Waterfront area boosted by new champagne bar

A NEW champagne bar, tapas restaurant and fine dining area will be opening at the Waterfront next month.

Bubbly mood: Tiffin director Nick Wring (right) and chef Jon Halliburton in the new premises at Castle Quay
Bubbly mood: Tiffin director Nick Wring (right) and chef Jon Halliburton in the new premises at Castle Quay

A NEW champagne bar, tapas restaurant and fine dining area will be opening at the Waterfront next month.

Tiffin, which will seat 200, is due to open on 11 February and is positioned near the Radisson Hotel, overlooking the marina.

This is the second Tiffin to open, following the one in Clevedon, just outside Bristol.

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Comments for: "Waterfront area boosted by new champagne bar"

the thin wallet

no doubt the states members will be able to afford this new venue with the pay rise.

i can only stretch to a bottle of cava these days.


More proof this island is run by the rich for the rich


Is there REALLY a market for such a bar? In this economic climate? Wow could've fooled me! lets hope they at least employ some locals...


A proper boost to Waterfront would be to take down the Radisson. Even the Germans were more sympathetic when they decided to build over here.

Good luck to the restauranteurs. They'll surely have to work their socks off to stay open.


Someone needs to be sacking their business advisors, you don't need Einstien to tell you that Ozouf has everyones disposable income.


Jersey has two classes – Those that can and those who employ those that can.

Given that the rest have the opportunity to employ those than can via their States members yet choose to elect those that can’t on the sole rational that they won’t take a pay-rise don’t deserve a mention.

You have got what you want - Government on the cheap – so stop moaning and drink the water and leave those than can worry about the champagne.


Yuppie Island More proof this island is run by the rich for the rich.


a visit to this bar wont be going on my 100 things to do before i die list, anyone who remembers the lyrics to the late great edwin starrs 'backstreet' will know exactly what im saying....


This is great news for the waterfront. It is a first class area and deserves this type of establishment. The hundreds of people that live there will enjoy Tiffins. Coopers seems to be doing very well, so no reason why this place wont. Tried to get in to TGI Friday recently, there was a 1 hour waiting list. As for the Radisson, its been getting stick since it opened and its still there and thriving, so get used to it, its not going anywhere. Dave, I'm sure Tiffin will be devastated that you wont be visiting.

C Le Verdic

Even more proof this island is run by the rich for the rich, solo (as if we need it).

If you can't beat them or join them, either get that boat or stick around and scoop up the crumbs from under their table or collect the dregs from their champagne!


KNOW YOUR PLACE. You are here to enable others to have a nice lifestyle off of your hard graft.


C Le Verdic

Not me, Mario. I've never worked hard in my life, and I cut my cloth and enjoyed my increased leisure accordingly.

As a result, my aspirations to wining and dining in Jersey could be compared to Diogenes as related in this tale from ancient Greece:

One day, observing Diogenes preparing some lentils for a meagre meal, Aristippus offered some worldly wisdom to his fellow sage: "If you would only learn to compliment Dionysius, you wouldn't have to live on lentils."

"And if you would only learn to live on lentils, you wouldn't have to flatter Dionysius," retorted Diogenes.

Notwithstanding my contented existence away from the excesses of the waterfront, I think that Grifter and Sensible, below, put forward perfectly reasonable arguments for the existence of such businesses.


Nice new venue for all those being made redundant every day to hold their leaving do's, though maybe a bit too expensive if they only sell champers - get real!!!


Typical of the idiots on this site, these guys put the money down to start a new business and all the negatives come out... If you can't afford it tough, I can't afford the cars at Jacksons but good luck to them if some people can. The more a business makes and the more they employ the less is needed from the general taxpayer.


Some people amazing me...Yes, I am sure this place will be expensive and I doubt I will go there because of the cost.

I am sure there will be people who have the money, or want to treat themselves a little, to go to this pleace.

To have a go at a venture which will employ people and give business to support services is short sighted.

Good luck to them I say.

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