Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc, based at St Helier

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Landline: 01534 724331
Fax: 01534 871797
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Contact this business by email

Our Mission Statement..... ‘Prevent cruelty, promote knowledge, provide for aged, sick, lost and unwanted animals’

History of the JSPCA

In 1868 the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (JSPCA) was founded and Miss Frances Elizabeth Wilson established the Animals’ Shelter itself in 1913. In 1925 the JSPCA formed a Committee to assist Miss Wilson in her work and in 1930 the Society purchased the present property on St Saviour’s Road.  In 1936 the JSPCA and Jersey Animals’’ Shelter amalgamated.  This was a lifelong wish of Miss Wilson and took place shortly before her death.

JSPCA Animals Shelter Services

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter provides a range of services relating to animal care and welfare, offering help and advice for all members of the public.

Veterinary Clinic

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter provides veterinary treatment for owners who may not otherwise be able to have their pets medically treated.

24 Hour Ambulance Service

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter provides a 24 hour ambulance service whereby members of the public can always telephone for advice and assistance whenever required.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Injured Wildlife

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter is always available to assist in the rescue, care and rehabilitation of all Jersey’s wildlife.


Regardless of the reason or circumstances for being unable to keep a pet, the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter will take in all unwanted companion animals.


The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter has facilities to board both dogs and cats.

Animal Crematorium

The JSPCA understands and respects the special relationship that develops between people and their pets. On contacting the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter, bereaved owners will find a sympathetic ear and can be reassured that their pet will be treated with the utmost dignity and care. The JSPCA provides the only Pet Cremation Service on Jersey and owns the Animals’ Cemetery at First Tower.


The help the Shelter receives from volunteers is invaluable. please contact the JSPCA for an application form or are available on our website.

Fulfilling All Expectations

When our new building opened in 2012, the Society could at last boast a modern veterinary hospital complete with X-Ray and laboratory for blood testing works, we now truly appreciate how invaluable these new facilities are.

We are able to perform more complicated surgery on the animals that come into our care, whilst ensuring they have the best treatment and aftercare. The environment is much more relaxed for the animals in the recuperation wards which is essential to their recovery, especially after the stress of surgery. Altogether we carried out 1,700 surgical procedures in 2013. We have dedicated species rooms which we have tailored to the animals’ needs. These include specialised nocturnal rooms which allow certain animals to be  in a more natural environment. Theese rooms offer improved care for animals whilst providing a modern, efficient building.

The re-homing of our animals has increased. Rabbits now have a specialised area with lots of space which allows potential owners to interact with the rabbits before making the important decision of re-homing. Our wildlife care has also benefited from our new centre, in particular the caring and welfare of squirrels has continued, with many baby squirrels being hand reared by our dedicated staff. The new building has succeeded in being more than just a shelter, it is a home to the inhabitants, fulfilling all our expectations. The Shelter accepts, cares for and re-homes all species of domestic pets.