George Shelley set for guest role in sitcom Benidorm

New images show a glimpse of singer and radio presenter George Shelley as he gears up for his latest role in the TV sitcom Benidorm.

George Shelley is set to appear in Benidorm
George Shelley is set to appear in Benidorm

The 23-year-old will play new guest character Giles, who joins the show to see his university friend Rob Dawson, played by Josh Bolt.

His visit proves to be a positive influence on Rob, who starts to wobble off the rails as he takes advantage of his grandmother's five-star hotel while she is away.

Pictures shared on Tuesday show Shelley in builder's garb as the pair go for a night out in fancy dress.

Shelley is one of a number of special guest stars cast in the ITV comedy's latest series, alongside Dame Joan Collins, Madness, Jason Manford, Amanda Barrie and Uri Geller.

::Benidorm returns to ITV at 9pm next Wednesday.