Senator Maclean keeps Economic Development

Senator Alan Maclean has been re-elected as Minister for Economic Development.

Senator Alan Maclean
Senator Alan Maclean

Senator Alan Maclean has been re-elected as Minister for Economic Development.

He beat challenger Deputy Mike Higgins by 38 votes to 12. Senator Maclean, who has held the post for the past three years, was proposed by Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

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Comments for: "Senator Maclean keeps Economic Development"


Clanger Maclean has been a disaster in this position especially for small buisness,despite having appealed to him he still lets weekend traders into the island who cream off local buisness,pay not one penny tax,social etc then bugger off sunday night it is a disgrace over which he has presided and done F***K all about.


Why oh why oh why in our hour of need of economic development was this guy reappointed? He is a complete waste of time. So too his his department.

But hey not to worry we can have more breakfast seminars at the Raddison to discuss.


Have to agree with 1 & 2. I have to say I rate him the same as the big O.

I must admit I had to laugh when I heard the big O asking Higgins if he knew much about economics and he replied that yes he did and that he knew more than Ozouf did.


The headline misses the final word 'subdued'

I don't know how bad you have to be at your job to lose it but Nick Corbel now has a great example to point to.

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