Jersey 'must enhance its relationship with the UK'


JERSEY must ‘maintain and enhance’ its special relationship with the UK as a priority as the Island faces possibly its greatest period of uncertainty in 70 years, the Chief Minister has said.

Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce lunch, Senator Ian Gorst said that following the shock announcement that a UK general election was due to take place, Jersey had to continue to work with whichever government came to power after the polls closed on 8 June.

He said: ‘The most important relationship that we have to maintain and enhance for the Island is the relationship we have with the UK.

‘And we will do that by maintaining and enhancing our relations with the new UK government, whoever that is going to be on 8 June.’

During his speech the Senator said that the snap election was the latest in a series of events which had created one of the greatest periods of uncertainty for the Island in international relations in recent times.

He said: ‘Since I last spoke here, we have a new president in the US and the UK has started the formal procedure to leave the EU.

‘There will also be elections taking place in France and Germany, there is continuing conflict in the Middle East and there could also be further conflict elsewhere in the world. Some have said that we here in Jersey now face the most uncertainty that we have for 70 years.’

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Comments for: "Jersey 'must enhance its relationship with the UK'"

Finding Me:Mo

Is this Portland Communications Ltd. speaking ?

In one fell swoop the Chief Minister has destroyed certainty that what he says comes from him.

karaoke joe

Is this the first comment learned from his spin lesson ? lol.


Who believes a word this mediocre politician says, he has no idea what the ordinary person has to face every day. He is the worst head minister we have ever had. USELESS?

Squawkie L Pelican

Seconded. Useless.


All in favour of having a Useless chief Minister .................. motion carried

The Crimson Horse Blanket

They seem to pass quite a few motions. No wonder it smells so bad in there.