Mange Tout open new café at the Jersey War Tunnels

Darren Amy at the Mange Tout café at the Jersey War Tunnels with Patricia Fernandes (left) and Catarina Baptista Picture: ROB CURRIE (17580693)

THE Mange Tout chain of sandwich shops have launched their first out-of-town outlet at the Jersey War Tunnels in St Peter.

The café, on the first floor, opened last week for the summer season, coinciding with the new exhibition and children’s area.

Darren Amy, who took over the ownership of the four Mange Tout town outlets towards the end of last year, said he had been approached at around that time to tender for the war tunnels café.

‘It’s nice for us to be able to grow straight away, and for the staff as well, to see that we intend to grow the business and go forward.’

That said, the team have had around six weeks to get the café ready for opening, requiring a good deal of work. ‘We’ve added some of our personal touches, painted the walls pink, and there’s a giant deckchair – it’s about finding a reason to get people to come here,’ Mr Amy said.



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Comments for: "Mange Tout open new café at the Jersey War Tunnels"

The Mystic

Excellent, decent food :-)


At last ?

The Mystic

Definitely, it's been pretty bad in recent years. The Rankin partnership was a big mistake.