Ted Vibert quits JDA

FORMER Senator Ted Vibert has quit the Jersey Democratic Alliance because he says the party has drifted too far to the left.

FORMER Senator Ted Vibert has quit the Jersey Democratic Alliance because he says the party has drifted too far to the left.

Six years after founding the party he now says that he will stand in the October Senatorial elections as an independent candidate, and has criticised his former colleagues for their left wing views and their refusal to do any work.

‘I have always intended it to be a centrist party, not a left-wing party,’ he said.

‘It is a great shame because it is a party I founded and I bitterly regret that it has gone that way.

It has been a big decision for me because I have worked very hard for the last six months to try to portray the JDA in the way that I think it should be portrayed.'

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Comments for: "Ted Vibert quits JDA"


he says the party has drifted too far to the left?

Amazing! Most people spotted that years ago and stay well clear of Red Geoff.


So what Ted's saying is that either:

1) he's jumping ship and back tracking on his principles because he prefers his chances as an independent, or

2) he had no idea that the JDA are, and always were left of centre?



After the JDA standing against Stuart Syvret I will never never vote for them again that includes Ted Vibert traitors to the working man in Jersey that wants change !!!!!!!!!!!!

brian cant

why do we give vibert any publicity? when he got in the states last time he achieved nothing and then stood down for reasons never fully explained. isn't it time he took up a hobby - standing in st helier getting people to make up imaginary names for pointless petitions is no way for a man to live.

David Rotherham

Interesting! And there was I thinking it was Ted's fault the party lurched to the left just after he rejoined and sold it to Unite. Sorry, Ted.


Ted is a wiley bird ..like him or not I would not underestimate him...and reckon he'll get in again...and goodness knows we need some Ozo opposition.

John Rambo


I doubt it. He has had his day and was proved a failure.

Who in their right mind would vote for him now??


The main problem has alwys been Southern and his extreme loony left ideas that would never work in Jersey. His views tarnish those who are trying to stand up to our current out of touch ministers.


This party were always a bit of a joke. The only good thing they did was to turn against Syvret. Apart from that, they are seen as a long running joke on the political front. Now there is only Geoff the joke left.


I've seen less petty squabbling at children's parties than I have from this party over the years. And they expect the voters to take them seriously !

Other Mike

Has been known for shameless JDA-ites to go independent to get elected, and then rejoin afterwards.

Or not rejoin but continue to spout their dogmatic drivel, as if they never left.


Can you please quit politics altogther. After your behaviour towards a certain business in First Tower you have lost all my respect, as the respect of others I know. If putting people out of work and putting more of a strain on the already failing benefit system is your idea of good politics then no thank you. Youve had your time Mr Vibert and you really have shown us nothing new, you only reiterate the attitudes of the Jersey Old Boys'..........Jersey needs change.

XVth International

I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again - the JDA was NEVER a left movement.

I find it amusing that we have seen capitalism exposed for the morally bankrupt philosophy that it is - yet people remain brainwashed by the system that has failed them.You are paying the price and you had better wake up.


Well this time I support Ted Vibert and I hope he gets back into the States we need people like him


Well done Ted you have my vote.

It is the best thing you ever did leaving the JDA. They are too far left and want to spend tax payers hard earned money on lazy good for nothing scroungers.

We need more independents like you.

Good luck at the election.

UK Student

So it is just Geoff Southern on his own then? Doesn't really constitute a party in that case.

Nick - St martin

This man spends the majority of his working life away from Jersey making no tax or social security contributions to our treasury and retires back here and is apparently living in States accommodation.

Who does he think he is coming back here trying to tell those of has who have been taxpayers for years what to do whilst being subsidised by our taxes?

Mona Lot

Ted Vibert could not possibly do any worse on his own.


Go Ted ,just so as I can see Ozo's face when you get in....


Seems standard practice for the JDA that their candidates all resign from the party prior to the election and then join up again one elected.

ted vibert

Some of your bloggers have very poor grasp of facts about me.

1 I worked in Jersey from the age of 18 to 23 and then from 28-36 and paid full tax and social security. Then I worked again in jersey from 59-63 when again I paid my full tax and I can only draw from my pension the equivalent of what I have paid in. I worked in Australia for 28 years paying my full tax but are unable to draw a pension from there, because after I moved back to Jersey they changed the rules and people living outside of Australia can't claim their pension and they cancelled the reciprocal agreement with Jersey after I had returned I am living in subsidsied States accommodtion because all that I have is locked in a divorce battle folllowing the failure of my second marriage. When it is unlocked I will pay back to the taxpayer what I have cost.

To the bloggger who claims that I did nothing whislt in the States he either has a very poor memory or simply doesn't follow politics.. My biggest contribution was exposing Frank Walker's efforts to interfere with the planning process on behalf of a friend over the Trintiy infill business. I fought a bitter and protected battle over the disgraceful way that the bus contract was handled by the rssponsible committee and forced the resignation of the president of that Commitee and a public inquiry into that saga which resulted in Connex having to pay back £196,000 to the people of Jersey- far more the the £90,000 paid to me in salary-- so Jersey got their moenys worth out of me.

I was also responsible for removing from the Stares their right to set their own pay and put it into the hands of an independent tribunal.

To the bloggger who feels that the work I have been doing re the First Tower restaurant to try to get them to keep to the conditions of their permit and licences, which were set in place to ensure that their activities did not affect the residents in immediate proximity is an action any fair-minded person woud regrd as laudable.

With regard to David FRotherhams view that I sold the JDA to nite, teh Union, that siso absurd. When i was not involved with the JDA and he was, he was quite hap;py to allow Unite to help defray the expenses of their candidates in the election.

Victoria Avenue

Gemma #12

It is very sad that you have lost respect for a 73 year old pensioner who was viciously assaulted while investigating the complaints of residents.

I am not aware of anyone losing their jobs but I suppose that if they have surely it cannot be his fault can it?

Sous L'eglise

Thank you Ted for responding.

Unfortunately there is no shortage of people who are prepared to comment from a position of utmost ignorance or with an agenda of their own under multiple identities.

What you can be sure of is that when the usual suspects become vociferous on here it is ususally because they consider you as a threat to their position.