Senator seeks election as a party candidate

SENATOR Paul Le Claire wants to retain his Senatorial seat as a member of the Centre Party.

SENATOR Paul Le Claire wants to retain his Senatorial seat as a member of the Centre Party.

He has been in the States since April 1999, and has served on Health and Social Services, Public Services, Human Resources and Privileges and Procedures.

Announcing today that he would be seeking re-election in October, Senator Le Claire (42) said he was most proud of his work on the alcohol and tobacco strategies, and that he would continue to work towards the introduction of work permits if he wins another six-year term.

'I am standing for election as a Senator in a political party because I strongly believe through experience, that no matter how much the people want something and no matter whom they vote for, it is unachievable by an individual politician unless it happens to be the desired or established policy of the ruling elite at the time,' he said.

'A ministerial system has existed in a covert form for many months now and one has only to look at the way the Migration Policy was adopted with total disregard to scrutiny to have some idea as to what the future holds.

A party system was not necessary in the past as the committee system ensured there were checks and balances from informed individual Members who had a say in the policy that was developed.'

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