St Helier No 3

Sitting Deputy Ben Fox scraped in by one vote in St Helier No 3 District, while two sitting Deputies - Transport Minister Guy de Faye and Overseas Aid chairman Jacqui Huet - lost their seats. After a recount, Deputy Fox was declared one of the four successful candidates, Consumer Council worker Suzette Hase just missing out. Sitting Deputy Jackie Hilton topped the poll and newcomers Mike Higgins and Andrew Green were second and third. The result was as follows:

Jackie Hilton: 1,259

Mike Higgins: 1,193

Andrew Green: 1,057

Ben Fox: 698

Suzette Hase: 697

Jacqui Huet: 645

Steven Beddoe: 627

David Beuzeval: 587

Guy de Faye: 359

Gil Blackwood: 340

Colin Russell: 308

Spoilt papers: 11

% poll: 30.4

Time: 11.52 pm

The four sitting Deputies in St Helier No 3 District were challenged by seven newcomers.

Stephen Beddoe, David Beuzeval, Gil Blackwood, Andrew Green, Suzette Hase, Mike Higgins and Colin Russell all declared for the seats which Deputies Guy de Faye, Ben Fox, Jackie Hilton and Jacqui Huet are hoping to retain.

Although a newcomer, Mr Higgins has experience of one election. He placed eighth out of the 21 candidates in the recent Senatorial election for six seats.

Stephen Beddoe (47)

Main concerns

Stop the incineration of tyres and plastics. Hold referendum on GST. Government reform so that urban parishes can have better representation and a say in the election of Chief Minister. Play area in town centre for children. States to pay rates. Reduce commuter traffic to improve quality of life. Safe travel routes for children to schools. Create ‘access residents only streets’. Close down rat runs. Kerbside recycling. Better policing. Cheaper, more frequent bus service. Invest in Fort Regent with improved access and conference centre for the rotunda. Multi-storey car park at Snow Hill cut.

Address: Ellora West, Old St John’s Road, St Helier.

Occupation: Former hotelier.

Proposers: Robert Weston, Mario Pirozzolo, David Agnes, Robert Lester Le Brocq, Paul Young, Margaret Sanchez, Nigel Pearce, John Corr, David Le Quesne, Francis Thébault

David Beuzeval (61)

Main concerns

Ensure that our youth have access to well-funded sports and social facilities and are able to find employment. Our senior citizens should not have to sell their homes to enable them to be cared for. I will lobby for regular visits to those needing special care and ensure they have a balanced diet and sufficient heating. More community police to be seen on the streets and a wider network of CCTV cameras. Changing Bellozanne back to a peaceful and attractive valley. Improved parking for residents and a good and affordable town bus service.

Address: Belmont, Mont Cochon, St Helier.

Occupation: Civil servant.

Proposers: Derek Mason, John Wilding, James Sinclair, Sandra Viveiros, Morris Vowden, Terence Rousseau, Margaret Le Marquand, Angela Trigg, Karen Greier, Anthony Benest.

Gil Blackwood (60)

Main concerns

Bellozanne closing, plans for replacement and relocation of sewage plant, parking problems, sewage, need for places for children to play, public drunkenness particularly in the Parade, more youth facilities, need for housing refurbishment, need for affordable and more spacious housing, cheaper bus transport.

Address: 3 Thornton Hall, Upper Kings Cliff, St Helier.

Occupation: Retired consultant psychiatrist

Proposers: Stuart Syvret, Hazel Blackwood, Joanne Gorrod, Catriona Hocquard, Ellen Barr, Gwyn Llewellin, Andrew Luksza, Timothy Malpas, Cristina Melendez, Victor Gonsalves.

Deputy Guy de Faye (53)

Main concerns

Relocation of the Bellozanne incinerator signals a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore a beautiful Jersey valley for people to live in. The scrap metal yard and the sewage works can also be moved. Another priority is to continue improving bus routes, particularly at morning peak, with greater service frequencies. In a densely populated area with few amenities, it is vital that the future of the La Pouquelaye Community Centre is secured permanently to benefit those residents. New laws exist to tackle anti-social behaviour. These must be exercised to ensure that St Helier streets are safe and homes secure.

Address: 4 Eagle House, Queen's Road, St Helier.

Occupation: Transport Minister.

Proposers: Richard Le Boutillier, Tim Parker-Garner, Adrian Taylor, Jean Sim, Stuart Abraham, Guy Thornington, Tracie Tait, Louise Dods, Caroline Ovenden, Peter Pitcher.

Deputy Ben Fox (60)

Main concerns

To ensure the continued cleaning-up process of Bellozanne Valley with the removal of the existing energy-from-waste plant together with the removal of obnoxious odours from the waste sewage plant by the target date of 2010. In addition, to transfer the metal scrapyard to an alternative industrial area away from nearby residencies. To continue to challenge planning applications that fail to provide adequate recreation facilities, amenity space and parking for town residents and extend the parish residents’ parking scheme. To complete the current Youth and Community Investment Programme with its extended outreach activities and disabled persons support.

Address: 13 Pomona Road, St Helier.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: Angela Jane Trigg, Samuel Snowdon Le Breton, Adèle Florence McDonald, Jean Mary McLaughlin, Tyrone Nicholson, Steve Wellum, Peter Eric Tabb, Jack Roberts Warrall, Paul Letherbarrow, Julie Rose O'Shea.

Andrew Green (56)

Main concerns

First Tower: speed-up the solution to the ongoing problem of the smell from Bellozanne. Introduce further traffic calming in areas of high residential density and of large lorries, particularly in Bellozanne Valley. Town: I will meet with the residents of the town area, particularly around Rouge Bouillon School, to try and find out their views on how to fairly sort out the parking in this area. Both: improve the bus service. Improve youth facilities and family support to prevent youth crime and delinquency. Hold monthly surgeries to listen and understand better local issues and involve the community in solutions.

Address: Leda House, Route de Grosnez, St Ouen.

Occupation: Manager of Support Services at the General Hospital.

Proposers: John Farley, Ian Le Marquand, John Wilding, Matthew Smale, John Lowery MBE, Christine Newton, Angela Nicholson, Theresa Atkinson, Greg Sanderson, Christine Harrison.

Suzette Hase (40)

Main concerns

Sewage smell at Bellozanne. Fully operable community centres for young and old. Efficient bus service to ease parking and traffic congestion. States Housing refurbishments. Helping all with the real cost of living, so taking off GST and exercising the Competition Law.

Address: 60 Pomme d’Or Farm, West Hill, St Helier.

Occupation: Consumer Council officer.

Proposers: Rose House, Jamie A’Court, George McCallister, John McGarragle, Andre Ferrari, Maureen McGuigan, Heidi Heath, Bernie Barry, John Le Moal, Angela Tuohey.

Michael Higgins (60)

Main concerns

Bellozanne incinerator. The States have justified the new La Collette incinerator by stating that Bellozanne does not meet EU standards and has been emitting cancer-causing dioxins for years but has failed to carry out health screening or detailed air pollution monitoring. What damage has been done to residents’ health since 1996? Urgent health screening is required.

Address: 5 Ventnor Villa, St Aubin's Road, St Helier.

Occupation: Air display organiser.

Proposers: Bob Le Brocq, Ian Le Marquand, John Marett, John Wilding, Jeffrey Chinn, Andrew Thomson, Linda Muir, Beverley Murray, David Isherwood, Nanette Le Claire.

Deputy Jackie Hilton (53)

Main concerns

To campaign with residents to keep green the few green fields we have in St Helier and also to fight to protect the best interests of those living in St Helier by challenging inappropriate development. To continue representing your interests at parish and licensing assemblies. To campaign for better monitoring of off-licences/shops in order to address the large number of under-age drinkers. To support the Constable to resolve the issue of La Pouquelaye Community Centre permanently for the benefit of residents in the community. To work with the parish to increase recycling targets. To lobby for additional community policing.

Address: Denehurst, Queen's Road, St Helier.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: Terry McDonald, Theresa Atkinson, Ian Le Marquand, Edward George Trevor, Carole Pearce, Malachy Wilson, John Baxter Marett, Maurice George Vowden, Sheila Coutanche and Frank Norwood.

Deputy Jacqui Huet (61)

Main concerns

Complete the transfer of the waste energy plant to the commercial area of La Collette, carry on the capping of the sewers, continue working to make the old school at La Pouquelaye into a community centre. More community police in our areas, making sure the health and care of our senior citizens is strengthened and ensuring a Social Security insurance scheme is put in place which would enable people to stay in their own homes if they so wish, or be cared for without having to sell their homes.

Address: Contra Mundum, Mont Cochon, St Helier.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: David Petit, Barbara Clarke, Winter de Gruchy, Bryan Malzard, Rosemary Nérac, Francis Norwood, Gladys Reid, Allan Smith, Leonard Springate, Francis Voisin.

Colin Russell (50)

Main concerns

Community policing, youth initiatives, under-age drink culture, traffic calming measures, anti-social behaviour, States housing services, community initiatives, Bellozanne waste Scrutiny, improved bus services at peak times.

Address: 11 St Andrew's Court, Route es Nouaux, St Helier.

Occupation: Self-employed plumbing and heating engineer.

Proposer: David Andrews, Susan Green, Evelyn Andrews, Kenneth Harries, Angela Trigg, Angela Russell, David Siddall, Mavis Barry, John Poignand, David Cotillard.