St Saviour No 1

Jeremy Maçon became the youngest-ever States Member when he won a seat in St Saviour No 1. He joins sitting Deputy, Rob Duhamel, who topped the poll. The other sitting Deputy, Celia Scott Warren, lost her seat. The result was as follows:

Rob Duhamel: 569

Jeremy Maçon: 448

Tony Nightingale: 424

Celia Scott Warren: 388

Spoilt papers: 8

% poll: 36.67

Time declared: 9.20 pm

Jeremy There were four candidates for the two seats in St Saviour No 2 District, including the two sitting Deputies.

Deputies Robert Duhamel and Celia Scott Warren were challenged by Tony Nightingale, who has stood in previous elections, and Jeremy Maçon, who placed 15th out of 21 candidates for the six seats in the recent Senatorial election.

Deputy Robert Duhamel (53)

Main concerns

Improving local neighbourhoods and ensuring that residents have a voice in directing the future planning of their district and their choice of amenity provision. Encouraging local action on global issues. St Saviour to recycle more. A community farm to give people without gardens the opportunity to taste the good life. Sustainability.

Address: 5 Douro Terrace, Mont Pinel, St Saviour.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: Dione Duhamel, Roger Quénault, Peter d'Orleans, William Vincent, Pierrette Corsane, Brian Villette, Leslie Baudains, Tania Cotrel, Preston Hobbs, Hugh Le Boutillier.

Jeremy Maçon (21)

Main concerns.

Road crossing, greater police presence, youth facilities, parking for residents and people working in the area. The residents of Petit Longueville have expressed a requirement for safe road crossings on Route de Longueville and Rue des Prés. These major roads are frequently used by children and older people and accidents have already occurred. Recent burglaries and occasional outbursts of unruly behaviour have created a demand for a greater police presence. There are few recreational facilities for young people and families with children on this side of the Island. I want to see Fort Regent revamped through private enterprise.

Address: Beau Regard, Plat Douet Road, St Saviour.

Occupation: Project support co-ordinator.

Proposers: Nellie Philippa Maçon, Anne Le Clercq, Lisa Cantrell, Tamar Irwin, Sharon Brookes, Francis Tyrrell, Maureen St George, Alistair Shield-Laignel, Emma Channing, Gisele Tréhorel.

Tony Nightingale (58)

Main concerns

Longueville Road, requirement of pedestrian crossing at Miladi Farm shops. The speed of traffic on the same road. Speed bumps in certain areas being used as rat runs. States overspending, the ‘prudent housekeeping’ housewife is not impressed with the carefree attitude on spending ‘à la Bel Royal’ etc. The Dicq area very concerned at the incinerator smells and particles being blown their way. Immigration and over-building on green field sites, especially in St Saviour, where traffic congestion will be an even greater problem.

Address: 4 Welton Farm, Prince's Tower Road, St Saviour.

Occupation: Company director.

Proposers: Alan Guy, Imogen Nicholls, Isabella Lewis, Doreen Taylor, Nicholas Pitman, John de Gruchy, Sue Black, Colin Brown, John Wood, James Crosbie.

Deputy Celia Scott Warren (57)

Main concerns

I look forward to supporting improved community amenities for all age groups. Road safety issues are important, including restarting negotiations for the Longueville Road/ Miladi Parade pedestrian facility. I would continue my work on the Safer Routes to School group. Traffic and parking are major concerns. I support more residents’ associations. Future housing consents should not be on green field sites. I am on the Committee of La Cloche, our parish magazine, and I also support our twinning with Villedieu les Poêles, and working with France where possible.

Address: Southdown, New Zealand Avenue, St Saviour.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: Michael Field, Susan Molyneaux, the Rev Chris White, Deputy Judy Martin, Carole Owens, Lionel Daligault, Anne Mourant, Elaine Hanning, Leila Watkins, Jillamy Tostevin.