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The Jersey Evening Post ad team is dedicated to making advertising as easy and effective as possible for our customers – it’s not just about having market-leading products but also about fulfilling our mission to be at the Heart of Island life – which means that you can rely on us to listen, connect with your business, offer good local knowledge and sound, tailored advice for the longer term.

We will support you at each stage of the advertising process and work hard to deliver the right solution whilst offering the best value for money possible.

Some numbers to help inform your advertising decisions;

The daily adult readership of the Jersey Evening Post (all adults aged 15 years and over) is 51,694 – representing around 71% of the entire adult population of the Island.

The weekly adult readership of the Jersey Evening Post (adults reading the paper at least once per week) is 85%.

Advertise on can carry your advertising message to the thousands of people that visit the site every day. We have a range of opportunities including CPM Leaderboards, MPUs, Skyscrapers and Banners through to bespoke sponsorship deals.

No other media in the Island comes close to reaching an audience of this size, and with advertising packages available to suit any budget the JEP really is the most convenient and cost effective method of getting your message out to Jersey.

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