Homelife: See inside a stunning family home with views over Bonne Nuit Bay

Meghdoot re sized
Views from Meghdoot over Bouley Bay

OVERLOOKING granite cliffs and a picturesque harbour, Meghdoot, at St John, is a home in a unique location.

Situated directly above Bonne Nuit Bay, bordering National Trust for Jersey land, unspoilt views can be enjoyed from the windows of virtually every room and from the adjoining garden with the boundaries of the property extending all the way down to the shoreline.

With no neighbours on the same side of the road, it is quiet and peaceful and the vista is ever-changing with the time of the day, moods of the weather and the movement of fishing and pleasure craft in and out of the harbour. In the distance, the coast of France can be seen on a clear day.

The home is believed to date from the 1950s when it was a fairly modest dwelling. Since then it has been extended and modernised, evolving into a beautiful home that has remained within the same ownership for almost 50 years.

See more pictures of Meghdoot and other properties around the Island in the latest edition of Homelife. Free with Wednesday's JEP


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Comments for: "Homelife: See inside a stunning family home with views over Bonne Nuit Bay"

Squawkie L Pelican

Did Steve Pallet write this headline?

That's definitely Budacrest harbour.

Squawkie L Pelican

In the south of Poland.

Squawkie L Pelican

Which is a ten minute drive from the Ecrehous.

constables out

Cheval Roc nursing home has same views or will have when it reopens later this year, got my aunt moving in as was delayed from previous mishap with land fall


Really....is this news...I've got a tent which has experienced the best views in Jersey and around the World. It cost me £250... Now I'd buy that for a dollar (one of all you original robocop fans)

C Le Verdic

Nodoot the property could appeal to Hedley Le Maistre when he becomes shegdoot.

Judge Judy

It would've been more newsworthy to show a few properties of pensioners or families living in rented accommodation in St Helier, instead of an advert for the JEP Homelife magazine.


One heading says Bouley Bay and the other Bonne Nuit Bay. Is the house on wheels?