St Helier No 1

Sitting Deputies Paul Le Claire and Judy Martin retained their seats in St Helier No 1 District, with newcomer and Jersey Democratic Alliance member Trevor Pitman taking the third spot. The result was as follows:

Paul Le Claire: 634

Judy Martin: 601

Trevor Pitman: 487

Nicholas Le Cornu: 406

Katy Ringsdore: 387

Brian Beadle: 229

Chris Whitworth: 144

Spoilt papers: 14

% poll: 25.5

Time declared: 10.08 pm

Seven candidates declared for the three seats in St Helier No 1 District.

Sitting Deputies Paul Le Claire and Judy Martin were joined by Brian Beadle, Nick Le Cornu, Trevor Pitman, Katy Ringsdore and Chris Whitworth. The other sitting Deputy in the district, Pat Ryan, stood for election in St John where he now lives, but was unsuccessful, losing to former Deputy Phil Rondel.

Trevor Pitman and Nick Le Cornu stood unsuccessfully in the recent Senatorial election, placing 11h and 16th respectively out of 21 candidates.

Brian Beadle (58)

Main concerns

The emissions from the incinerator and the smell from the composting site at La Collette. The extension of the land reclamation site, GST, and the Waterfront, will always be a hot topic in St Helier No 1. 

Address: Les Chataigniers, Rue de la Monnaie, Trinity.

Occupation: Self employed director of modular housing importation company.

Proposers: Malcolm Le Boutillier, Susan de la Haye, Brendan Fogarty, Michael Emmanuel, Thomas Band, Pauline Routier, Paul Routier, Margaret Fogarty, Stuart Colley, Sonia Ahier-Kerr.

Deputy Paul Le Claire (45)

Main concerns

I will strive to progress Jersey’s renewable energies sector especially in tidal power which can deliver hundreds of millions of pounds worth of revenue and new jobs to our Island. I have attended two major tidal power conferences in the last two years with the Environment Scrutiny Panel together with Deputy Duhamel. I now believe that I am very well informed on this important subject. I am also in contact with key organisations and individuals that can deliver this industry within the next ten years and I wish to be a part of this exciting future industry for us all.

Address: 18 Garden Lane, St Helier.

Occupation: States Member.

Proposers: Roger Benest, Vincent Thorne, Eve Clifford, William Clifford, Demetrios Venizelou, Rebecca Gavriel, Yiannis Gavriel, Ray Algar, John Perchard, Yvonne Perchard.

Nick Le Cornu (50)

Mr Le Cornu declined to respond to a request for his main concerns.

Address: Flat 4, 23 Havre des Pas, St Helier.

Occupation: Lawyer.

Proposers: Raymond McCredie, Peter McMurray, Edward McGarragle, Celia Da Silva, Paul Newington, Melvyn Jones, Julie Barras, Francis Cantrell, Amelia Siddall, Daid Christian.

Deputy Judy Martin (51)

Main concerns

The Waterfront – we need to look again at the masterplan in the light of changing financial circumstances and the effect on the Island and the serious disruption that would be caused by the sunken road. I support the creation of a Town Park but will fight the building of an 800-place commuter car park at Ann Court as this will be detrimental to the daily lives of residents. I will work to promote more recycling and a smaller incinerator. I will fight for more youth and community facilities and I will support the law change so that honorary police from other parishes can assist St Helier officers on busy Friday and Saturday nights to keep St Helier safe for residents.

Address: 75 Grasett Park Estate, Georgetown.

Occupation: States Member

Proposers: Mary Costigan, Dolores Davey, Malcolm Motie, Stephen Levy, Francis Cantrell, Charles Blampied, Brian Garry, Terry Riley, Alan Cooper, James Rodden.

Trevor Pitman (48)

Main concerns

I share the following principles with my JDA colleagues:

• Fair taxation – an end to GST within three years.

• Government and election reform.

• Population / immigration control to protect the town from overdevelopment.

• Social justice – review of Income Support is urgently needed.

Additionally, I will work with others to resolve the issues (smell and nuisance) arising from the La Collette composting site. I remain opposed to the States commitment to a massive high-cost incinerator over smaller modular alternatives. I will continue to promote vastly improved recycling rates. Push for Waterfront refocus on people – not office development.

Address: Siboney, Nouvelles Charriéres, St John.

Occupation: Youth worker.

Proposers: Christian Robertshaw, James Loader, Stephanie Marchant, Isabelle Sauvey, Andrew Gordon, Nicola Brown, Theodore Paftis, Elsie Wilson, Nicholas Corbel, Samuel Wilson.

Katy Ringsdore (24)

Main concerns

• Support for the people who need training and development to help them be more self sufficient.

• Work with transport and technical services to implement the incinerator in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner possible.

• Improve communication between St Helier No 1 district and ministerial government to ensure that our parish is well represented.

Address: 7 Hautmont House, Mont Millais, St Helier.

Occupation: Runs a marketing and communications business.

Proposers: Helen Barker, Jane Henderson, Victoria Vawser, Melissa Marshall, Paul Routier, Nina Ince, Michael Emmanuel, Marie Perchard, Andy Le Seelluer, Catherine Lockhart.

Chris Whitworth (42)

Main concerns

We need to redesign the Waterfront for affordable homes and tourist attractions. We must abandon the toxic ash producing incinerator planned for La Collette and investigate much greener methods for dealing with waste. The smelly compost operation should be relocated to the north of the Island.

We need to stop population growth and seriously rethink the finance district blocks at the Esplanade. Car parking needs to be addressed with the introduction of residents parking schemes and low cost retailers must be encouraged to the town. District 1 also incorporates Fort Regent which should be upgraded with facilities for teenagers.

Address: Evanston, Green Street, St Helier.

Occupation: building maintenance manager

Proposers: Malcolm Motie, David Wood, Evelyn McVay, Michael Warstat, Gary Gales, Derek Blampied, Robert Salkeld, Amanda Le Boutillier, Roselle Le Moignan, Geoffrey Whitworth