Secret Santa? Be careful ...

Santacon 2016
Secret Santa could produce problems in the workplace

THE tradition of donating anonymous ‘Secret Santa’ gifts in the office could result in a discrimination claim, human resources specialists have warned.

Law At Work say that even though the gifts are donated anonymously – often the givers take names of their co-workers out of a hat – a ‘cheeky’ or humorous present could be regarded as harassment or victimisation if it offends the recipient.

That person could take their complaint to the tribunal if they feel they have been degraded or that their dignity has been violated.

The warning follows the introduction of age discrimination law in Jersey in September which, coupled with the established legislation against race and sex discrimination, protects against offensive remarks made in the workplace or outside it.




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Comments for: "Secret Santa? Be careful ..."

Jersey girl 1983

And the world has officially gone mad... waiting for the ban on secret Santa gifts and Christmas parties next. Pathetic!

Paul The Builder

The writers of this news blog need to get real and get a real job, what a load of old tosh !!!


It's headlines like this that inflate and encourage the snowflake generation to find their 'safe spaces.'


Oh for goodness sake, this world has gone mad.

Jersey Disruptor

Well done. It is not as if HR does not have a bad enough name without rubbish like this. I am guessing this is more a publicity stunt rather than actual advice.

Writing stuff like this makes people believe that they cannot do or say anything. If someone offends me I will either ignore or do something about it. The first thing a reasonable person is must likely to do is give the opportunity for the person to apologise.

The Crimson Horse Blanket

Murray Norton's taxpayer funded reserved airport parking space causes offence to many, yet is still allowed to continue its western stench!


It needs to be scrapped, as a devout Muslim I see refuse to partake in christmas activities , so when asked to do this at work I got HR involved and I'm happy to say that person got fined a decent amount of money for insensitivity


Just cancel Christmas! All problems solved then!