New Methodist minister

THE western Methodist churches have a new minister.

0589415_cropped.jpgTHE western Methodist churches have a new minister.

The Rev Christine Legge (50), of St Brelade, will be stationed in Jersey for the next five years and is responsible for the churches of Bethesda in St Peter, Bethleham in St Mary, Philadelphie in St Peter, and St Ouen.

Ms Legge, who has holidayed in Jersey 12 times, is keen to increase numbers in the congregations while she is here and she also wants to help to renovate the chapel house in St Ouen. ‘I want to build the congregations up and spread the news,’ she said. ‘St Ouen’s congregation is growing and the number of young people attending is increasing, which is marvellous.’

Ms Legge, who enjoys looking after her dog, two cats and a budgie when she is not in church, said she has settled in well so far since arriving in the Island in August. ‘It has been really good so far and everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.

‘My parents had their honeymoon here in the 1950s and we came back for various holidays in the 1970s onwards.’

Ms Legge was born in Clevedon, Somerset, and went to school in Gordano, Portishead. Before coming to Jersey she was a minister for six years on the Bude circuit, based in Hartland, and was responsible for five churches.

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