Young technology experts needed

YOUNG people with technical expertise need to be recruited to join the Island’s retail sector if it is to survive, according to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber retail sub-committee chairman Gerald Voisin
Chamber retail sub-committee chairman Gerald Voisin

YOUNG people with technical expertise need to be recruited to join the Island’s retail sector if it is to survive, according to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

The chairman of the Chamber’s retail sub-committee, Gerald Voisin, said the internet and the recession were making life really tough for retailers.

And he said that with sales levels in Island shops having fallen to levels not seen since 2006, retailers have to find a way of fighting back.

Read the rest of his comments in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Young technology experts needed"


Ahhhh, poor Mr Voisin, our hearts bleed for you !

How about lowering the rent you charge for floor space in your store?

If you did the departments could pass on those savings, lower prices and be more competitive, just a thought !

James Wiley

I believe that the rent is a percentage of turnover, which is much better for the retailer as it means if they don't sell anything they do not pay any rent.

That is the usual way that department stores work anyway.

James Wiley

Follow Cardiff's example...

The city is centred around a massive car par park which is very reasonably priced and the shopping streets all extend from this car park. This makes it convenient and easy for shoppers to drive right to the doorstep of where they need to be.

The shopping area is no bigger than Jersey but retains a mix of old and new from their Georgian public market where the goods are competitvely priced just like in our own market, to the more modern shopping centres all within a stones throw of each other.

The central square hosts regular events to add a further reason for people to come in for the day or longer.

Our government simply does not want any retail in St Helier at all and don't they go out of their way to show us by making it impossible to drive to where we need to be and then horrendous to park with people panicking about getting everything done before they are slapped with a stealth tax (parking fine).

They don't want people to come to Jersey which is why they destroyed the tourism industry.

Tax Payer

I bought a couple of cheap items in this shop last week. Neither of the shop assistants spoke English very well. Perhaps if we could communicate with the staff we would be prepared to buy more.

I bought a couple of expensive items not available locally through a UK company - spoke to a nice English person at about 2pm Wednesday items turned up in the post Thursday - service!


Just because someone has a different accent, doesn't mean they can't speak english. As soon as your hear a foreign accent you moan.


This perhaps demonstrates that the Jersey Chamber of Commerce needs to think a bit more about the problem. Applying 'young technology experts' is not going to fix a broken business model.


The only strategy is the bottom price.

Strategie ?

You see Mr Voisins, I worked for you for a few years.

Normally, staff discount cards are taken away from you when you leave.

Nobody asked for mine when I left.

I went to buy 3 bottles of Eau de Parfum at Xmas for my family. The staff and the manageress queried my card and wanted to take it back from me.

I asked them if they wanted me to spend £180 with your 15% off or if they wanted me to buy them somewhere else.

I ended up going right across the street!!!

A bit of something is better than a lot of nothing !!! simple economics !

Lord Haw Haw

The staff were right to query the validity of your staff discount card.

Being an ex member of staff you were trying to obtain a discount by fraudulent means.

Think yourself lucky they didn’t call the plod !


No wonder Mr Voisin is cross, he has lost his tenant for most of the top floor! I always thought it was a big mistake to turn the whole top floor into a trendy type shop, the previous choice was greatly reduced, still I suppose it saved Voisins having to pay staff and buy stock.

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