Norman, Len

Name: Len Norman Age: 61 Place of birth: Jersey

Address: L'Abri, Rue du Hocq, St Clement, JE2 6LF

Family: Married to Rosemary. I have 2 children, Philip and Anna, and 4 grandchildren

Education: De La Salle College, Jersey

Occupation: Member of the States

Hobbies/interests: Chairman Le Squez Youth Club Management Committee, Patron St Clement Sports Club, President Jersey Friends of the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust.

Election platform:

As Constable I would:

• Continue to oppose inappropriate, large scale development in our parish. This is an issue I feel very strongly about and have campaigned vigorously, and with some success, to maintain the rural aspect and culture of St Clement.

• Bring to fruition the sheltered housing/retirement homes project.

• Press for traffic calming measures particularly in the 'village' area near the Parish Church and other hotspots.

• Improve communications with parishioners by and initiate a “Welcome Pack” for new residents of our parish.

• Ensure that the Parish Hall is the centre of our parochial social and cultural life.

• Work with the Rector and churchwardens to improve the parking facilities for visitors to the Church and Caldwell Hall.

• Be available to all parishioners at all reasonable times.

• Provide strong and vibrant representation in the States in the interests of St Clement parishioners.

• Continue to oppose indirect taxations such as the Goods and Services Tax.

• Maintain the campaign for a general election with all States Members being elected on the same day.

• Work to maintain the parish rate as low as possible without curtailing the services parishioners have a right to expect.

•  With the support of parishioners, develop a kerbside recycling scheme.

Proposers: Maureen Hamel, Trevor Le Sueur, Dr Allyn Reid, Brian Nibbs, Norman McNeice, Alan Le Breton, David Peacock, Dermot Troy, Jean Chapman, Lynne Hind.

Nomination speech:

Maureen Hamel, who originally nominated Len Norman as a Deputy of the parish 25 years ago, put his name forward again last night as the new Constable. Mrs Hamel said that Mr Norman had represented the parish as a Deputy for 12 years and had gone on to serve as a Senator for a similar length of time.

His political career had included the presidencies of Social Security, Harbours and Airport, Housing, and Education.

Despite a busy and demanding political life, his involvement with the parish had included being a roads inspector, treasurer of St Clement’s Battle of Flowers Association, and he was currently management committee chairman of Le Squez Youth Club and patron of St Clement’s Sports Club.

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