Advertising Contacts

If you have any advertising queries, please contact us by e-mail or telephone using the contact details below.

Classified advertising

Tel: 01534 611711

Fax 01534 611699

Field sales/run of paper

Tel: 01534 611690

Fax: 01534 611737

0580484.jpgAdvertising director

Luke Heynes

Tel: 01534 611603

0608368.jpgAdvertising manager

Paul Rebours

Tel: 01534 611690

0580486.jpgTelesales Manager

Lisa Barnes (nee Walker)

Tel: 01534 611688

0580488.jpgBusiness Development Manager

Debbie Coleman

Tel: 01534 611707

Business Development Manager

Lorenzo Nardone

Tel: 01534 611748

UK representatives - Mediaforce

Mediaforce London

Tel: 020 7583 2100

Mediaforce Manchester

Tel: 0161 834 6218

Mediaforce Scotland

Tel: 0131 225 7272

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