National Trust backs bid to extend national parkland

THE National Trust for Jersey has backed calls to increase the size of a proposed national park to protect more of the coast from development.

THE National Trust for Jersey has backed calls to increase the size of a proposed national park to protect more of the coast from development.

The organisation is supporting Senator Francis Le Gresley’s plans to extend the boundary of the coastal national park.

The draft Island Plan, which will form planning policy in Jersey for the next ten years, proposes that the park includes the lowland area behind St Ouen’s beach, the north- and south-coast cliffs, the offshore reefs at the Paternosters, the Dirouilles, the Ecréhous and the Minquiers and substantial parts of the valleys leading to Grève de Lecq and near St Catherine.

Senator Le Gresley wants the park – which would give areas in Jersey the highest level of protection from development – to include Mourier Valley in St Mary, La Commune de Gouray in Grouville (specifically all of the land to the east of Rue à Don and Gorey Village main road, including the area of dunes to the east of Longbeach car park), the site of the former Pontins holiday camp on the Plémont headland and north coast agricultural land.

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Comments for: "National Trust backs bid to extend national parkland"


Is this before or after we try and get people to clear up after their dogs, the only large open area where you can walk and not get dogs**t on your shoes is at the low water mark !!!


" Mogit really do have a point...I would like to see animals using the beach as a toilet outlawed full stop.what if all the people thought it was o.k. to go down to the beach and take a crap...?

Responsible Dogowner

Mogit & Truthseeker.

As a responsible dog owner who walks his dog on the beach every day I couldn't agree more with your comments. If you think about it the people most likely to get dog mess on their shoes are other dog owners as we walk where dogs frequent.

I carry an attachment on my lead that holds doggie pooh bags in rolls of 50, they cost a penny each, there's no excuse for not picking up after your dog. I now remove and wash my shoes before entering the house as I'm sick of finding a trail of dog sh*t on my lounge carpet because some lazy bas*ard can't be arsed picking up after their dog.

What do these people think, the tidy washes it away? yes and it washes it back in again you dozy tw*t, it's about time the £500 fine was enforced with owners being named and shamed.

Not just the beach either, around town, it only takes a few who never pick up and the amount of mess piles up.

Only enforcement and naming and shaming of individuals will stop this.

And if I may engage in a rant, dog owners - DO NOT let your dogs off the lead on the beach unless you have established reliable recall. Not all dog owners want their dogs to be approached, mine's a rescue and she doesn't get along with other dogs - fine as we don't let her approach but we can't stop your dog from approaching. Please exercise some common sense, if you see me shouting your dog off and waving my arms while desperately trying to walk my dog in the opposite direction I am not issuing a welcome for your dog to approach.

I swear you could take an intelligence test from either end of the lead with these people with no appreciable difference in score.

Mike R

My immediate reaction on seeing the headline was "of course they do". Its like "States Employees Reject Redundancies" or "Turkeys Vote Against Christmas".

Perhaps next week we should ask the public if they want to decrease GST?


The Real Crown jewels of the Island are it's natural beaurty which if preserved would serve generation after this fast changing world...stability is wealth...and with nature and the environment....nothing could be more important...why do people want to come here..? Simply it is Beautiful with bonuses...Look at the destruction wrought by Cohen the Barbarian with his self decived ideas...Environmental carnage..That must never ever be allowed again..Portelet serves as a dreadfully painful lesson of how to frighteningly quickly reduce what we have right down to nothing.


It s about time.

Jersey was about to become Dandara s playground.


7 - what do you mean become Dandara's playground - they have been allowed to build whatever they want where ever they want for years - where do they get the money from?

We have a dog and always pick up her poo where ever we go. What I object to is the non degradable rubbish that the large human population throws into every road, hedge and other few remaining areas of countryside.

I spend time cycling and one small road I go down has plastic bags of rubbish, bottles, some broken, beer cans etc thrown everywhere.

The Parishes have no interest in getting this picked up.

Have you no care for how this Island is treated - if not go somewhere else.