

From what you are saying it appears you run your business with foreign staff. What is the reason for this? Is it poor pay, perceived as bad for the social status of those doing it? There must be a reason that you can't get island staff.

Parktown Prawn

I like your ideas Mario....unfortunately they are too sensible for the likes our "leaders" !

Leah.....considering Jersey is part of the British Isles, I would suggest Mario's ideas wouldn't apply to nationals from that region.

Please explain how you think the workplace would struggle......the remaining % could be for the specially skilled or those where the local employment market cannot provide the required candidate/specialised skills for the job.

A lot of people seem to underestimate the skills and knowledge that IS available in Jersey already......to me, it is just a cop out that the opposite is used as an excuse for employing mostly from outside the island especially when we all know the real reason is for cheaper labour!

Let's be honest here....there are lots and lots of jobs which are unskilled where employers have favoured (cheaper?) foreign labour above the local applicants.

However, this tactic is now beginning to bite these employer's in the backside...because service has plummeted and consumers have sought alternative outlets for their purchases.

What I do not understand is....in this pathetic age of namby pamby, health and safety types, wrapping people up in cotton wool......why has nobody considered the dangers of employing hordes of foreign labour who do not understand the native tongue?

Maybe this is why a lot of traffic accidents are caused by foreigners....because they don't understand road signs/markings?

Imagine the health and safety issues working with somebody who couldn't understand you, whilst operating heavy and/or dangerous equipment!!

The BASIC requirement for ANYBODY working in a particular region should be to understand the LANGUAGE.....that includes the Scots ;-)

Leah Holmes

Our workplace would struggle if you introduced a law meaning we had to employ a set minimum percentage of locally qualified people. And our workplace is essential to the running of the island!

Also, we are all legally allowed to be here if we are registered with social security etc.

Leah Holmes

We should pass a law for EVERY company to have a certain percentage of locally “qualified” employees. Otherwise go back to whence one came.

(locally “qualified” = natives, long term residents and those LEGALLY allowed to be here)

roger wing

Affordable Homes, Jobs for the locals this is what is required, building homes that the local population cannot afford to buy or rent on a grand scale is not the answer. The island cannot sustain a population growth that is out of control, both in services and employment. Jersey was once descibed as a floating bank with 20,000 alcoholics clinging to it, Jersey needs these financial institutions but it also needs infrastructure and support for those who have nothing better to do than get wrecked on drink and drugs. Sort Fort Regent out, increase budgets for Tourism, help the locals and school leavers into work of a meaningful nature with prospects.

Leah Holmes

Roger, non-locals can't afford the houses either so I'm not sure how house-pricing will help. The only people that can afford houses here are the very rich or those that inherited them, unsurprisingly they include locals (and a good number of them).

Anyone coming from outside Jersey is really going to struggle to afford to buy a house here given that even selling their own house back home will barely give them a deposit on a house here.


"Anyone coming from outside Jersey is really going to struggle to afford to buy a house here given that even selling their own house back home will barely give them a deposit on a house here."

Well, I for one think that that would be a brilliant outlook for Jersey people- if only it were true :(


With inheritence unless the property is worth a million or two and you are an only child then what you get may be nothing more than a reasonable deposit for a rabbit hutch. Most Jersey people contrary to believe do not own large tracts of land and farms, only a very small minority do. I think you'll find that a large chunk of this properties are now owned by rich incomers.

Local prices are affected by demand, let lots of people in and the price naturally goes up. The population can't just keep going up like it has been allowed over the last 50 years, it is unsustainable. By allowing this all the states have done is pump up a very large bubble over time, which, when it goes off, will have a much larger impact than what it would have, if things hadn't have been given free reign. It is akin to pouring petrol on a bonfire. It only prelongs the inevitable.

Since Jersey has become more and more engrossed in the Anglo-Saxon addiction to capitalism and consumerism the quality of life has plummeted along with the environment and peoples' mental health. Alcohol and drug addiction soar in these circumstances.

In places like Hawaii you are unable to buy unless you are born there. The market is therefore restricted.

old jersey girl

Good maybe they will go home then??


My goodness! If only that would happen. Then we could have our island back. Here's hoping and praying for the new dawn.


It has to be said that you can't put a pint in a half pint pot..A policy of Tax and spend is disastrous as we have seen,Mr Ozoufs economic model is hopelessly flawed...just allowing mass immigration on the basis that he can tax more people ...then of course spend it on all sorts of nonsense non jobs ,hiring assorted Xperts...consultation papers that then gather dust as they probably indicated the actual right way forward...for a few years now Jersey has balked on doing the right thing, our unique and beautiful environment which was sacrosanct and our main selling point fir Tourists has been bastardised by monstrosities like the hideously out of sync Portelet development, the destruction of the old Railway station at Corbiere,and now space age looking flats above the old Seacrest site...all wrong...nothing cute or Jersey about these things ,nothing in keeping with the existing surroundings,big money being made without care for nature...just awful..we do not want to be or look like Benidorm...and each must lobby and resist the rot if we are to retain and retrieve that which made the place attractive to others originally and which we love....Stop it now.email/phone your Deputy Senator and ask for action their emails and phone numbers are in the front of the phone book..you are the electorate you have rights ...excercise them.whydontcha.