Six of the best... Mother's Day gadgets



FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera & 10 Shot Bundle - Blue, £69.95, Currys

Instant playback of photos taken on cameras, smartphones and tablets have removed the need to have prints developed for many, but there's something about having a physical copy of your snap that elevates it from mere swipe-through, to something to treasure. This camera by Fujifilm provides the instant satisfaction of seeing your photos with the pay-off of providing the print as well. Perfect for capturing the moment at family gatherings, or for filling up a photo book for your mum.


Often clunky and limited in their colour selection, fitness trackers can make for an uninspiring wrist accessory. Of course, being attractive isn't the point of the gadget, but it doesn't hurt. This slim-fitting Fitbit tracker in dusky pink and gold (it also comes in black and gold), tallies calories burned and activity done to give an accurate reading of fitness levels. Like other Fitbits, you can monitor sleep and keep informed of patterns via regular updates either to your smartphone or device. If your mum is so inclined, she can also share her progress with family and friends.


You might find them humiliating, but if your mum's idea of a perfect wall decoration is a photographic homage to you as a child - with a blind eye to the fashion mishaps and awkward growing stages of your youth - this printer could be the gift for her. Compact and wireless, printing photos, in a range of sizes, from cameras and smartphones, is a doddle. Just make sure you vet what is selected for print first.


Whether she's a night-time reader or an avid streamer of TV and films, this handheld tablet from Amazon is a decent portable entertainment device for mums. With up to 12 hours battery life and 16 GB of storage space, there should be enough room for photos, books and downloads. It's also got an in-built camera, useful if your mum is keen on making video calls.


Multi-tasking mums may appreciate the multiple functions this compact mirror offers. While on the surface it looks like a pretty standard mirror, in reality, it's a light-up compact mirror, as well as a battery pack. The idea is you can charge small USB devices like phones and tablets on the hoof, while at the same time perfecting your look in the mirrors; one regular, one magnified.


At more than £300, unless you're swimming in cash, this Dyson hairdryer is a real investment. So what do you get for shelling out such a sum on a hairdryer? Well, it is quiet, which, depending on your mum's tolerance for noise, might be well worth the extra spends. It also has three magnetic attachments; a nozzle, a 'styling concentrator' and a diffuser, comes with a neat storage box and dries hair quickly, which again, might be a boon for your mum.


Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness, free, iTunes

If moments of peace and calm are snatched - if available at all - for your mum, this app could help her maximise those precious minutes. The app offers a guided meditation to help relieve stresses and encourage mindfulness.