CI coaches and mentors to have their say on the European stage

tracey turmelPicture: PETER MOURANT
Tracey Turmel, the director of CIE Coaching: ‘There is a misconception that coaching and mentoring are only for the finance industry, but coaching takes place in many other sectors as well, such as retail, construction and tourism, as well as education.'

CHANNEL Island coaches and mentors are being encouraged to take part in a pan-European survey that will set a benchmark for the future.

The survey has the backing of professional bodies including the International Coaching Federation and is led by Professor Jonathan Passmore, author and lecturer at Henley Business School, who will be speaking at an event in Jersey on 30 May.

However, in order for the Channel Islands to be included as a separate entity in their own right – rather than as part of the UK – at least 50 individuals and organisations will need to complete the survey.

Tracey Turmel, the director of CIE Coaching, said that Prof Passmore had contacted her in advance of the survey to find out the level of interest locally.

*The survey takes between ten to 20 minutes to complete and is confidential. Those taking part can also enter a prize draw for an Apple iPad. To access the link, log on to



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