There's such a range of beaches in Jersey that there's  something to suit everybody, from the white sands of St Brelade's to the quiet coves in the north.

Beach Safety

Although the Jersey tides add beauty and atmosphere to the Island's coastline, bear in mind they can be dangerous and should be treated with respect. Before setting off to the water's edge at low tide, it is advisable to check tide times. Always keep an eye on the water flow - the tide comes in surprisingly fast along much of the coast, and it is so easy to be 'cut off' by the tide whilst you are low water fishing for crabs and winkles.

Another danger is the currents, which even the strongest swimmer wouldn't risk battling against. There are several beaches that are notorious for having strong currents. These beaches are often patrolled by life guards during the day throughout the summer season. Warning flags are placed along the beach that are colour coded to signify the following sea conditions:

- Yellow flag: dangerous conditions

- Red flag: do not enter the water

- Red and yellow flag combined: swimming area patrolled by life guards.

It is important to mention that no flag doesn't mean it is safe to go in the water. Check first the weather forecast, tide times, wind conditions and state of the sea.