Tourism focus on outdoor pursuits and fair weather

THE head of the body that represents the tourism sector is ‘hopeful’ that it will be a good season this year.

Senator Farnham is hoping for a good tourism season
Senator Farnham is hoping for a good tourism season

THE head of the body that represents the tourism sector is ‘hopeful’ that it will be a good season this year.

Jersey Hospitality Association president Senator Lyndon Farnham said that he expects it will be a tough year for the industry but he believes that progress can be made.

He said that the weather would play a hugely important part in determining whether the Island had a successful tourism season or not.

Senator Farnham said that with the trend for later and later booking, weather forecasts were more likely than ever to play a part in the decision making process on whether to take a summer break.

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Comments for: "Tourism focus on outdoor pursuits and fair weather"


From the head of hospitality,cross your fingers, hope for good weather.Brilliant just b****y brilliant,talk about low expectations.This shows just what lip service is paid to our tourism industry.

Potential Tourist

My brother in Jersey passed me this link as I was hoping to visit him in June this year. Weather wasn't the priority for us, more getting the families together.

A week's stay in Jersey from 16 to 23 June,for myself, my wife and two young children, flying direct by Aer Lingus and staying at the Mayfair was quoted at £1,630 before extras, which I felt was quite expensive so I thought I'd compare with other destinations.

Anyway, the long and short of it is, we are now off to Majorca for a week in a 4 star hotel for Eur2,044 or £1,696 at today's rate. A generally less expensive island and we are likely better weather.

We'll have the family get together later in the year as him, his wife, and three children can travel direct to Dublin for £518.

I wonder if Mr Farnham faced with the same criteria would choose Jersey as his preferred destination.

I'm not knocking the Island, it is a lovely place. However, it is expensive to get to and to stay in and let's face if you don't get the weather there is very little else to do, so to my mind, you would really have to want to go there to justify the cost.

So Mr Farnham I agree weather helps, but its not the sole factor when deciding where to holiday.

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