Bouchet Agateware Pottery

Local potter Tony Bouchet has discovered the secret of producing agateware pottery. The long and complex process includes staining white china clay with metal oxides to make it resemble natural agate stone. A wide range of pieces is on sale at the pottery which is situated behind the Parish Hall in St Ouens Village (off the A12). Served by bus routes 8 and 9.

Catherine Best Jewellery

Catherine's jewellery is renowned across the world for its unique designs of the highest quality. Her classic but modern designs incorporate metals, precious and semi-precious stones, including the iris blue pearl found in New Zealand, to which Catherine holds the exclusive Channel Islands rights. The jewellery is made from gold, platinum and silver. You can also design your own piece of jewellery, with an extensive range of loose stones to choose from, and Catherine can normally produce your creation within 24 hours. Served by bus route 8

Jersey Goldsmiths Lion Park

Herse you can see the largest display of gold jewellery in the Island and watch experienced goldsmiths at work. This attraction is set in a large landscaped garden that includes a model boating lake and flamigoes. Served by bus routes 7 and 7b.

Jersey Pearl

At Jersey Pearl, you can choose your own oyster which is guaranteed to produce a genuine cultured pearl that can then be set into a unique piece of jewellery. There is also the worlds largest pearl replica and a magnificent Pearl Tree. Served by bus route 12a.

Jersey Pottery

You can watch the fascinating world of pottery production from start to finish in the factory. Jersey Pottery has a range of delightful and well made products which are available to purchase. Or if you or the children are feeling creative, why not purchase a blank piece of pottery and decorate it with your own design in the 'Glaze Craze' studio. Jersey Pottery Flowers is a new and unique shop selling a variety of flowers, herbs, candles, glassware, exotic plants and even trees. There are several popular places to eat at the Potteries: Spinnakers Bar and Grill; and The Garden Restaurant. Served by bus routes 1, 1a and 1b.

Treasures of the Earth

A unique concept that displays some of the worlds largest crystals and gemstones, many weighing hundreds of pounds. Situated at L'Etacq, St Ouen, you are invited to view the volcanic panorama of the primeval world, enter magic caves glowing with fluorescent minerals and take a different look at Jersey granite. You can also see the goldsmith and gem-cutter at work. Served by bus route 12a.

Jersey Woollen Mills

Traditional Jersey and Guernsey sweaters, made in the Channel Islands, can be found here together with a history of the knitting industry that formerly thrived in the Islands. The complex, at the northern end of the Five Mile Road, St Ouen, also includes a giftshop, licenced restaurant and the Fountain Jewellery Centre. Served by bus route 12a.