States criticised for keeping information from employees

THE body that employs the Island’s 6,000 plus States workers has been criticised by the Employment Tribunal for a policy of not releasing notes of meetings to staff involved in disputes.

The panel was chaired by Nicola Santos Costa
The panel was chaired by Nicola Santos Costa

THE body that employs the Island’s 6,000 plus States workers has been criticised by the Employment Tribunal for a policy of not releasing notes of meetings to staff involved in disputes.

The tribunal panel discovered during a hearing that the States side would not release copies of minutes of meetings or notes of hearings where the States Employment Board acts as a final arbiter in disputes with individual employees.

The tribunal says that the policy could potentially block an employee from making an application to the tribunal for a review of a complaint under the Employment Relations Law.

The comments were made in a judgment delivered by the tribunal in a case brought by an employee who argued that the States had not properly calculated his holiday entitlement.

The panel members who sat on the case were chairwoman Nicola Santos Costa, Alan Hall and Stewart Mourant.

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Comments for: "States criticised for keeping information from employees"


The taxpayers funds highly paid executives who don't even understand the basics of employment law.

I find that alarming to say the very least. When will people in this sector be held accountable.

James Wiley

On the contrary they obviously do understand the way Employment Law works which is why like any sane employer they want nothing to do with it.

Fortunately they have a way of blocking the usually spurious cases and so we as taxpayers are saved the cost of both settling with these people and footing the bill for a completely pointless hearing that is just going to find for the employee no matter what.

The employment law simply means higher unemployment, can't you see that?


Your neo-con vitriol is becoming more and more tiresome. Your dearly held belief that employment law is a bad thing (and your utterly inaccurate opinion on judgements 'for' employees) shows how completely out of touch with the real world you really are.

James Wiley

I am not a neo-conservative, I am a Libertarian.

Art Lelai

Really, would you say you were a true liberal, a paleo-conservative or a minarchist?

James Wiley

I am more of a true liberal than anything else. I believe that the constitutional arrangements of the United States as they were envisioned by the founding fathers are the proper relationship between people and the government.

Government is a necessary evil, but we should never forget that it is evil.


Sadly its the kettle calling the frying pan .My experience of JACS and JET is no better.

St Ouen

I would not take the crticism personally. If previous decisions by JET are anything to go by, they will be praising the States for the same thing next month!

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