Tourism launch up for awards

The Visit Jersey virtual reality campaign was launched last June

THE Visit Jersey summer brand launch has been shortlisted for three national marketing awards.

The virtual reality campaign is a finalist in the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing awards, in two categories – best brand-building campaign and best integrated campaign.

In addition, it has been shortlisted in the Travel Marketing Awards in the Integrated Campaign of the Year category (up to £1 million spend).

The campaign launched in June alongside the new Visit Jersey brand and website and was the first UK-focused virtual reality tourism activity of this nature, with ten 360-degree videos produced by Oi.

It was marketed on social media, online display advertising, on-demand video advertising, direct mail and email.

The videos on the Visit Jersey Facebook page were viewed more than 135,000 times, with branded Visit Jersey cardboard virtual reality headsets sent out to ‘bloggers and vloggers’ who shared their experiences with social media audiences.

A video of Londoners at a Shoreditch venue watching the live-streaming of a Jersey sunset received more than 185,000 views on Facebook.

The winners of the awards will be announced in March and April.




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Comments for: "Tourism launch up for awards"

Mr Sensible

Oh dear not another one of those good for nothing awards for tourism, who cares about it other than the organizers whom Visit Jersey probably pays a yearly expensive subscription for, just to get a micky mouse gong.

When visitor numbers catch up to what they were in the 70s and they move the tourism office back to somewhere people can find it,( maybe the old police station in the royal square would be a good place it's been stood empty for years)

Then visit jersey can blow their own trumpet


What tourism is that then ? There is none. No hotels, no nothing.


What tourism is that then ? There is none. No hotels, nowhere to go, no nothing.


While it wasn't in VR, I did a very similar thing in 98 in my final year of computing degree. This is nothing new, apart from using VR, which has been around for a lot longer than people think (just like fibre!). Funny how the image above shows empty beaches, which is exactly what the beaches are now except for locals or green slime