Six of the best: Valentine's Day gadget gifts



Remote Control LED Candles £12.95 from £14.99,

Dim the lights and set the scene with these tech-savvy candles. Because the glow comes from the LED (and flickers like a real candle), you won't need any matches and can relax safe in the knowledge that these waxy effect lights won't ruin your furniture or set your curtains alight. There are two candles in every pack and both can be switched on and off with the remote control.


Treat your better half to the gift of caffeine, which is particularly useful if they are not a morning person. This one, from De'Longhi, whips up a variety of blends including cappuccinos and espressos, and the included milk frother will add a satisfying foam to your drink of choice. All you need is to practice making that perfect heart shape in the froth...


If memory lane is somewhere you like to linger, this record player could be the perfect platform to air your soundtrack. Roll back the years and flood your room with the crackle of vinyl and the sounds of 'your song'. Set in a suitcase with speakers embedded, the record player is portable and as well as playing vinyl, has attachments for other devices and MP3 players.


You've got dinner in the oven, the lighting just so and a humdinger of an evening planned. The only problem? Your bubbles are tepid and your fridge is too full to fit in the bottle. This mini bottle cooler could be the solution. About the size of a microwave, it holds up to eight bottles of plonk and the design means the bottles will be firmly in place, avoiding any unintentional Formula One podium moments with shaken-up fizz.


Words don't always cut the mustard when expressing how you feel about somebody. Sometimes only actions work; scratching someone's back, fetching something they can't reach, massaging their funky-smelling feet. This is where this handheld massage device comes into its own. Simply apply to the area in need of some TLC, adjust the intensity setting and away you go. But if you'd rather massage your own aches and pains away, the device has long handles to grasp those awkward-to-reach-places on the shoulders and back.


Here's a Valentine's present for those who don't hide their light behind a bushel. Decked out in Emma Bridgewater print pastel hearts, the digital radio can be powered through the mains or you can switch to batteries if you want to move it about with you and set the mood with some music. The radio has ports to charge other devices through so you can make sure you have enough battery power to send sweet little nothings to boot.


Add a personal touch on February 14 with this card-making app. Include photos and messages in your design and send cupid via Facebook, Twitter or email to your loved ones.